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New Tooth-Paste Tubes Are Made of Glass (Oct, 1937)

New Tooth-Paste Tubes Are Made of Glass
Glass containers for tooth paste, recently developed by a German firm as a substitute for conventional metal tubes, have a built-in piston at one end to force the paste out onto the brush. When empty, the containers can be refilled with paste.


This is awesome, you can hire this guy to rig up your house and scare away unwanted house guests.

ARE your mother-in-law’s visits too frequent and too long? Or has cousin George been troublesome? Then Robert Nelson of Columbus, Ohio, is the man to help you. He’ll sell you rattling skeletons, headless monsters, squirming ropes, all guaranteed to rid you of the unwelcome guests.

Nelson spreads his ghostly touch far and wide. He dispatches crystal balls to Swamis in Georgia, eerie voices to spiritualists in Seattle. Once he supplied a planter in the Bahamas with a spook that kept natives from stealing fruit. He doesn’t belittle old-fashioned ghosts, however. He says “It’s just that mine are more reliable.”

Push-Button Manor (Dec, 1950)

Push-Button Manor
Jackson, Mich.

By Arthur R. Railton

REMEMBER those wartime dreams of lazy living in postwar homes with push buttons to do all the work? Well, like most of us, you’re probably still getting by in a house where the only push button rings the doorbell. But there’s at least one fellow who is making those dreams come true.

Emil Mathias of Jackson, Mich., traces his mechanical aptitude back to his youth when he harnessed the wind to grind the family’s weekly supply of coffee. A small windmill, some gears, a shaft or two, all went together to create a power coffee grinder that Mathias still remembers as one of his favorite devices.

What’s New For Your Home (Aug, 1954)

What’s New For Your Home

1. CONTOUR-BED MECHANISM is available in sizes to fit all standard beds. Two 1/4-horsepower motors raise or lower the head or foot to the desired position. Toggle switches within reach of a bedfast person operate the mechanism. Special mattresses, either foam rubber or innerspring, are available for the bed

2. WEATHER STRIPPING for casement windows is a metal strip that just slips into place over the frame of the window without screws or nails. One form of the stripping is applied to the head and lock side, another to the hinge side and sill. There’s a packaged set for standard windows or you can buy any length

3. “SNOW-ICE” sealed inside a plastic bag is frozen in your refrigerator or home freezer, then used to keep perishables fresh and cold during picnics and other outings. The material can be refrozen as many times as desired. You also can use it to keep foods cold while defrosting a refrigerator or home freezer

Harness to Hold Roasting Fowl (Sep, 1950)

For some reason this makes me feel dirty…

Harness to Hold Roasting Fowl

Fastened around a chicken or turkey by means of hooks that latch into rings, this roasting accessory holds the wings and legs close to the bodv of the fowl and allows the bird to be turned readily as it is cooked. The holder is made up of flexible sheet-aluminum links joined by rings.

Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes (May, 1938)

Automatic Machine Cuts Ice Into Small Cubes

THIS machine saws a 300-pound piece of ice into standard size ice cubes in about seven minutes. The cake of ice stands on its end on a small elevator. As the sawing progresses, the block of ice is automatically raised about one and one-half inches at a time. The top of the cake is cut off by a horizontal saw to make an ice slab of the correct thickness. This slab then is subjected to the action of two sets of vertical saws, so that the ice is cut lengthwise and crosswise into cubes which then drop into the iceman’s bag, or are carried to storage by a conveyor. The clean “snow” resulting from the cutting can be used for many purposes, and is stored within the cabinet in a box which is easily emptied while the device is operating. The machine is entirely automatic and safe.

Cereal Package Has Five Kinds (Mar, 1940)

Cereal Package Has Five Kinds

TO INSURE freshness and provide variety in breakfast-cereals, one food corporation is now packing five different kinds of dry cereal in one carton. Inclosed within a transparent, moistureproof wrapper, the carton contains ten small-size packages of cereal, each holding one individual serving. Two small packages of each kind of cereal are included. Thus, a fresh package is opened whenever cereal is desired.

Inventions New and Interesting (Nov, 1928)

Inventions New and Interesting

This new fan-shaped rake has prongs of tempered, flexible steel that are rigid enough for raking and springy enough for sweeping. Grass is not torn up from the lawn and leaves do not clog the steel prongs.—Master Mfg. Co., 138 Davis Ave., Dayton, Ohio

One of a number of styles of cabinets, utilizing Frigidaire, which have been designed to cool bottled water in offices and factories. The compact cooling unit is in the lower part of the cabinet.—The Charles E. Hires Co., 206 South 24th St., Philadelphia, Penna.

For use in mining or single shot blasting. Forcing the plug into the unit which looks like a flashlight, fires the shot. It contains three flashlight unit cells.—National Carbon Co., Inc., New York and Saw Francisco

Mission Stairs Conserve Space (Mar, 1948)

Mission Stairs Conserve Space

Although staggered stairs may sound like an architect’s nightmare, they’re a practical way of reaching a small upstairs room without utilizing too much floor space. Stairs of this type were often used in the old Spanish missions of the Southwest.

Pictured above are the stairs in the Spanish style custodian’s home in a Texas state park. These were made from two logs of 24″ diameter, one red elm and the other hack-berry. After opposite sides were squared off, steps with a 12″ tread and 12″ rise were sawed the length of each log. Then they were installed in an offset manner.

This gives the effect of a stairway with a 6″ rise and 12″ tread. However, the horizontal distance between the first riser and a vertical line from the landing is only half what a normal stairway of these dimensions would require.—Isabella II. Alden.

Giant Coffee Urn In Service (Mar, 1938)

That looks pretty dangerous.

Giant Coffee Urn In Service
THE U. S. Coast Guard base at New London, Connecticut, has been provided with a coffee urn which is believed to be the largest ever constructed. It holds 60 gallons of water and the handle on its cover is just within reach of an average size girl. The big coffee maker is the center of attraction on cold nights for men returning from chilly excursions aboard patrol boats.