Just Weird
New “Twin Screw Life Belt” Saves Victim at 10 M. P. H. (Mar, 1933)

New “Twin Screw Life Belt” Saves Victim at 10 M. P. H.

B. NONOMURA, a Japanese lawyer of Los Angeles, had for several years been contemplating a trip to his native country. So remembering his stormy voyage to this country years ago, and being unable to swim, Nonomura turned inventor and at an inventor’s exhibit at Los Angeles recently he proudly displayed a new self-propelled life preserver, on which he has succeeded in obtaining patent papers.
Going around the waist and fastening over the shoulders in the regular manner, his preserver has the added feature of twin screws in the rear which are turned by hand with cranks. His device will not only keep the man erect in the water, but can move forward at the rate of ten miles per hour. Mr. Nonomura is seen with his new style life preserver in the photo at the left.

Police Squad Rides Tiny Motor Scooters (Feb, 1939)

This reminds me of Cartman. I can totally see that cop screaming “Respect my authoritah!”

Police Traffic Squad Rides Motor Scooters
A SPECIAL traffic squad mounted on powered scooters is a feature of the Police Department of Inglewood, Calif. Use of the scooters, which can travel at a speed of 30 m.p.h. and cruise for 130 miles on a gallon of gasoline, enables policemen to patrol longer beats more efficiently than they could shorter beats on foot and has decreased the number of cases of motorists who try to “beat” traffic lights at street intersections.

Safety Holder for Fag Smokers (Mar, 1933)

The fact is, Jean Luc Picard can make anything look cool.

Safety Holder for Fag Smokers

For men whose wives complain about ashes on the rug, the invention of a Cincinnati, Ohio man will prove a great boon. This new “safety smoker,” as the gadget is called, consists of a small box like affair of light metal, with top and sides covered by a light screen. The fag is inserted and held as shown.

Motorcycles Crash Without Danger (Mar, 1934)

I just love this picture. She looks like she’s about to run someone down.

Motorcycles Crash Without Danger

MOTORCYCLES designed for use by novices in amusement parks or at fairs or carnivals are mounted in rubber cushioned frames that absorb the shock when riders crash into each other.
The rubber-protected frame is mounted on casters and fastened rigidly to the motorcycle to prevent tipping.
Riders get all the thrills of motorcycling here with absolute safety both for themselves and the expensive machines.

Hand Light Aids Night Driving (Oct, 1934)

The stylish alternative to blinkers.

Hand Light Aids Night Driving

The confusion over driving signals when motoring at night is largely eliminated with a new device which straps to the back of the hand.

A rubber half glove is fitted with a red reflector of Bohemian glass which makes hand signals easily visible at all ordinary distances.

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested (May, 1936)

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested

Safety glass for spectacles recently passed a successful test in London, England. Pounded with a hammer, the glass was marked with myriad lines but remained intact. The shatter-proof eyeglasses are said to be especially recommended for atheletes engaged in such strenuous sports as tennis, football and baseball.

Dresses Made From Milk (Dec, 1939)

Dresses Made From Milk

AFTER three years of research, tests and experiments the production of artificial wool from cow’s milk has gone so far in Italy that the great Snia Viscosa rayon plant at Milan, Italy, is building a huge addition to its factory for the production of the new artificial fibre on a large scale. Wool is the raw material for which Italy has depended almost entirely on other countries, but when sanctions were threatened during the Ethiopian conquest Italy turned to the development of a substitute. The new material is the result.

In producing artificial wool milk is weighed and passed through a heater into a skimming machine, where it is separated from its cream. The skimmed milk passes into a curdling boiler to be treated by chemicals which produce coagulation of the casein suspended in the milk. The casein thus collected is sent by a casein hoist into a press filter, where whey is eliminated. The solid casein goes to a mixer to be dissolved by chemical reagents and then is sent on to maturing and filtering tanks.

Again in liquid form, the casein is forced through a spinneret of platinum containing 600 minute holes calibrated to the finest precision standards. It then passes through a precipitating bath which solidifies it into filaments. The filaments are carried as fine white wool threads, each consisting of many filaments, to small rotating cylinders on which they go to cutting machines to be cut into desired lengths.

Film Star’s Photos Printed on Pillows (Mar, 1939)

Film Star’s Photos Printed on Pillows

Not content with collecting photographs and autographs, star-struc movie fans in England go their American sisters one better by buying novelty pillow covers bearing the likenesses of their favorite movie stars. Almost life size, the pillow portraits are real photographs printed on the fabric by a photographic-printing process. The material is first treated with a sensitizing solution, then exposed under the negative, and finally developed and fixed. Movie-star draperies, upholstery, and dress fabrics are being manufactured in a similar way.

American citizens are better informed – thanks to Advertising! (Jun, 1958)

This was nestled in among a page of ads in the back of Popular Mechanics. It’s just bizarre; advertisers generically advertising advertising.

American citizens are better informed –
thanks to Advertising!

Spray With Suede! (Jan, 1961)

It’s 9 years after the first ad, but Nels is still going strong, all because of the amazing powers of Flock-Kraft, AKA Micro Fluff, AKA Spray Suede. You’ll note he’s gone crazy, he’s flocking radios, christmas trees, toy piggy banks with top hats. I mean, can you believe it, a piggy bank wearing a top hat? And it’s flocked? That’s just insane. Plus he’s got a new spokesman, a “Mr J.F.K”; wink, wink, nod, nod. Yes, we all know the real reason J.F.K got so much play. Chicks dig flocking.