Just Weird
King of Rock (Jul, 1956)

I’ve found out what happened to Elvis. He went back in time and became the King of Kommagene which, in english, means “Rock and Roll”.

Chicken Guests Fill Miami Hotel (Jan, 1935)

Chicken Guests Fill Miami Hotel
ABANDONED by a real estate syndicate, a Miami hotel has been turned into one of the world’s largest and most palatial chicken coops by the ingenuity of Maurice R. Harrison, graduate engineer turned poul-tryman.
Securing a long-term lease on the property following its abandonment by the original owners, Harrison installed batteries of wire cages and promptly populated the hotel with about 60,000 chickens.
Each hen has an individual compartment, supplied with a private feed trough and a drinking fountain of freshly flowing water. Floors of the laying cages are slightly at an angle, permitting eggs to roll into a convenient trough to speed egg-gathering.

Sportsman With Invisible Hands (Aug, 1949)

Sportsman With Invisible Hands

THE man with no hands walked up to the attendant in the shooting gallery and asked for a gun.

“Do you really think you can shoot?” the attendant asked, noting the stubs where hands should be.

“I can try,” Joe Padderatz replied. Whereupon he gathered a .22 Winchester into his arms and amazed the onlookers with an expert display of sharpshooting. Before he left, the amazed attendant insisted upon writing a testimonial letter. “Nobody will ever believe it unless it’s in writing!” he said.

Type Keyboard Worn On Fingers (May, 1935)

This is possibly the most difficult method of typing I’ve ever seen.

Type Keyboard Worn On Fingers

A MINIATURE typewriter, novel because the keyboard characters are attached to a pair of gloves, was recently invented by a Tyrolian merchant.
The apparatus, which threatens to revo-lutionize the present office typewriter, consists of two parallel rails between which are mounted a small carriage, a typewriter ribbon and an automatic spacer. To operate the device, the typist merely presses the single characters on the fingers through an opening in the carriage to the ribbon, thus recording the message on paper.

Crystal Balls Tracing Planet Paths on Globe Predict Weather (Mar, 1935)

So apparently since 1935 the government has had the ability to accurately predict the weather, yet they have kept it from us.

Crystal Balls Tracing Planet Paths on Globe Predict Weather
POSITIVE predictions of weather at any future time are declared possible by James C. Brown of La Porte, Texas, once an eleven year period of tests for his “Astronomer” weather machine reaches completion. Depending upon movements of the planets for its weather predictions, the machine consists of an ordinary schoolroom globe on which have been traced the paths of the sun and moon. Crystal balls placed in pairs at 45 degree latitude on each side of the equator burn paths around the globe which, in the course of 24 hours, will record any variation in movements of the sun, moon, or stars.
The long test period is necessary to set up charts. Future readings of the machine can then be compared with similar readings on the charts to obtain the weather forecast. Movements of certain bright stars can also be recorded on the globe.

Trapeze, Shower Bath, Punching Bag Feature Gym Bed (May, 1935)

Trapeze, Shower Bath, Punching Bag Feature Gym Bed

A COMPLETELY equipped gymnasium, a turkish bath, a shower bath—all these have been combined into a single colonial-style bed by J. S. Embree, Los Angeles inventor.
The bed is a “four-poster” with an awning top. Parallel bars are set between the end posts, and they are removable to be used across the top of the bed as trapezes. A punching bag-hook hangs from the top for arm and torso exercise; using a suspended swing as a seat, a small portable pedaling device furnishes exercise for the legs.
A shower attachment permits either a shower or a turkish bath after exercise. Music to accompany exercises comes from a radio set in the head of the bed.

Filling in the Hudson to Rebuild New York (Mar, 1934)

Filling in the Hudson to Rebuild New York


PLUG up the Hudson river at both ends of Manhattan . . . divert that body of water into the Harlem river so that it might flow out into the East river and down to the Atlantic ocean . . . pump out the water from the area of the Hudson which has been dammed off … fill in that space . . . ultimately connecting the Island of Manhattan with the mainland of New Jersey . . . and you have the world’s eighth wonder—the reconstruction of Manhattan!

That is the essence of the plan proposed by Norman Sper, noted publicist and engineering scholar. It is calculated to solve New York City’s traffic and housing problems, which are threatening to devour the city’s civilization like a Frankenstein monster.


IF this isn’t the biggest pistol in the world, we’d just as soon not meet the champ. R. G. Wilson of Fulton, Mich., turns out these giant .45-70 copies of the Wild West’s famed .45-cal-iber Colt single-action Peacemaker, and at $250 each he can’t make ’em fast enough to meet the demand.

Fill’er Up with Cold Air! (Sep, 1953)

“Fill’er Up with Cold Air!”
Texas gas stations are delighting motorists with a new kind of free air. When a car stops for gas, a nozzle fixed to an air conditioner is poked in the window. Station attendants say temperature inside the car drops as much as 20 degrees in two minutes.

Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home (Aug, 1935)

This is a really odd marketing idea, then again, it would be a lot easier to target minors at home.

Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home
COIN-IN-THE-SLOT cigarette vending machines built into attractive pieces of furniture are now being placed in American homes. Already twenty thousand of these venders, built into magazine stands and end tables of six different models, have been distributed to home owners.
Machines vending other articles are now being planned. It is intended to make the furniture pieces so attractive that housewives will welcome their placing in the home. Machines are refilled regularly and money collected by agents of the manufacturer.