Human Wings Are Predicted (Dec, 1929)

Human Wings Are Predicted

HUMAN wings are predicted by Dr. Lucien Bull, a director of the Marie Institute at Paris, who seriously advanced his theories before groups of American scientists. Dr. Bull believes the human wings will come as a perfectly natural and logical development and saw nothing in his startling claims to arouse surprise. “A man who is able to run upstairs ought to be able to fly,” he maintains.

Now It’s LAND BATTLESHIPS! (Nov, 1941)


THIS striking illustration by Staff Artist Reynold C. Anderson is a conception, based on all available technical reports, of what is perhaps the most amazing of all the new weapons developed in the present nightmarish war—the Russian “land battleship.”

Milk Cured My Nerve Shock (Mar, 1922)

So milk cures P.T.S.D? Someone should tell the Defense Department!

Milk Cured My Nerve Shock

The Story of the Physical Regeneration of W. J. McLemore

An Interview and Introduction by Edwin F, Bowers, M. D

ONE of the most deplorable, disheartening and distressing results of the War is our crop of cripples. The cruelly maimed, the pathetic blind, the derelicts who have lost legs or arms in the bestial, bitter game, are figures of sorrow. They affect every decent-minded man or woman with an overshadowing sense of resentment and protest at the futility of it all.

Uncle Sam Delivers Timber Sent First Class Mail (Feb, 1929)

Hoover of course would go on to be president and have a lovely series of outdoor living communities named after him. Weyerhaeuser is currently the largest paper company in the US.

It’s a little unclear to me why the Committee on Wood Utilization needed the plank aside from getting plugged in Modern Mechanix.

Uncle Sam Delivers Timber Sent First Class Mail

UNCLE SAM was recently called upon to perform a rather odd duty as postman. The erstwhile Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Herbert Hoover, needed a specific piece of lumber as a sample for the meeting of the National Committee on Wood Utilization. The meeting was scheduled in Washington. The lumber was in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Airplane to Run on hydrogen from Air (Dec, 1929)

Airplane to Run on hydrogen from Air

Flying at a height of 25 to 30 miles, an airplane being planned by Professor Rondine, of the Department of Aeronautics at Leningrad University, Russia, is to take the hydrogen which exists at these altitudes and use it for fuel! Professor Rondine proposes to equip his plane with a compressor to catch the thin hydrogen laden air and condense it to a point where it becomes a good fuel.

Hand Typewriter (Apr, 1936)

Hand Typewriter

AN Austrian inventor has made this machine, in which types on his gloved hands take the place of the usual writing mechanism.

See-Saw Rocks Dead Back to Life (Jul, 1934)

See-Saw Rocks Dead Back to Life

PERSONS apparently drowned can be “rocked” back to life by a new artificial resuscitation apparatus being installed in hospitals all over England.

The machine produces 10 to 15 see-saw motions a minute to induce an exact imitation of natural breathing. It work automatically once the patient is balanced on the light metal frame.

A Rocket Voyage to the Moon (Sep, 1929)

A Rocket Voyage to the Moon

NO LONGER a fantasy, a rocket to the moon may be fired before another 12 months have passed. Discussion of interplanetary navigation reached a climax recently in a meeting of European scientists in the convention of the Societie Astronomique of France where the Hirach-Pelterie prize of 5,000 francs was awarded to Professor Herman Oberth for researches in this field.


PROPELLERS and engines are not needed to fly the model airship of Bernays Johnson, who is shown with his craft in the photograph at the right. A powerful radio wave which neutralizes the pull of gravity is the force which keeps the ship aloft. Johnson experimented for ten years before he succeeded in discovering the principle of his anti-gravity waves. The ship can be controlled from within itself or from the ground. It was exhibited at the recent Boston radio exposition

Cancer Treated With Stale Butter (Jul, 1933)

Cancer Treated With Stale Butter

RANCID butter, or rather the chemical called butyric acid which bacteria form in fresh butter, is the newest cancer treatment reported in England by a famous surgeon.

The acid of rancid butter is not to be eaten or injected but is applied directly to the cancerous growth.