House and Home
Canvas House Costing But $1000 to Be Home of Future (Jun, 1934)

Canvas House Costing But $1000 to Be Home of Future

CANVAS is now being considered by architects as an attractive and economical building material for the small homes of the future. Canvas can now be treated with preservative paints to make it waterproof and fireproof.

A summer home which can be built anywhere for less than $1000 uses canvas almost exclusively as a surfacing material.

Octagonal Hangar Houses Planes Without Waste Space (Dec, 1929)

Octagonal Hangar Houses Planes Without Waste Space

WHENEVER a new aviation field or airdrome is planned there always arises the problem as to the type of hangar which should be erected. If the aviation field is planned for a small town or for a limited number of planes the problem is simple but when a modern airdrome with unlimited aerial traffic is contemplated, conditions are different.

For faster shopping: a Revolator (Jun, 1973)

For faster shopping: a Revolator

Cabs in this people-mover will whisk up and down on a continuous belt—something like a Ferris wheel. The Revolator is planned for a multilevel shopping center that’s being built in Morristown, N.J. Each cab will hold 150 shoppers, so a six-unit system could transport 40,000 an hour—far more than elevators or escalators.

Dry Cleaner, Washer Combined (May, 1930)

Dry Cleaner, Washer Combined

THIS device, known as the Duette, is a combination washing machine and dry cleaner. The Duette is constructed from heavy corrugated steel to withstand any hard usage. It is foolproof and may be assembled or taken apart in about 30 seconds.

When used as a washing machine, will wash clothes in three minutes.

The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat” (May, 1930)

The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat”

It is easily seen that refreshment – seeking youngsters pick the place that catches the eye.

There is nothing like individuality to create lasting impressions. Here is a group of the once lowly roadside stands. Kinda ritzy, what?

In “going modern,” stand owners are overlooking nothing that will add distinctiveness to their business establishments. To the west goes the honor of pioneering in this movement.

Garden Magic With Electric Lighting! (Jun, 1941)

Garden Magic With Electric Lighting!

by Marshall Perham

IF ON some black, moonless night, you chanced to be winding arduously up the mountains back of Altadena, California, you might think you were seeing ghosts-—and hearing them, too. For there in a little draw, branching off the main canyon, you would see light from a non-existent moon bathing the landscape, and hear the mighty music of symphonies drifting down from the mountain tops But there is no cause for alarm, for the mysterious light and music have natural explanations.

Motorboat Bed (Jul, 1960)

Motorboat Bed

WHEN Raymond Ferrari sends his five-year-old son Richard to bed, the lad climbs into a full-size replica of a speed boat and hits the sack, a 74-inch mattress covered by a nautical quilt. When he presses a button on the carved outboard motor, the light goes out. Richard’s brothers, Stephen, 11, and Raymond, nine, sleep in the next room. Its walls are decorated with wolf skins and murals of cowboys roping their steers. The Seaford, L. I. family lives in a boy’s dream world fashioned by their imaginative and handy dad.


The lack of oxygen might make it easier to sell to prospective buyers.

By doing up a seven-room “model home” like a box of candy, in a popular transparent wrapping material, a Long Island, N. Y., firm of builders drew a crowd of nearly 6,000 persons to its first public showing. The wrapping consisted of 6,000 square feet of the glistening paper, ornamented with a huge red bow and parted at the door with a fourteen-foot slide fastener to admit visitors.

Color Mixing That Can’t Miss (Sep, 1946)

Color Mixing That Can’t Miss

With 12 ingredients, a paint dealer now can reproduce any one of 1,000 colors exactly in a few minutes.

GUESSWORK has been eliminated from paint mixing by a scientific system that gives each of 1,000 colors a number of its own and provides a foolproof formula for reproducing it. With the initial help of a novel paint chart on plastic, a paint dealer using the Nu-Hue system, recently developed by The Martin-Senour Company, can quickly reproduce any of the 1,000 colors from a stock of only 12 ingredients.

Building a “Tarzan” Tree Hut (Aug, 1929)

Building a “Tarzan” Tree Hut

IF YOU want to experience the sensation of a wild ride with the airmail, select a night when the weather man predicts “whoopee,” don a helmet, goggles, leather jerkin, or what have you, and seat yourself in a swivel chair in the highest tree hut you can find. To help the imagination, take along a flash light and a book of airplane adventures. However, you won’t need these after the storm breaks. Boy! Feel those air bumps! You zoom to get above the storm. You roll! You side slip! Then, crash!