Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One (Jul, 1931)

Wouldn’t this just spread the hot air from the light bulb around the room? It doesn’t seem like a particularly good way of cooling. Ceiling fans are similar, but they have a much wider fan blade and actually don’t draw from the middle.

Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One

A NEW low priced combination fan and lighting fixture for ceiling mounting, known as “Koolite,” which serves both to light and provide proper ventilation for a room, has recently been placed on the market by manufacturers. Designed for easy installation in homes and offices, the “Koolite” is compact, efficient and ruggedly built.

The semi-direct lighting of the device meets all modern requirements, and its ventilating arrangement provides for thorough, constant circulation of air in rooms of more than average size. The design diffuses the air over a large area after it leaves the blades of the fan.

CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims (Nov, 1954)

CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims

NEAR the town of Ennepetal in Westphalia, Germany, is the Klutert cave which has become a mecca for asthma sufferers who find a short stay in the cave rids them of coughing spasms.

Doctors investigating the phenomenon say that the humid air in the cave is almost entirely free of allergy-producing agents. This, plus a slight radioactivity in the cave walls, accounts for the magical properties of the Klutert cave— giving new hope to victims of one of man’s oldest ills. •

Dust From Long “Shaker” Smothers Fire Bomb (Dec, 1942)

I thought that bombs, even incendiary, generally exploded rather than burned.

Dust From Long “Shaker” Smothers Fire Bomb

Incendiary bombs can be extinguished within thirty seconds, it is claimed, with a powder sprinkled from a long tube that anyone can handle. Because of its length, the tube permits the operator to remain six to eight feet from the burning bomb while shaking out the powder.



If will power doesn’t work for you, your subconscious mind may— but beware of amateurs!


“CLOSE YOUR EYES and hold both arms straight out in front of you,” the doctor ordered. A plump blond girl sitting on the edge of a couch—a girl who would be very attractive if she could take off twenty pounds—did as she was told.

“Now relax,” the doctor went on, his voice soothing, without inflection or emphasis. “You are drifting calmly. You are getting close to sleep. You are floating, relaxed, waiting for sleep to come. It is peaceful, dark, cool. You will sleep soon.”


I’m going to go with complete fraud. I don’t even know if an EMP would stop a 1920’s vintage motorcycle.

More on Harry Grindell Matthews the so-called copier of the “Death Ray”


USING portable apparatus weighing less than 50 pounds, the inventor of the so-called “death ray” recently succeeded in stopping the motor of a motorcycle by directing the deadly rays into the vitals of the engine. The photo below shows him just after completing his successful demonstration.


EAR diseases are now being successfully treated by a new lamp developed by a German technician, known as the non-burning Landecker lamp. It has proved especially successful in treating serious ailments such as inflammation of the inner ear, employing the curative properties of light and heat. The patient, as shown in the photo below, sits with the lamp rays concentrated upon the infected part of the ear.

make this SNOOPERSCOPE and see in total darkness (Aug, 1951)

At least they admit in the article that this is not the most practical use of this device, but still….
Wouldn’t the burglar notice her pulling out at powering up all her kit?

make this SNOOPERSCOPE and see in total darkness

By Harold Pallatz

PICTURED above is only one of the possible applications of the modified wartime sniperscope. This unit, called a snooperscope, is an enlarged version of the instrument used by GI riflemen to enable accurate fire power in total darkness. When the infrared light source is turned on, the user, by employing the special eyepiece, can see in the area covered by the light, although to the naked eye total darkness still prevails.

They Never Come Back (Dec, 1952)

They Never Come Back

… say the scientists who claim no one has ever returned from the spirit world. Still there are things even they can’t explain …

By Lester David

THE tanker Watertown, owned by the Cities Service Oil Co., was chugging slowly through the blue Pacific when gas fumes from a cargo tank touched off a double tragedy and a mystery deeper than the ocean itself. Two seamen, overcome by the gas, died despite all attempts to resuscitate them and were buried at sea.

Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield (Feb, 1960)

I’m sure the big metal bar laying right in your field of view wouldn’t be annoying at all…

Up-and-Down Wiper Clears Entire Windshield

BLIND spots caused by snow or rain accumulating on the windshield are ended by this up-and-down wiper that extends the full width of the glass.

The wiper is operated by a threaded spindle—much like the lever wind mechanism on a fisherman’s casting reel—and pulls the snow or water down into a trough below the hood level.

You might be seeing this new invention, which received U. S. Patent No. 2, 880,444, on some German cars in the future. Its inventors, Bela Barenyi, of Stuttgart-Rohr, and Karl Wilfert, of Stuttgart-Degerloch, assigned it to Daimler-Benz,

A. G., of Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, Germany.

Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed (Mar, 1932)

The new Melanomatron from Sealy Posturepedic.

Healthful Sleep on Ultra-Violet Ray Bed

YOU grow healthy while you slumber and arise in the morning fresh and full of vitamines, if you sleep away the night in a special bed which has recently been devised by scientists.

What does the job of keeping the body of the sleeper fit is a battery of ultra-violet lights which bathe the flesh, as illustrated in the artist’s drawing above. An opaque screen covers the bed, thus shutting out the view and providing the occupants with the utmost privacy.

With cities growing constantly larger and sunlight becoming more and more scarce, these ultra-violet beds may be called upon to furnish all health rays in the future.