House and Home
What’s New For Your Home (Jul, 1962)

What’s New For Your Home

STAINLESS-STEEL KITCHEN CONSOLE has a fluorescent light built directly above the sink which illuminates the entire sink area and eliminates shadows. An electrical outlet is located at each end of the control pedestal containing the light. The console has a built-in spray under the water faucet. When control is set for “flood” or “spray,” the spray goes automatically into action, leaving the housewife’s hands free. Also included are remote control pop-up drains, garbage disposer, vegetable basket and cutting board. Deluxe model has power unit, food mixer, blender and electric knife sharpener. Available in five models; prices range from $271 to $443. This steel sink unit is made by Elkay Mfg. Co., 2700 S. 17th Ave., Broadview, Ill.

Architecture’s Leap into the Future (Apr, 1967)

Architecture’s Leap into the Future

Photographed by MARK KAUFFMAN and MICHAEL ROUGIER It could have been the imagery of a mad poet or a god. A transparent bubble flung up by the U.S. breaks the sky 20 stories high, and across the way the Russians have hung walls of glass on a ski jump of a roof. The architecture of Expo 67, Montreal’s world’s fair which opens this week, is a stunning leap into tomorrow. The West Germans came with a tent you could lose a small town in and draped it over giant poles.

Now you get a frosty first course in a new Morton 3-Course Dinner (Mar, 1969)

Now you get a frosty first course in a new Morton 3-Course Dinner

Brand-new Morton 3-Course Chicken-N Dumplings

What a great, cool way to start the meal! A frosty fruit salad with bite-size marsh-mallows. So easy to thaw and serve.

Collapsible “Home” Carried On Roof Of Automobile (Nov, 1938)

Collapsible “Home” Carried On Roof Of Automobile

FEATURING six windows fitted with slid-glass and permanent screens, a newly developed prefabricated collapsible house which can be carried on the roof of an ordinary passenger auto enables sportsmen, fishermen and others who like the outdoors to enjoy short or prolonged trips in perfect comfort.

Woman’s Day Dictionary of SANDWICH GLASS (Nov, 1963)

Here’s the exciting article you’ve all been waiting for!

Honestly, I couldn’t even work up the interest to OCR anything but the intro. I feel like the designers at Woman’s Day used this feature to show the world just how many different fonts they had.

Woman’s Day Dictionary of SANDWICH GLASS

Photographs by BILL BEECHER

Pick up a piece of Sandwich glass and you hold in your hand a piece of America’s past. Lacy loveliness, satisfying design, glowing color are all part of its attraction, but it has historic appeal as well. Sandwich, the Cape Cod town which gave it its name, became important with the building of the glass factory there in 1825, but it was never an industrial town. Sandwich glass was the creation of people living in what was then, as it is now, an enchanting little New England village: the men made it, their wives and daughters decorated it, their sons Carried wood for the furnaces.

Housekeeping Made Easier With These New Devices (Apr, 1933)

Housekeeping Made Easier With These New Devices

Shuttered lamp shade
Shuttered sides and bottom of new lampshade permit adjustment for any degree of light.

Ginger ale Dispenser
Handy dispenser punches hole in bottle cap, utilizing gas pressure to deliver ginger ale. Turning bottle to left starts flow of liquid, turning to right closes the valve tightly again.




IN order to answer this question in a way that will be useful to the American housewife, the Government Office of Home Economics has devoted to it an exhaustive study.

It has reached the conclusion that the most important usefulness of eggs in the diet is as a substitute for meat. Beef and eggs are much alike in composition. But eggs, even at a rather high price per dozen, are cheaper than meat and equally satisfying.

Living Dolls Love Foodarama Living (Nov, 1961)

Living Dolls Love Foodarama Living

What’s Foodarama Living? A wonderful new way for the whole family to live better and save money, too!

Foodarama gives you a supermarket selection of fresh and frozen food at your fingertips. Save time by shopping less . . . save money by having room for “specials.” Entertaining’s more fun . . . you can prepare everything in advance.

Cream or Milk as You Want It (May, 1930)

Cream or Milk as You Want It

AMONG the many cream and milk skimmers, this one is considered by housewives to be one of the best and most practical. Simple in operation, it is entirely made of aluminum and is thoroughly sanitary.

When cream is desired, the aluminum tube is let down into the bottle to the depth of the cream. When only milk is wanted, the tube is let down until it reaches the milk and does not disturb the cream. It is easily kept clean for a strong stream of hot water injected through it direct from the faucet removes all accumulations in the tube.

Give an Old West Chuck-Wagon Party (Oct, 1955)

I like that one of the ingredients in the Buckaroo Beans is 1/2 teaspoon of MSG.

Give an Old West Chuck-Wagon Party

“Go West” Invitations

Have your party in the wide-open spaces of your own back yard, with all the Western atmosphere you can muster. Even the invitations can have a “Go West” appeal for 7- to 11-year-olds if they’re made this way: Paste brown wrapping paper onto thin cardboard; from it cut out a wagon like that above. From plain cardboard, cut out a wheel; sew it to the wagon, using a button as a hub. At the opposite end of the wagon, punch a hole; run yarn or twine through the hole; then tie it in place. On the wagon, write the rhyme, place and time of party, etc.