Just Weird
Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather (Apr, 1940)

Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather
Fair Floridians who fear freckles have adopted the odd hooded cape pictured in the photograph below, taken at an Atlantic beach resort. Made of a polka-dot print fabric, the freckleproof cape has an attached hood equipped with built-in sun glasses to further protect the wearer from the effects of strong sunlight.

President Gets Telegraph Key (Jul, 1939)

I was not aware that F.D.R gave many speeches via telegraph. I must say his fireside chats would have lost something if they were entirely composed of dots and dashes.

President Gets Telegraph Key
A new official telegraph key for the White House, for use when Presidents officiate by proxy at distant ceremonies, has been presented to President Roosevelt by Western Union.

Mink Typewriter (Sep, 1956)

MINK-CLAD typewriter of Hollywood star Shirley Jones, is used to answer her host of fan letters with warm replies.

How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race (Dec, 1953)

This is a remarkably uninformed article about what effect a huge nuclear war would have upon the human race. The author seems to think that the radiation would create a race of bald, big brained super humans (Homo Superior) with no wisdom teeth and only four toes on each foot. Depending on the number and disposition of these new super humans they would either a) kill all the normal humans, b) be killed by all the normal humans, c) enslave the humans, or d) co-operate with humans and help them.

Of course this all relies on the well known evolutionary behaviour of synchronized mass-mutation, where by large numbers of a species spontaneously develop the exact same set of beneficial mutations.

Adding to the author’s credibility is the caption on the third page:
“These cows were exposed to the radiations of the first atomic blast in New Mexico, in 1943.”

Funny, I always thought the Trinity test was in July of 1945. But apparently it was in 1943. The plot thickens.

I, for one, welcome our new mutant overlords.

How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race

An atomic war could produce an entirely new species of man. Would he be friend—or foe?

By O. O. Binder

“Now hear this, Earth! I am Mutant Man, Homo Superior! I have been created by radiation forces out of the loins of you, the human race, after your great and terrible Atom War. Yes, I am a step above and beyond you and I am now your master for better or for worse. You created me in your blind, savage, senseless war of atomic radiation. You have only yourselves to blame if I turn out to be your— Frankenstein Monster!”

Have Spiritualists Split the Atom? (Dec, 1953)

Be sure to check out the miraculous ectoplasm on the third page. I, like many people, thought that ectoplasm was a greenish slime, but it turns out that is actually looks like ramen.

Have Spiritualists Split the Atom?

CAN a rose pass through a solid wall? A plant grow from seed to maturity in a matter of minutes? A barn burn to the ground where no barn stood before?

If you’re inclined to hoot at haunted houses and minimize the mysterious operation of the ouija, you’ll regard these questions as ridiculous. However, before pooh-poohing the possibility that all three can be answered in the affirmative, we should consider the fact that some of the best scientific brains of the century have sought and frequently found proof that such inexplicable incidents do occur.

Camera Nearly as Large as Man (May, 1934)

Camera Nearly as Large as Man

ONE of the amazing displays at the reeent camera exposition held in Berlin was that of a camera almost the size of a man. This camera was complete in every detail and was fully capable of taking pictures.

Fun At The Dinner Table (Mar, 1937)

Fun At The Dinner Table
SOUP serenades, spaghetti entanglements, corn-on-the-cob wrestling and other embarrassments at meal time may never be eliminated, but Russell Oakes, a Waukesha, Wis., business man, got so amused thinking they might be that he discovered a new hobby devising dizzy devices to put eating on a mechanical basis.

Hunts Needle in a Haystack (Jul, 1939)

Hunts Needle in a Haystack
How long does it take to find a needle in a haystack ? Jim Moran, Washington, D. C, publicity man, recently dropped a needle into a convenient pile of hay, hopped in after it, and began an intensive search for (a) some publicity and (b) the needle. Having found the former, Moran abandoned the needle hunt.

Tests for Balance O.K. High Heels (Aug, 1939)

Tests for Balance O.K. High Heels
A METAL pencil has just written upon smoked paper a vindication of high-heeled shoes for women. Testing their effect upon body balance, Dr. Walter Mendenhall, of Boston, finds that girls wearing the much-maligned footgear can often stand more steadily than barefoot subjects. The telltale pencil, attached by a headband, recorded a subject’s wavering upon a chart.

Bottled Hen has made her home (Apr, 1949)

Bottled Hen has made her homein a five-gallon jug since she was a week old. Owner B. E. Efird of Landis, N. C, is experimenting with a feed compound that makes hens lay red or green-yoked eggs. The air vents in the side of the jar enable the eight-week-old New Hampshire Red to put her head through to feed. Living in glass houses must agree with hens as she seems to be less neurotic than most fowl.