Just Weird
Nels In the THIRD DIMENSION! (Jul, 1952)

Nels is back, and this time he’s in COLOR! Well, at least in black and red. But, more importantly, Nels has has figured out how to engineer a finish so remarkable that it actually enters the THIRD DIMENSION. That means you can actually see it from the side! And it’s just so darn flocky. And really, who doesn’t want to flock their toy elephant? I know I do! You can flock everything: your radio, car, food, toothbrush, children, hell if you buy the jumbo pack, you can even flock Nels Irwin himself! Now that’s a deal!

MICRO-FLUFF (Jan, 1955)

Nels Irwin is my hero. Just look at that mountain of fluff he’s prepared to give you, FREE! Yes you heard me right, free. Now I know where I’ll be going for all my fluffing needs.

Garden Shoes From Tires (Mar, 1937)

Garden Shoes From Tires

Muddy feed is the biggest woe of the lady gardener. But one English woman solved the problem, and her scheme is fast catching on in a country where every woman prides herself on her garden.

An effective pair of covers to keep shoes clean and dry while tending to the garden in inclement weather was made of two pieces of rubber from an old tire, plus a pair of boot strings. Those who have worn them insist they are not as awkward as they look. With their large surface, the shoes do not sink into soft ground, marring flower beds.

Bat Car (Aug, 1950)

This is the coolest freaking car. It’s like a combination of the Batmobile and a land speeder from Star Wars.

Ground-Hugging Motor Car Being Made in Sweden

Cruising the streets of Stockholm is a new Swedish car, built so low it seems to glide along the ground. The little car seats two and is designed to sell for about $386. When the plant is in full operation, about 50 of the cars will be turned out each week.

Lure Holds Live Lightning Bugs (Aug, 1950)

Lure Holds Live Lightning Bugs

One night an Indiana fisherman was having trouble persuading the fish to strike even though they were leaping out of the stream to snap at lighting bugs. The following night the angler returned with a small glass bottle to which he had wired some hooks. He put a half-dozen lighting bugs in the bottle and used it as a lure with good results. Now the idea has grown into a new transparent-plastic lure which can be unscrewed and lightning bugs inserted for night fishing. The lure can be used where fishing with artificial light is prohibited, according to the manufacturer.


My favorite part is the line “The combinations are limitless!”, actually there are only seven combinations, unless you count each side burn individually.


You will be Amazed at the Exciting Change in your Personal Appearance!

The Natural Look of these sideburns, mustache, and van dyke actually allows you to select the way you want to look. Older, Younger, Distinguished, Cool, Suave – you name it! Wear each one independently or combine them for the effect you desire – sideburns and beard, sideburns alone, van dyke alone, van dyke and mustache. The combinations are limitless!

All items are made of simulated natural hair to exacting professional standards. Firmly self-adhering. Can be worn with self confidence anywhere, anytime. They are so life-like you will have to remind your self they can be removed. FREE with each order, a complete guide that tells how to naturally wear your sideburns, mustache and van dyke.

Hair Helmet – Literally (Jul, 1964)

Newest fashion for women cyclists

Both of these cyclists are wearing crash helmets – the lady’s a nylon-hair wig on a heavy plaster-composition base. Made by a London hairdresser in a variety of colors and hairdos, the wigs are the rage with women riders. Skintight, they are water-proof and can be worn on any occasion

Speed Mask (Nov, 1968)

Calvin’s mom told him his new retainer made him look very handsome…

Speed mask streamlines swimmer

This prow-shaped mask with built-in snorkel and compass holder was invented by Calvin Gongwer and used by him in a recent 22-mile swim from Catalina Island to San Pedro Calif. He claims that the “speed mask” cuts drag by 35 percent.

License Plates, now with more Skulls! (Mar, 1939)

I want a skull on my license plate! I also love the girls expression.

Special License Plates Tag Careless Drivers

Special license plates for traffic violators are being considered as a safety measure by Cliff Davis, commissioner of public safety in Memphis, Tenn. If the measure is adopted motorists who persistently break traffic laws will be required to run in their regular licence plates for special tags, similar to that shown in the photograph above, bearing a skull and the words “traffic-law violator.”