House and Home
Handy Aids for the Household (Jan, 1938)

Handy Aids for the Household

A new canvas bag hangs on the washer to catch the clothes, and can be carried easily or hung on the line

Squeezed together and pressed down over the top of a soft-boiled egg, the blades of the odd accessory at left shear off the upper shell

In the strainer shown below, an egg-shaped roller presses the food against the mesh, and a rotating scraper prevents clogging

Conditioned Air Supplied to Canopy on Bed (Sep, 1934)

Conditioned Air Supplied to Canopy on Bed

Refreshing sleep on hot nights is made possible by an air-conditioning machine equipped with a canopy which fits over the bed. Fresh air, constantly changing, is supplied to the sleeping compartment by the machine, which cools the air and removes excess moisture. The refrigerating unit and the small re-circulating fan make no more noise than an ordinary electric fan. Should the outside temperature drop during the night, the canopy may be pushed aside as easily as a blanket. The air-conditioning unit is switched on and off by means of a convenient control. The canopy is of double thickness.

What’s New for Your Home (Aug, 1950)

What’s New for Your Home

READERS-IN-BED can read for hours without back or neck kinks by reclining on a back rest that’s hinged to the headboard. Sliding up and down like a window sash, it adjusts to any tilt Between uses, it swings back into the headboard

FAN BRACKET lets you aim the breeze where you like, even down into a tray of ice to cool the air. Its wide legs increase stability

LIPSTICK “matches” at right, won’t burn, but they will make milady sparkle. A tiny mirror inside the flap makes her retouching precise


Inspection of the teeth for tartar formation or possible decay is made easy by a new type of toothbrush which contains a dental mirror in its handle. By holding the highly polished reflector inside the mouth while facing a larger wall or cabinet mirror, the user can conveniently and quickly examine both front and back surfaces of the teeth and gums. When not in use, the mirror slides into the handle, where it does not interfere with the ordinary function of the brush.


Seems like this would be a loud place to eat, what with all the dishes sliding down chutes and all.

An automatic serving-counter for lunch rooms and restaurants is intended to eliminate the need of waiters. When the customer enters a restaurant where one of these appliances is installed, he finds a clean tray, having tiny wheels, and a menu card before his seat. After checking off his order on the card, which is later used as a pay check, he places it on the tray, pushes a button, and the wheeled tray travels on a track to the kitchen. Here, the cook fills the order and sends the tray back to the counter. At the completion of the meal, when the customer rises from his seat, the tray travels again to the kitchen with the soiled dishes.

Vej-Meat – A Vegetable Meat (Mar, 1922)

I wonder what this tasted like…


At Last! a delicious and a perfect substitute for meat that fills the bill in every respect. Made from sun-kissed nuts, cereals and vegetable products, it looks and tastes just like meat. 50% more nutritious than meat nourishing, wholesome and appetizing. Endorsed by Doctors and Dietitians as a perfect food. Send 60c for a one pound can or $5.40 for a dozen delivered. If not thoroughly satisfactory your money will be refunded. Four flavors—Plain, Chili, Chicken and Bologna. 1 lb. can sufficient for 8 portions.

VEJ-MEAT CO., Box PC, 227 N. Manassas St., Memphis, Tenn.

Helpful New Tools for the Household (Dec, 1932)

Helpful New Tools for the Household

KEEPS EGGS FRESH. This circular container is for eggs or fruit kept in the refrigerator. Its flat sides will not break the skins or crack the shells. Open spaces afford free ventilation that tends to prevent spoiling of contents

FLOUR SIFTER. With the double action flour sifter, cut out view of which is given at left, flour can be sifted as frequently as desired without removing it from sifter. The sieve is in the middle and there is a lid on each end

CONTROLS THE HEAT. The valve shown above can be fitted to any steam radiator and when the dial is set, the desired temperature is automatically maintained. The new valve is installed by simply removing the old one, screwing the new one in place, and adjusting heat control dial

Toys and Ideas Fill Kids’ Rumpus Room (Nov, 1947)

My siblings and I would have loved a room like this. I do have a minor quibble with the characterization of a 12×18 as “minimal”. That’s bigger than any room in my house by quite a bit.

Toys and Ideas Fill Kids’ Rumpus Room

A MODEL playroom—a child’s dream world from floor to ceiling—has been designed by architect Joseph Aronson for the American Toy Institute, research division of Toy Manufacturers of U.S.A., Inc. The idea of the 12- by 18-foot model room is to get the most out of maximum play area in minimum space in a way that the average home owner can duplicate, either in a whole room or in a corner of a bedroom. The model emphasizes elevated play areas and ample, easy-to-reach toy-storage space. A linoleum floor with inlaid patterns avoids the splinter hazard and doubles as a hopscotch field. Dust-catching decorations and sharp corners are eliminated, and bright colors add the finishing touch.

Novel Appliances for the Household (Nov, 1934)

I love the doohickey that uses hot water to cut cubes out of a solid block of ice. Of course they are only loose on 5 sides, you’d still need to chisel them off on the bottom.

Novel Appliances for the Household

Made of pleated fabric that is waterproof, a new type of window shade can be lowered, or folded accordion fashion, to cover any desired portion of the window. The blind is raised in the ordinary way but is folded by use of a cord

Operating on a new principle, this thermostat actually anticipates temperature changes, according to the manufacturer, and so governs the heating plant without a time lag. Placed near the baseboard, as above, it governs the temperature in the lower portion of the room. View at upper right shows thermostat open revealing electric element that works the controls in response to difference in temperature between it and the room, thus bringing quick action

Time and Money-Saving Tools For Woman’s Workshop in Home (Apr, 1924)

Do you think you can still buy a mop made of swan skin?

Time and Money-Saving Tools For Woman’s Workshop in Home

Tester Which Quickly Tells Whether Egg Is Good or Bad by Light Shining through Shell on Mirror that Can Be Seen through Hole in Base

Turning Any Vase into an Attractive, Portable, Electric Light Is Possible with an Adapter that Carries the Socket for the Lamp on a Patented Grip inside of the Neck

Filter and Mixer that Regulates Temperature of Water and May Be Used to Clean Bottles (Left) or Wash Dishes (Right), and Is Attached to Faucets with Rubber Elbows

All the Thrills of a Toboggan and Swing Are Combined in This “Whizzer” Designed to Keep Children at Play in Their Own Yard