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Two Beds Built in the Space of One (Apr, 1939)

Two Beds Built in the Space of One


FOR the summer cottage or cabin, or even a small city apartment, a pair of beds can be constructed so that one slides under the other as shown. The bed in the living room is therefore kept entirely out of sight until required, when it is pulled out like a huge drawer.

House of Steel (Sep, 1947)

House of Steel

Want to live in a metal house? The one pictured here has frame, roof and wall sheets all of processed steel. Blanket type insulation and a system of natural ventilation help keep it cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter. Interior walls are of fire-proofed plasterboard.

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator (Mar, 1930)

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator

A REFRIGERATOR that works by means of fluid carbonic acid has been invented by Dr. Otto Liesegang, of Berlin. Through immediate gassification of the acid, which is held in a valve, a temperature of 80 degrees below zero is produced in the cooling apparatus resulting in a speedy freezing of ice or icecream. The main apparatus stands on the top shelf of the box at the right to permit use of the left side for storage purposes.



“Mary’s new furniture’s such an improvement”

“But, my dear, did you see the bathroom toilet ?”
PERHAPS you are above what other people say, but wouldn’t it be a satisfaction to know that your bathroom toilet is thoroughly modern in its refinement?

Collapsible Fruit Bowl (Aug, 1945)

Collapsible Fruit Bowl

Cut this fruit bowl and standi, using only a jig saw and screwdriver.

THE home craftsman who is looking for something novel will find this fruit bowl just the thing.

The bowl is laid out on a piece of wood 12″x16″x5/8″ and may be oak or maple or any piece of softer wood which may be available.

Latest Home Accessories (May, 1936)

I don’t really understand the copy editing policy that says “use a period between sentences, unless it’s the last one.”

Latest Home Accessories

Electric range with control which keeps food at “simmer” heat. The stove has two lighted ovens and lighted platform lights. Right, steel wool holder made of rubber.

Table which can’t tip over and, at left, enameled metal window shelf for potted plants which can be attached by tightening one wing nut.

Hitchhiking Houses (May, 1950)

Hitchhiking Houses

By Lester David

IT scared hell out of a grizzled prospector who was walking his mule on the hot sands of the New Mexico desert. It gave a small colony of migrant Hopi Indians the screaming-meemies and it made a couple of cowboys take the pledge then and there.

Cause of the panic was a huge, barnlike structure which was crawling along the roadless sand, apparently under its own power. And if that wasn’t enough to frighten the wits out of everyone, a muffled, ghost-like voice echoed from the interior of the vast building.

Brick Lion Guards City Hall (Mar, 1930)

While it does have that whole Minecraft/8-bit look about it, that is a pretty terrible rendition of a lion.

Brick Lion Guards City Hall

AN INTERESTING illustration of what can be done with common, ordinary brick is demonstrated by the modernistic lion that guards the door to the City Hall in Ruestringer, Germany. Several thousands of brick were required to make this figure which is an integral part of the structure. The irregular spacings provided the greatest difficulty but were overcome by a miniature scale model. This is but one example of the many uses to which brick are being put.

Teens’ Broomstick Party (Oct, 1955)

Teens’ Broomstick Party

Shrill the wind and wild the night;
Spooks go prowling, black cats fight;
So set your spooky fears aside
And join us on a Broomstick Ride!


This party should be planned and carried out by the teen-agers themselves—even to cooking the supper. Mother should stay in the background. Place: A rumpus room or good-sized living room. Of course, a cabin in the woods would also be ideal, as would the municipal recreation rooms set up by your park service.

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best! (Jun, 1949)

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best!

NEW 1949 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator – Home Freezer Combination

A separate refrigerator PLUS a separate home freezer.

The very finest refrigerators made today offer you the timesaving, worksaving, moneysaving advantages of having both a home freezer and a big fresh-food refrigerator in your kitchen.