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Pneumatic Tubes Shoot Hot Meals To Homes (Apr, 1935)

Pneumatic Tubes Shoot Hot Meals To Homes

WHIZZING at mile-a-minute speed through pneumatic tubes far beneath the streets of Berlin, Germany, are thermos bottles each containing part of some housewifes meal. A phone call is enough to bring, in less than fifteen minutes, a complete meal ready to serve, containing exactly the desired quantity and kind of food for each course.

Spudnuts (Apr, 1952)

What a great name. I’d never heard of Spudnuts before reading this but now I’m curious to try them. They seem to still be around.

Their Potatoes Make Dough

Don’t say doughnuts to the Pelton brothers, say Spudnuts. They glamorized the lowly spud and made themselves a fortune in the process.

By H. W. Kellick

AL and Bob Pelton were suckers for sinkers—doughnuts, that is. They’d eaten glazed doughnuts, chocolate covered doughnuts and just plain doughnuts. They were also eager to make lots of money and doughnuts got them to thinking.

“Why can’t we invent a new kind of doughnut?” Al said one day over a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Just like that.

Today, the brothers Pelton never mention the word doughnut. Say Spudnut and you’ll draw a smile from them, though. For they’re out to supplant the common doughnut with their million-dollar idea—a delicious potato pastry.

As a matter of fact, the Peltons are now selling more than three-quarters of a million dozen Spudnuts per month. To date they’ve franchised 350 shops throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

Device Labels Sausages (May, 1938)

I had no idea decalcomania was a real word. From wikipedia:
“Decalcomania, or décalcomanie, a decorative technique by which engravings and prints may be transferred to other materials, was invented in Russia and introduced into the United States at least as early as 1868.”

Device Labels Sausages
Indelible labels are printed on sausages and other meats packed in natural casings by an automatic machine operating on the decalcomania principle. The device is designed to protect housewives from the substitution of inferior products for well-known brands.

Chef Fashions Caricatures In Toast (Jul, 1936)

Chef Fashions Caricatures In Toast
FEW people would find an ambition for developing art talent in toast yet Louis Strakes, a New York restaurant chef, has developed striking cariactures from this common breakfast item. Using people prominent in the world news Mr. Strakes begins the caricatures by browning slices of bread to various shades. The bread is then cut into small pieces and assembled to form the character to be depicted. When the figure has been completed it is mounted on a base consisting of four pieces of toasted bread. Toothpicks are used to hold the caricatures together. In a few months Mr. Strakes has become world famous for his unusual craft.

Home Unit Extracts Vegetable Juices (Mar, 1939)

Now you too can make juice! It’s almost as easy as changing a tire!

Home Unit Extracts Vegetable Juices

A NEW electric juice extractor makes it easy to prepare fresh-vegetable juices of every description at home. When carrots, beets, celery, spinach, fruits, and berries are fed into its motor-powered shredder, they are instantly reduced to pulp. Collected in cloth bags, the product is said to yield all its vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutritive elements in a powerful hand press, where tons of pressure exerted by means of a convenient lever squeeze out every drop of juice and leave only a bone-dry residue behind in the bag.

Machine Supplants Soda Jerkers (Oct, 1931)

This looks like one of the first self-serve soda machines.

Machine Supplants Soda Jerkers
NOW comes the mechanical soda jerker. Drop your money in the slot, punch the button for the flavor you want, and the machine, shown below, does the mixing and shaking, delivering soda in a package.

From Stannous:
this would probably be worth a fortune!
Here’s a couple of soda machine sites:

Beerador (Apr, 1939)

Novel Beverage Refrigerator
FEATURING seven revolving shelves which accommodate 504 bottles, this novel electric beverage refrigerator display unit measures only 37 inches in diameter, saving floor space while advertising many brands.

Make the Most of Your Coffee Ration (Feb, 1943)

There’s Extra Cafe in that one Cup a Day

YOU’LL have to learn to be satisfied with a demi-tasse for the duration, unless you take advantage of every means to economize on coffee. Here are some tried and tested ways of getting the most out of that one pound each five weeks. Follow these valuable suggestions and you’ll get more coffee per pound than you ever brewed before, and it will be wholesome, good tasting coffee too. Better try these hints on the first pound.

TURN Potatoes into CASH! (Jun, 1935)

I Will SHOW YOU HOW TO TURN Potatoes into CASH!
START YOU in a Profitable Potato Chip Business At Home

THE invention of a marvelous new machine throws the big potato-chip market wide open again. Even if your community is being supplied with old fashioned chips, I’ll show you how to step in and grab the market, rake the profits into your own pocket. You simply manufacture and sell to stores at wholesale—let stores sell for you. I furnish complete plant and exact instructions formaking profits the first day.

“GREASELESS” Potato Chips Made by New Machine

Think of it —for the first time— a Potato Chip from which all excess oil has been extracted by my new “wringer”. Look better, taste better, stay fresh longer. No wonder the public is crazy about this new kind of chip. No wonder my operators are having such big success, even with no experience.


The profits in this business are enormous. You can take $11.50 in raw material — run It through the machine and take out enough chips to bring you $35 cash—selling at wholesale. A clear profit for your time of $23.50. And that’s one day’s output for the machine. At this rate it is possible for a man and wife working together to make $135.00 a week. And now the complete plant—with my new machine—can be put into your kitchen or basement for less than the down payment on a cheap car.


Send your name and address today on a postal card. I’llsend you pictures and information free showing exactly how you can start at home and make money the first day. All information is Free, No obligation.
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Paris Balloon-Homes Are Gas-Proof (Aug, 1935)

Paris Balloon-Homes Are Gas-Proof
REASONING that if balloon silk can hold gases, it can likewise keep gases out, Parisians are building balloon houses—-grim shoe-like affairs which provide safety from much-feared gas attacks.
Entire families will find refuge in each of the inflated structures. Fresh air would be pumped in through a filter which neutralizes poisonous gases, just as do filters on gas masks. Frames of wire hold the balloon silk in position when the air pump is not operating.