Dishwasher Aids Housewife (Jun, 1937)

Dishwasher Aids Housewife
AN ELECTRIC dishwashing machine which uses six quarts of water, cleans all the dishes in the machine in eight minutes. Taking up but little room in kitchen, the mechanism is simple enough to be operated by a child. The dishes are placed in a basket which in turn is placed in the machine.

Cob Tongs Provide Sanitary Method for Holding Corn (Jun, 1937)

Wow, they sure do grow corn a bit bigger now, don’t they?

Cob Tongs Provide Sanitary Method for Holding Corn

These novel tongs provide a sanitary means of holding hot roasting ears. Made of stainless steel, they permit the ear to be grasped securing without the fingers touching the corn. Claws on the ends of the tongs are shaped in “fish hook” manner so that the corn cannot possibly slip.

Double-Spiral Corkscrew (Dec, 1956)

Double-Spiral Corkscrew

DRAWING the cork from a bottle of imported wine is often a losing battle. Bottles of wine should be stored on their sides to keep the cork wet and pullable. But on the long voyage from the vineyards of Europe to your table, the cork often dries out. Then you’re likely to end up with a half cork bobbing around inside the bottle and your guests have the choice between swallowing bits of cork or straining them out with their teeth. Unic, pronounced “unique,” a new Swiss corkscrew with two right-hand screws, gets all corks out in one piece. It’s being imported by Susi Press Company, 200 Hill Street, Whitinsville, Mass. •

Washer in a Kitchen Table Needs No Storage Space (Aug, 1939)

Washer in a Kitchen Table Needs No Storage Space
The problem of storing a full size electric washer in apartments is solved by combining it with a table that gives daily service in the kitchen. Occupying a space twenty-four by forty inches, the machine is complete with wringer and built-in rinse and wash tubs. It is finished in oven-baked white enamel and has a stainless porcelain top which is removable and hangs at the side when the washer is used. Seven and one-half pounds of dry clothes is its capacity. A pump to drain the tubs into the sink can be obtained if desired.

Radio-cooked Toast Never Tastes Burned, Even If Black (Dec, 1933)

Radio-cooked Toast Never Tastes Burned, Even If Black
RADIO cooking is the latest stunt developed by broadcast engineers. If a hot lunch is wanted by the operators in a transmitting station, all they have to do is place their food between the electrodes of the transmitter. In a few moments it will be done to a turn. Bread may be toasted in six seconds, but steak and potatoes take several minutes. Oddly enough, food overdone by cooking on the radio transmitter does not have a burned taste. Toast can be charred black without tasting in any way different from the kind a cook would be proud to serve. Engineers are not quite sure just why this is so, but believe it is because the cooking is done by the electric discharge and the electrodes get only slightly warm.

Pastry Baked From Inside Out (Jan, 1933)

Pastry Baked From Inside Out

PERHAPS the only pastry which bakes from the inside to the exterior is the Tree Cake produced in the pastry kitchen of a Chicago hotel. In making the cake, the hatter mixture is poured on a revolving spit. When gas jets have baked or toasted it to a delicate brown, more batter is poured on and this in turn is browned. The process is continued until the spit takes on the shape of a tree trunk becoming more and more uneven with each additional layer.

SERVANTS from the Laboratories (Jan, 1947)

SERVANTS from the Laboratories

TEN pounds of clothes are washed, rinsed and damp-dried in 30 minutes by the Akka automatic washer, at right. The machine swishes soapy water through the clothes 144 times a minute. When the washer is done, a rubber lining in the lower half of the sphere hydraulically presses the clothes against the washer’s perforated top and removes 92 per cent of the soap. Then the washer rinses out the rest with cold water and, finally, squeezes water from the clothes.

Electric Spikes Roast Weinies (Dec, 1933)

Electric Spikes Roast Weinies

MANY weinie roasts planned in advance are dismal failures because when that day arrives it is pouring rain and the usual procedure is to call off the party. No need for that if you’ll utilize the little stunt below. You can hold your roast indoors.

All you need is two boards, a few nails and an electric light cord. Nail the 110 volt cord underneath the top board with large-headed nails. The nails should be placed between the strands of the cord for better heating effect and to hold the cord in place.



Refrigerator space is economized when this rack is used to hold bottled beer. Eleven bottles can be placed in it and then put in refrigerator without removing a shelf

Ice Straws Flavor Drink (Dec, 1938)

Ice Straws Flavor Drink
Beverages are flavored and iced at the same time when sipped through a new-type drinking straw. The straw is designed so that when it is used, the beverage passes up through a soluble, frozen flavoring material within the body of the straw. The straws are kept on ice until time for use.