Just Weird
Grapefruit Conquered at Last (Aug, 1933)

Finally, after countless lives lost and ruined, the Grapefruit wars are over.

Grapefruit Conquered at Last
AT LAST the grapefruit has heen conquered. The weapon employed in the conquest is an “umbrella spoon” shown at left, which automatically opens into a large shield when you gouge down into the meat of the fruit. When you raise the spoon to your mouth the shield closes.

Spooks on the Airways (Aug, 1950)

This is a bizzare article about people and household objects that suddenly become radio receivers. It reminds me a lot of the the movie Real Genius, where poor Kent has his braces turned into a radio antenna.

My question is: Does this really happen? Can my bathtub suddenly start singing to me?

Spooks on the Airways

By Irv Leiberman
Illustrations By Chic Stone

THE lady sat down in her luxurious bubble bath and soaked contentedly. “I’m forever blowing bubbles,” crooned a soothing voice from underneath. She screamed and hopped out of the tub but the voice had stopped. Imagining herself the victim of her own delusions, she climbed back into the bathtub only to be startled by the same voice again. As it reached the end of the number, this time another voice boomed out with a commercial for a cigarette manufacturer.

“Home James!” – Chimpanzee Acts as Owner’s Chauffeur (Sep, 1929)

Remember, if it’s in Modern Mechanix magazine, then it must be true!

“Home James!” – Chimpanzee Acts as Owner’s Chauffeur
STEP on it, I’m late for
dinner.” That’s what the owner of this car at left tells his pet chimpanzee, who can really drive the automobile in a capable style and understands directions perfectly. James, who was renamed to conform with the discovery of his driving ability, sits proudly in the seat and guides the car through traffic. He learned by watching his owner. One day he climbed
in the car and drove it off. Everyone expected to find it parked on a telephone post or in a ditch. However, the new driver pulled up in front of the home and stopped the car.

Cameraman Wears His Darkroom (Nov, 1932)

Wow. I think all instant photographers owe a great deal of gratitude to Edwin Land for helping save them from this fate.

Cameraman Wears His Darkroom

PITY the poor news cameraman. In other days he carried his camera slung over his shoulders, but now he must wear it.

This innovation in cameras, shown in the photo below, made its first appearance during a sports meet in Birmingham, England. The camera is a combination portable developing and printing room. In order to speed up the business of gathering news photographs for the papers, the cameraman not only takes his pictures, but immediately develops and prints them also on the spot, using the light weight outfit built into the large camera.

With the use of this camera, every function of photographing is performed on the field, so that the editor gets the picture along with the story.

Human Sunshine Tester Compares Two Brands (Jun, 1940)

Quick! Someone call Batman!

Human Sunshine Tester Compares Two Brands
Which has the better quality of sunshine, Florida or California? To settle this longstanding dispute, the gentleman at the left is exposing half of his epidermis to Florida’s sun, reserving the clothed half for a comparison test in California.

Huge Kettle Affords Tea Room Customers Hot Stimulant (Sep, 1929)

Of course when it is full that thing would weigh 175lbs.

Huge Kettle Affords Tea Room Customers Hot Stimulant
THERE is an old saying that an Englishman can’t do without his tea. The manufacture of this huge kettle shown at left seems to bear this out, for it was made for the purpose of being able to brew large quantities of tea to accommodate the hundreds of persons who drop in a prominent tea room in London at any time of the day or night and demand a stimulant. A study in contrast is afforded in the photo in which a young woman is pouring tea from the immense kettle into an average sized tea pot. Ordinarily she would not be able to lift it so easily, but the kettle is nearly empty. It has a capacity of approximately 20 gallons and weighs 15 pounds.

Odd Shout-O-Phone Spans Border (Jun, 1940)

Odd Shout-O-Phone Spans Border

FRIENDS and relatives on opposite sides of the French-Swiss border must exchange greetings across a forbidden zone seventy feet wide, but that doesn’t matter to the well-equipped conversationalist shown at the left. He talks through a megaphone, and listens with ear trumpets like airplane detectors, while his binoculars complete the illusion of nearness.

Meet “SUZY” (Jan, 1951)

Wow, anthropomorphizing a buffer…. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel… Am I supposed to be attracted to my buffer? Erm, excuse me… Handheld Workshop.

Meet “SUZY” -a POWERFUL good friend to have around the house!
polishes, drills
brushes, mixes paint, saws, buffs, sharpens, sands, scrapes, grinds, routs

“SUZY KIT” — a complete workshop including a 1/4 h.p. PORTABLE POWERHOUSE and 27 PIECES, all for only $24.95
Let “SUZY” do it!

Hand-Cranked Toothbrush (Oct, 1944)

THAT UP-AND-DOWN MOTION that dentists tell us we should use in brushing our teeth is easily accomplished by the use of a new manually operated rotary toothbrush invented by Denis Borgeat, Montreal, Canada. The shape of the handle allows the user to take a firm grip and vary the pressure of the brush against the teeth. Since the bristles are arranged in a spiral sequence, there is a transverse as well as vertical brushing motion. The construction has been kept simple and open to enable the user to keep the brush clean and free from accumulations of toothpaste.

Giant Incandescent Light Bulb (50KW) (Nov, 1931)

Ah, racier days. The caption doesn’t say she’s “holding it”, no, she’s “fondling it”.

Think of the Light Bill!

EVEN at reduced rates for household electricity, Mr. U. Consumer would think a long time before putting one of these new German incandescent lights in the parlor; it consumes 50 kilowatts of current, or 67 horsepower. The multiple filaments are shown clearly, at the right.

This young lady is fondling, not a balloon, but the largest incandescent lamp bulb in the world, over 100,000 candlepower. As they used to say on the Fourth of July—”Do not hold in the
hand after lighting!” (Osram Lamp Works)