COSMIC RAY-GUN (Mar, 1947)

Reading about this “death-ray” got me to wondering. Has anyone ever been killed by a laser? I mean directly, not someone getting blinded and crashing or something like that.

Anyone know?


Atoms imploded by cosmic rays release far more radiation than is obtained by ordinary fission. Here’s a potential death-ray!

By Louis Bruchiss

DESPITE vehement reiterations thai the atomic bomb is the absolute weapon, a conviction has been growing that Einstein’s original equation E= MC^2 has not had its final say.

The very paucity of our knowledge of the complex. nuclear reactions and of the origin of matter and energy itself, would at once suggest that there may be a weapon more encompassing and deadly than the atomic bomb.


As a general rule, never trust a person who uses any form of the word “vitalize”.


A method of preserving foods and fruit juices which many believe will do away with most cooking, pasteurizing, refrigeration and the use of chemicals for this purpose has been invented by Dr. N. H. Hazeldine, of Los Angeles. “Solar vitalzing,” the name given to the process, is accomplished simply by leaving any perishable article a certain length of time beneath a sheet of specially constructed glass and then putting it into airtight containers. Oils and dry materials may be left in open containers.

Night Into Day (Feb, 1947)

Night Into Day

With the activation of gases in the Ionosphere, we’ll have eternal day.


A NEW radiance may soon pour-down from the night sky, dispelling the darkness and changing the life of mankind in the future. This light, the brilliant glow of activated gases in the Ionosphere, is now a definite scientific possibility.

Professor Etienne Vassy, Maitre de Conference of the Faculty of Sciences, Sorbonne University, Paris, has set imaginations soaring with his new theory. He proposes to shoot a power ray 50 miles into the air, up into the thin gases of the Ionosphere, activating these gases and causing them to glow with a neon-like light. An artist’s conception of this effect upon the business section of New York City is shown in the accompanying photograph. In this island of light, people could work without artificial illumination.

Air Suction Drives Machine (Aug, 1937)

Eight horse-power? That guy can really suck!

Air Suction Drives Machine

CONSISTING principally of four main wheels, three of which are nearly five feet in diameter and one-foot thick, a novel perpetual motion machine driven by air suction is claimed to have been invented by G. W. Johnston, of Tulsa, Okla.

Valves and other wheels are assembled inside the main wheel, each of which turns on a hollow axle. A turn of the wheel produces an air current at one end of the axle and suction at the other end, serving to keep the machine in motion. A small unit of the device, an eight-pound cylinder, can create eight horsepower under a 100-pound air pressure according to the inventor.

Death Ray Effective On Snakes (Aug, 1936)

Yes, kill a snake in only eight and a half minutes! Of course this would only really work on animals that aren’t allowed to move. It seems like stepping on the snake would have been more effective.

Death Ray Effective On Snakes
A DEATH ray which proved its effectiveness before a San Francisco jury has been developed by Henry Fleur, Pacific Coast inventor. The apparatus which employs a light beam impregnated with infra-red rays successfully killed a snake in 8-1/2 minutes. A lizard was put to death in less than 6 minutes with only 30 seconds required to kill certain termites. Mounted on an adjustable tripod, ray can be aimed at objects in the same manner as a searchlight. The beam transmits a stream of high frequency vibrations.

Fertilize the Largest Farm in Illinois With Electricity (Sep, 1929)

Fertilize the Largest Farm in Illinois With Electricity

CHARGING the soil with electricity as it is being plowed is the newest form of fertilization. The largest farm in Illinois, 13,645 acres in a single tract, is treated in this manner. The plow and apparatus used are shown at left. In addition to bringing an improved yield of crops the electric current kills harmful insects and weeds as it flows through the soil.

Parachutes Save Victims Trapped in Burning Building (Dec, 1932)

Parachutes Save Victims Trapped in Burning Building

THE latest wrinkle for persons trapped in a burning building comes from Berlin, Germany, where there has been developed a parachute to take the place of the slow and cumbersome type of fire escape. The device has proven highly satisfactory wherever used.

The pictures on the right show a demonstration being carried out. The victim has just flung herself from a blazing room and is about to land. The mask, seen in the close-up, resembles the type used during the World war. It is fastened securely over the head before the leap into space to protect against smoke and to prevent the face from being scorched.

Weeds Shot With Electric Pistol (Nov, 1935)

Weeds Shot With Electric Pistol

WEEDS that mingle with the lawn grass have long proven obstinate foes to combat, yielding to most garden instruments only at the expense of considerable turf. Now, however, a new weapon has been devised which electrocutes them instantly.

The weed electrocutor is built like a pistol, the barrel of which terminates in a sharp point. The point is jabbed into the tap root of the doomed weed, and a charge of electricity is released when the trigger is pulled. As the electric current is confined to the point only, the instrument is perfectly safe.

Automatic Scale Calls Weight (Apr, 1934)

Just what every woman wants: a scale that reads their weight to the entire room.

Automatic Scale Calls Weight

A NEW scale recently placed in operation in this country will tell you your exact weight. The novelty is attracting wide attention. The machine is said to be very popular. The customer merely puts a penny in the slot and then waits for the machine to call off his weight.

Cleverly composed of rugged parts, there are no springs or fine adjustments to get out of order. Another unique feature is that persons who are hard of hearing can amplify the tone, and there is no chance of misinformation, since the machine repeats the weight several times.

It is further reported to be so sensitive that great accuracy is obtained, which makes its day to day drawing appeal much higher. The machine is equipped with a loud speaker.

Can Trains be Run by Perpetual Motion (Aug, 1930)

Can Trains be Run by Perpetual Motion

The fallacies surrounding many ideas in perpetual motion are set forth in this interesting yarn which recounts some of the impossibilities suggested to solve the age old problem of getting power from nothing. Wheels with over-balance, sponge engines, gold leaf machines, and a railroad which appears as though it might actually work are recounted.


OF ALL the mechanical brain-bugs that repeatedly surge over the country, the perpetual motion bug holds all records for depth and duration of sting. The perpetual motion idea has been recurring in cycles and minor cycles for over a thousand years, or since the birth of scientific thought, and magazine editors have recently noted that the virus has again affected inventors.