House and Home
House Boat Is an Old Oil Tank (Jun, 1939)

House Boat Is an Old Oil Tank
Made from an old 20,000-gallon oil tank, an unusual four-ton house boat built by Rene Tatro, of Kankakee, Ill., skims along the water at almost ten miles an hour. Powered by an old automobile engine, the curious craft has twin propellers and is balanced by five steel drums below the water level. Windows were cut out with an acetylene torch.

The HOUSE that has EVERYTHING (Jul, 1946)


$250,000 California sample shows what science can do for homes.

A $250,000 HOUSE with every available postwar convenience, and some not yet lor sale, has been built by a Los Angeles contractor to show how much scientific luxury a home can otter. Fritz B. Burns, who with Henry J. Kaiser plans to produce 10,000 moderately priced prefabricated houses for crowded Californians by next June, knows that his palace of improvements is way out of the average house hunter’s reach. But purchasers will demand some of these conveniences in low-cost homes, he believes, and Burns and Kaiser intend to provide them.

Health Bread Made From Seaweed (Dec, 1931)

By 1931 the hippies already had a strong foothold in California. Now all they had to do was wait…

Health Bread Made From Seaweed
BREAD made of kelp, or seaweed, was placed on sale recently in Ojai, California, a little town near the Pacific coast. Though wheat was on sale at as low a price as 25 cents per bushel, William Baker, who introduced the new bread, claims that his innovation is rapidly becoming popular because of its peculiar flavor.

Grapefruit Eaters Use Squirt Guard (Jul, 1939)

It’s good to know there is more than one way to conquer a grapefruit.

Grapefruit Eaters Use Squirt Guard
At last someone has come to the rescue of grapefruit lovers by building a handy squirt guard. Invented in England, the hemisphere of celluloid clamps over a half grapefruit as a protection against stray juices.

Fun At The Dinner Table (Mar, 1937)

Fun At The Dinner Table
SOUP serenades, spaghetti entanglements, corn-on-the-cob wrestling and other embarrassments at meal time may never be eliminated, but Russell Oakes, a Waukesha, Wis., business man, got so amused thinking they might be that he discovered a new hobby devising dizzy devices to put eating on a mechanical basis.

Auto Cooker Uses Exhaust Heat (Dec, 1931)

Oh, this takes me back. I remember those trips my family used to take to our cabin in the woods. Before leaving mom would throw a roast beef and some potatoes into the good ole’ running board cooker and clamp that sucker closed. By the time we arrived, there would be a piping hot, carbon-monoxide infused, soot covered meal waiting just for us. I can still smell the sulfur wafting off my burnt motor oil drenched taters.

Auto Cooker Uses Exhaust Heat
THE drudgery has been taken out of picnics with a compact device that is attached to the automobile running board and which utilizes the waste heat from the engine for cooking. While driving to your favorite camping spot food may be baked, stewed or roasted without cost for fuel, loss of time or interference with the efficiency of the motor. The device cooks without water and therefore the edibles retain their natural juices and flavors. The cooker rests on an asbestos pad and is connected to the exhaust by a flexible pipe.

Use Car Power to Grind Meat (Dec, 1932)

Use Car Power to Grind Meat
NOW you can operate your meat chopper, ice cream freezer, apple parer, or practically any other device turned by a crank without work or worry, thanks to the simple idea of an Illinois inventor. A strap iron strip just long enough to fasten between rim bolts on opposite sides of the car wheel is made. The shaft of the device to be operated is then attached to the center of the strap.
All that remains is to jack up the rear wheel, start up the motor and let ‘er rip. The picture below shows the arrangement in operation. It’s handy for picnics where much food has to be prepared outdoors. Naturally the shaft of the food chopper must be practically in line with the hub of the wheel.

Grapefruit Conquered at Last (Aug, 1933)

Finally, after countless lives lost and ruined, the Grapefruit wars are over.

Grapefruit Conquered at Last
AT LAST the grapefruit has heen conquered. The weapon employed in the conquest is an “umbrella spoon” shown at left, which automatically opens into a large shield when you gouge down into the meat of the fruit. When you raise the spoon to your mouth the shield closes.

Fountain Brush Sprays Teeth (Oct, 1933)

She really does seem to enjoy doing that.

Fountain Brush Sprays Teeth
A FOUNTAIN toothbrush, which forces a liquid carbonic spray through the bristles, thoroughly cleans the teeth and acts as an atomizer at the same time.

The flow of the liquid is controlled by pressing a lever on the container holding enough cleaning fluid for a month. The device is a Norwegian invention.

SQUEEZE (Jun, 1959)

There is something about this image that I find very disturbing.

SQUEEZE (not the girl, the container) and heated food put in by Mommy squirts onto spoon and is shoveled into baby’s mouth.