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Combination Cat, Fish Globe Affords Unique Spectacle (Jan, 1933)

Combination Cat, Fish Globe Affords Unique Spectacle

HOW to exhibit prize winning kittens and butterfly goldfish to the best advantage was the problem of Mrs. J. T. Mopham, a cat and fish fancier of Los Angeles. She left the task up to a large glass company of her town who proceeded to turn out the specially built fish globe with an inside compartment for kittens.

The result, as illustrated in the photo at the left, was really startling. The outside compartment, filled with water, houses the goldfish with the kittens occupying the special bowl inside. Onlookers are bewildered when they apparently see the kittens and goldfish living in peace and harmony in the same bowl of water.


I’m sure the elk would be quite honored if there were any left.


Elk antlers have been gathered and formed into an unusual monument in Yellowstone National Park. The monument, which is twelve feet high, marks the place where thousands of elk once roamed, before the large herds were wiped out by hunters. Rangers in the park are responsible for this tribute to the departed elk.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad (Jan, 1933)

I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Lip Tattooing Is the Latest Fad

A NEW and unique fad making rapid strides among the movie folk of Hollywood is not to rouge the lips but have them permanently made up by the tattoo artist, as demonstrated in photo below. All shades of the more popular lip sticks are available and may be worked on in a short time at little inconvenience.

Ancient Pirate Gun Is Reclaimed from Sea (Jun, 1934)

Ancient Pirate Gun Is Reclaimed from Sea

Weighing 150 pounds and resembling a cannon more than a firearm, a huge, brass-barreled, portable field piece has been recovered from the sea, where a pirate lost it, and added to a collection of ancient guns in Pasadena, Calif. The gun was one of those used by the pirate, Hippolyte de Bouchard, when he and 400 followers sacked Monterey in 1818. In returning to their ship, the men lost this gun when a small boat overturned. In later years it was recovered by fishermen who saw it on the ocean floor at low tide. Another firearm almost as remarkable is a gun with a very long barrel used by Spanish settlers in hunting. They believed that the longer the barrel, the further the ball would carry, and so used long-barreled guns to kill game at long range. The long gun has an over-all length of about ten feet.

Tin Clad Knight Stands Guard Duty Over Parking Lot (Jul, 1934)

Tin Clad Knight Stands Guard Duty Over Parking Lot

COMPLETELY encased in glittering armor from his helmeted head to his tin clad toes, an English car park attendant is furnishing a quaintly medieval note to a distinctly modern scene.

Daily he stands guard over the automobiles parked at the Tudor House in the Kentish town of Bearsted, moving cumber-somely about his duties, clad in his unusual costume.

Tourists visiting the district for the first time have the curious feeling that the pages of history are being turned backward.

Radio Calls Movie Star to Work (Jul, 1934)

Radio Calls Movie Star to Work

HERBERT MUNDIN, movie star, recently had to work in four different pictures at the same time. Finding it rather difficult to keep track of his working day schedule, and to know just where he was wanted next, he had to use a portable radio set.

With radio communication the directors had but to step up to the microphone to call their “much-in-demand” actor.

The tiny radio set and batteries are supported by a slingstrap. Headphones are used for reception, with a tiny loop aerial attached to them. No ground wire is needed since transmitter is close.

Giant Shoe Is Built Over Auto (Jul, 1934)

Giant Shoe Is Built Over Auto
A FOREIGN shoe manufacturer, desiring to advertise his business, built a giant shoe 10 feet high and more than 16 feet long. The metal shoe is mounted on a lengthened automobile chassis, with a windshield above the instep. The canvas luces flap in the wind as the car races through the streets.

Bike Keeps Family in Stitches (Oct, 1939)

Bike Keeps Family in Stitches

CARRYING four persons and a sewing machine, the world’s weirdest bicycle recently had a tryout in Chicago, Ill. The two-story vehicle, known as the “Goofybike,” is the creation of Charles Steinlauf. It carries the whole Steinlauf family. The inventor rides at the top and guides the contraption by means of a huge automobile steering wheel. Mrs. Steinlauf sits below, operating a sewing machine, while her son pedals behind and her daughter rides on the handlebars in front. When the odd vehicle is at rest, the projecting legs of the sewing machine prevent the lofty cycle from tipping over.

Auto Crashed into Wall in Tire Test (Sep, 1930)

It’s good to know that if I crash into a wall, my tires will survive even if I don’t.

Auto Crashed into Wall in Tire Test

DICK GRACE, famous movie stunt man, added another thrilling exploit to his long list recently by driving an automobile at a speed of nearly 40 miles per hour into a brick wall to test the endurance of a new type of tire.

When the 3,500 pound car was stopped abruptly by the 10 ton brick wall, however, Grace did not sail gracefully over the wall into the soft mixture of cork and sand placed there to absorb the shock of the fall as he expected, but was first thrown against the dashboard, his body bending double, and then hurled out onto the ground at the side. Grace had his usual luck and suffered only a slight injury to his knee.


Wooden legs replace the wheels on a stilt cycle made by a Los Angeles man who proudly boasts that he can now sit down while walking. The two legs are pedaled like a bicycle, the rider balancing on a seat at the end of a vertical bar.