SUNBURNED backs, as all know, may now be had from a “health lamp”; but here we have a mercury-vapor lamp in a quartz rod, small enough to pass up the nose and sunburn its inside. Four out of five cases of “hay fever” are cured.

Fabulous New SAUNA BELT TRIM-JEANS (Jun, 1971)


The Amazing Space Age Slenderizer that is so sensationally effective it is …

GUARANTEED TO REDUCE YOUR WAIST, TUMMY. HIPS AND THIGHS A TOTAL OF FROM 6 TO 9 INCHES IN JUST 3 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED TRIM-JEANS — THE SPACE AGE SLENDERIZER WITH RESULTS THAT ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD, The trim-jeans are a marvel of ease, comfort and efficiency. Once you have slipped them on, you are ready for the most astounding experience in rapid slenderizing you have ever known.

London to Build Mid-City Air Port (Sep, 1931)

London to Build Mid-City Air Port

WITH the rapid growth of airplane transportation, the air port of the future may be moved up into the center of the city where it will be easily accessible. A bold step in this direction has been taken by Charles Clever, a London architect, who has constructed a model for a proposed airport to be located in the heart of London. The landing field consists of four runways arranged in the form of a giant wheel, the entire structure being supported by the buildings over which it is erected, as illustrated.

Mammoth Flying Swing to Give Bird’s Eye Pyramid View (Jun, 1931)

I’m sure this is just as the pharaohs intended.

Mammoth Flying Swing to Give Bird’s Eye Pyramid View
Mammoth flying swings erected atop the pyramids, when Egyptian government’s consent is obtained, is amazing project planned by engineers to give tourists a thrilling bird’s eye view of the huge desert structures.

Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers (May, 1938)

Yeah, because that will work better than just adding a flange.

Tilting Ash Tray Eliminates Fire Dangers

EQUIPPED with a self-tilting mechanism, this ash tray makes it impossible for a cigarette to burn down so short that the weight of the over-hanging end causes the cigarette to over-balance and fall off the tray and burn the table or rug. If the cigarette is allowed to burn for any length of time while on the rest, its heat causes a spring within the tray to expand and tilt, thus dumping the burning butt into the tray. This tray in use eliminates not only the danger of damaging furniture as the result of forgotten cigarettes, but the possibility of fire from the same cause.

Killing Flies by Electricity (Sep, 1914)

Killing Flies by Electricity

THE latest application of electricity is that of killing the green fly by means of an electric spark. This fly is a species found on rose trees and is exceedingly disastrous to the flowers. Heretofore, considerable difficulty has been experienced in ridding rose trees of these pests but the electrical method recently devised is proving both practical and efficient.

RUMPLER Designs Largest Plane (Feb, 1929)

There is an inverse relationship between the likeliness that a design will be produced and the triviality of the items included in the diagram. In this case someone felt the need to point out the landing lights, but neglected to include fuel tanks.

RUMPLER Designs Largest Plane

Herr Rumpler, famous designer of Germany’s war time fighting planes, is turning his peace time activities to good account in developing the world’s largest airplanes. Rumpler, shown above in a characteristic pose at his drafting board, is now building an enormous monoplane which will have wings large enough to place staterooms in. A new blunt-nosed wing section is used to effect this design.

Plastic Oven (Feb, 1946)

Even assuming that it wouldn’t melt, why would it reduce the possibility of burning your food?

Plastic Oven is the latest use of the wonder synthetic. It offers considerable advantages for the housewife, chiefly in reducing possibility of burnt steaks, roasts, cakes, etc. Model shown is British.

Hedge Cutter Operated by Crank (Jul, 1931)

Hedge Cutter Operated by Crank
TIME and effort required to trim hedges is reduced to an absolute minimum by the use of a new hedge trimming device now available. The clipper is operated by turning a crank with the hands, as demonstrated in the photo above.

Page Mr. Chamberlain! (Feb, 1940)

Page Mr. Chamberlain!
BRITAIN’S prime minister would undoubtedly be fascinated by this latest rainy-day gadget, which is called the “Umbrubber.” Made to protect the user against sudden showers that might spring up, the device has a special handle of plastic which contains a pair of light-weight rubbers. In the event that the user is one ‘of those people who won’t wear rubbers, no matter what the weather, the handle can be used as a container for cigars, cigarettes, candy, or cough medicine.