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U.S. Buries 6 Billions in Gold (Apr, 1934)

U.S. Buries 6 Billions in Gold

Protected by water, gas and electricity.

Uncle Sam guards six tons of yellow metal from gangland and foreign foes.

by Ollie M. James

WITH utmost secrecy, Uncle Sam has buried the largest gold cache in history —192,000,000 ounces of the precious yellow metal worth $6,000,000,000. Where he has buried it, however, is no secret.

Bombproof Plane Factories ROLL INTO MOUNTAIN SIDE (May, 1941)

Wouldn’t it be easier to just build the factory in the mountain and leave it there?

Bombproof Plane Factories ROLL INTO MOUNTAIN SIDE

Raid Shelters for Assembly Plants: A Swiss Inventor’s Solution to the Problem of Protecting Production AIRPLANE FACTORIES that literally run to shelter from raiding bombers have been invented by Antoine Gazda, noted Swiss armament designer, and erected at undisclosed places in Switzerland by the Pilatus aircraft concern as a national-defense precaution. A typical installation consists of a pair of twin assembly plants, normally standing in the open where their total of 360 workers enjoy natural sunshine and fresh air.

New Condiment Tastes Like Meat (Apr, 1931)

This substance is used all over the place, but is more notable for when it is not used. All you have to do is look at the menu of any Chinese restaurant from the last twenty years.

New Condiment Tastes Like Meat

A WHITE powder that tastes like the juice of red meat yet can be eaten by the strictest vegetarian, since it has no trace of meat in it but is made from the gluten of flour, is announced by A. D. Little, Inc., Boston chemical engineers, as increasing in popularity in Japan and China and as now being introduced into the United States. It is a chemical called sodium glutamate made by boiling gluten from wheat flour for hours with strong hydrochloric acid, neutralizing with soda and allowing the resulting salt to crystallize. There is obtained a fine white powder resembling baking soda which keeps well and may be used in an ordinary shaker like salt.

Haunted By His Ingenuity! (Jun, 1941)

Haunted By His Ingenuity!

by Kip Blair

EVER spend a night in a haunted house?

Well I did!

While cold chills ran up my spine and the hair on my scalp seemed to rise and curl, I saw and heard things which only a ghost could explain. I saw doors open and close without a touch from human hands. I stood frozen in my tracks as a cut-glass humming bird raised its voice in macabre song. My hat and coat were hung on a hall rack which vanished into nothing the moment I turned my back. And, as I stood alone before a statue in the gloomy drawing room, I heard and saw that statue play, on a zither, any tune I chose to name!

Automatic Griddle Bakes Three Fluffy Flapjacks a Minute (Oct, 1930)

Automatic Griddle Bakes Three Fluffy Flapjacks a Minute

A FLAPJACK griddle that is entirely automatic in action has recently been placed on the market by a Los Angeles firm. Batter for five hundred cakes may be placed in the tank, after which it is only necessary to turn on the switch and carry away the cakes.

Digging a Pirate’s Cave (Dec, 1929)

Digging a Pirate’s Cave


WHILE excavating for a new house in the weed-grown lot next door, workmen unearthed a surprising maze of caves and trenches. Evidently they had been dug many seasons before because bushes and weeds were growing luxuriantly from the soil spread over the roofs. Considerable grading and no end of fancy language were required before the lot was in shape to build on. But it proved that a well-made cave is about as substantial a clubhouse as a boy can make.


The “little reel schoolhouse” of the future, according to Joseph Duke Harrison, New York City architect, may resemble a wedding cake on a platter. Recently he exhibited a design for a large circular structure with walls and most of its roof of glass.

Food-Not To Be Eaten (Apr, 1948)

Food-Not To Be Eaten

FEAST your eyes on that gorgeous display of sharp, tongue-teasing cheese; smack your lips at the lush ripe fruit, the mellow-spiced hot ham. Melt your mouth with a long look, but don’t try a quick bite—-you’ll crack your teeth!

The beauty in this banquet is only paint- deep. It’s all art for the eye—not food for eating. But that art saves real food from waste in those elaborate dinners on stage and screen and in fancy displays.

It’s almost as if it were alive! (Oct, 1954)

It’s almost as if it were alive!


the TUB that really WORKS to get your clothes clean!

The Bendix flexible Metaxaloy Wondertub actually CHANGES SHAPE as it goes through its cycle! It’s stronger than steel, more durable than porcelain. It can’t chip, crack, or rust. We GUARANTEE it in writing for 5 FULL YEARS!

Home Toaster Turns Itself Off (Oct, 1930)

Home Toaster Turns Itself Off

MAKING toast that is tastily browned requires that the busy housewife watch the toaster closely, but with the small home toaster shown at the right, recently placed on the market, the watching is unnecessary. The lever is set for the heat desired and the current turned on. When the toast is finished it is automatically ejected from the machine.