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Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores (Jul, 1930)

Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores

When this electric cooker is placed face downward over a plate of meat, radiant heat cooks it through in ten minutes. In this way, meals can be prepared at the table.

Silk stockings and other fragile clothing not meant for the regular wash go into a separate compartment in this metal hamper. Soiled clothes are all put in at the top but only the heavy articles come out at the bottom.

First Beamless Steel Building (Jan, 1942)

First Beamless Steel Building

MADE entirely of “dished” plates of steel only 3/16 of an inch thick, this building was put up without any beams or other ordinary type of support. It is called “egg-shell type” construction. Measuring 108 feet in diameter and 28 feet high, the building is fireproof and soundproof and insulated throughout. It was built in Chicago.



CAN’T sleep? Worried about the atom bomb? Where would you rather have it find you than in the Acousticot, a super-bed dreamed up by Colonel Elliott White Springs of the Springs Cotton Mills.

It’s soundproof, air conditioned and even has a bundling board for passengers so disposed. Light from outside is kept out by curtains sprayed with your favorite perfume. You can have spruce and sour mash to remind you of your home in the mountains, mint and smoked ham if you’re from Dixie or fresh fish and decayed aristocracy if you yearn for a tidewater town.

She’s Glad She Saved It (Jan, 1942)

Huh? Oh, the vacuum!

She’s Glad She Saved It

THIS strange vacuum cleaner is 40 years old, and Mrs. Carl Gifford, of Duanesburg, N. Y., still uses it in her daily housework. With war shortages making new vacuum cleaners scarce, Mrs. Gifford is glad she has it—only it pumps harder than a broom!

Holiday Lighting Magic (Jan, 1942)

Holiday Lighting Magic

Here are some original suggestions for attractive home Christmas displays.

by Earle Gage

THIS holiday season, as never before, homes and communities throughout the land will burst forth into magical greeting, as home craftsmen fabricate and illuminate new and brilliant displays. The festive spirit of the season and the gay atmosphere of gala events will live in sparkling, colorful lights.

Holiday lighting presents unlimited opportunities for the home craftsman to exercise his imagination and ingenuity. Standard wired materials and lamps lend themselves to many combinations to give new designs and arrangements of displays, both inside and outside homes.

NEW for CHRISTMAS (Dec, 1952)



PLASTIC SHADES of Vinylite adhere directly to glass without adhesive, can be peeled oil easily. Transeal, North Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

REFRIGARRANGERS are light, durable easy-to-clean containers of Bakelite styrene for leftover foods. Valley Forge Creations. Malvern. Pa.

PANCAKE TURNER-GREASER carries a replaceable absorbent pad to grease the pan. Without pad, holes drain grease. Paul Laux. Shavertown. Pa.

STORM WINDOWS of plastic can be used on homes, farmbuildings. withstand all weather. Easy to install. Central States Bag Co., St. Louis, Mo.

MAKING HOME TASKS a Pleasure (Jun, 1934)

It’s a scale with legs, weighing itself. How very meta.


Below and Right, a Dust-Proof Ash Receiver for Furnaces and Home Heating Plants; This Metal Container Prevents Dust and Dirt from Escaping and Settling over the Basement; Note How the Door Is Opened by a Foot Pedal, Thus Leaving Both Hands Free to Wield the Shovel.

Combination Cupboard and Dining-Room Table Which Can Be Converted from One to the Other without Moving the Dishes; Simple Locking Devices Hold It Rigid in Either Position.

They Got Rich on Ribs (Feb, 1957)

They Got Rich on Ribs

These lads knew from nothing about running a rib joint—but man, that barbecue sauce!

By Eda Johnstone

NEVER heard of Kelbos? Guess you haven’t been in L.A. lately. It’s one of the biggest success stories out there since Mr. Goldwyn quit the shoestring business.

Kelbo’s Hawaiian Barbecue opened with a bang six years ago. Beginning as a small roadside stand, it has now branched out as Kelbo’s Kar-B-Q and Kelbo’s Fairfax, which in the interval have served hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world.

Household Engineer Degree (Mar, 1932)

The assumption being that the men do…

Household Engineer Degree

THE modern housewife should learn electrical engineering to enjoy the full benefits of modern household devices like vacuum cleaners and electric refrigerators. Many millions of dollars expended on such devices are now wasted because housewives who use them do not know how to get the most out of them.

Beautiful and makes beautiful toast! (Jun, 1949)

Beautiful and makes beautiful toast!

On the gift table they’ll praise
this Proctor for its beauty …
on the dining table
she’ll praise it for its skill…
its outstanding ability to make
toast exactly to suit your taste …