Transparent Face Mask (Mar, 1940)

Transparent Face Mask
Slipped over the head, a bag of cellulose tissue designed for use in skiing and other outdoor sports offers protection for the face without interfering with vision. The transparent mask can also be used as a shower cap, an apron, a tray cover, and a turban, the makers say.

Weights Keep Ship Bunk Level in Storm, Cut Seasickness (Jul, 1933)

Weights Keep Ship Bunk Level in Storm, Cut Seasickness
SEASICKNESS, that real terror of the sea, which often makes ocean travel an ordeal, is reduced 30 per cent by the development of a new type steamship bunk, inventors claim.

Radiation Proof Bike Suit (Mar, 1952)

I get the feeling this poor kid’s father embarrassed him during his whole childhood. I can imagine the picture of him modeling his father’s bullet-proof lederhosen.

Lead-Lined Suit specially designed to protect against radioactivity in an A-blast, was designed by Leo Pauwela of Los Angeles and is modeled here by his son. “If it doesn’t land on us, we’re safe,” they say.

Water Sports Fans Race in Novel Hand – Powered Craft (Dec, 1931)

10-15 mph? That seems like it would be pretty impractical. Especially since your body would have to remain near vertical when you were cranking away…

Water Sports Fans Race in Novel Hand – Powered Craft

THE newest water sport in Berlin swimming pools is handicap racing with the recently-introduced “grinding wheel” boat weighing but six pounds and measuring a yard in length. On the water speedway the racer places his head and arms in the openings as shown in the accompanying photo and proceeds to grind away toward the goal.

The cranks of this unique racing boat are connected through what looks like a grindstone to the propeller blades in the rear, which drives the craft forward at a speed sometimes as high as 10 and 15 miles per hour.

Gunboats To Fight Shark Menace (Mar, 1935)

This seems like a bit of overkill to me…

Gunboats To Fight Shark Menace
THE gunboats and seaplanes of three nations, England, Holland and Portugal, will soon combine in an attempt to drive dangerous tiger-sharks from their breeding grounds near the Island of Timor. The main weapons used will be torpedos dropped from circling planes and depth bombs released from the gunboats.

Yet Another Attempt to Defeat the Law of Gravity (Jan, 1932)

I’m going to hazard a guess that this attempt to defeat gravity did not meet with success.

Yet Another Attempt to Defeat the Law of Gravity
THE recent success of the Cierva Autogiro has brought forth a deluge of attempts to defeat the law of gravity. Harry Cordy, a Los Angeles inventor, is about to introduce into a startled aviation world a model of his idea of just what an airplane should be.

This plane of the helicopter type is characterized by a new form of propeller which is said to produce a superior degree of lift and thus effect a true vertical takeoff or landing.

The Electric Nostrilizer (Feb, 1937)

Electric Vaporizer Devised
DEVELOPED to relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion and irritation, a new electric pocket vaporizer resembles a flashlight in construction. It consists of a specially designed metal case shaped like a fountain pen and uses two small batteries.

A patented bulb featuring a special filament as well as two depressed openings—one on top and the other on the side—is screwed into one end of the case. Vapor liquid is dropped into the side opening and is converted into vapor by a slight pressure on an electric switch button. The device was developed by a St. Louis, Mo., laboratory, which produces liquid.

Two Can Play Big Harmonica (Sep, 1939)

Two Can Play Big Harmonica
THE mouth organ or harmonica, long a favorite instrument for the old fashioned barn dance and country “hoedown,” has grown increasingly popular, thanks to its extensive use by hillbilly bands. Its latest development is a giant harmonica 41 inches long and with a scale range of 320 notes. On it two players can make harmonious duets of “Turkey In De Straw,” “Wreck Of The Old ’97,” and other old time hits. The only disadvantage is that this big fellow is too large to be carried in the pocket.

Spaniard’s Mirror System Creates an “Invisible Army” (Jul, 1933)

Of course if your enemy happens not to be exactly perpendicular to your mirror then they might start to wonder why there is a big, bright sun hiding in the bushes.

Spaniard’s Mirror System Creates an “Invisible Army”
NOW comes the most astonishing of military ideas—that of rendering soldiers and artillery invisible by means of protecting mirrors which reflect the surrounding landscape back into the enemy’s eyes!

Whether or not this idea would be according to Hoyle, in conformity with the hoary traditions of warfare handed down through generations, does not appear; conceivably it would be embarrassing to an army to find a serene landscape of clouds and fields popping away at it with machine guns and rifles—a sort of black magic not provided for in the drill book regulations.

New Mechanical Chiropractor (Dec, 1932)

This looks like it might be a Pandiculator.

New Mechanical Chiropractor
WITH a machine like the one shown he-low in your home, there’s no longer any excuse for headaches. At least, that is what the inventor claims for his mechanical chiropractor, which also is supposed to correct curvature of the spine, speed up the circulation and aid digestion. It is self-operated, the patient himself supplying the propelling energy. The machine has a stretching and massaging action on the body structure which is said to promote health and tone up the system generally. It was demonstrated at a recent Chiropractor’s Association meeting in Los Angeles.