Just Weird
Sun Light Shower Baths to Pep up Weary Congressmen (Dec, 1929)

Sun Light Shower Baths to Pep up Weary Congressmen

CONGRESSMEN in Washington now resort to sun light baths in the turkish baths of the House of Representatives office building when they become jaded. Weary from their intensive work and political worries congressmen find that these sun baths restore their “pep.” The lights, when the treatment is taken for ten minutes each day, give the patient the same benefits as if he were spending a couple of weeks at one of the southern winter resorts. Not only do the lights invigorate, but they also give the patient an artificial tan. These same kind of lights were used to treat the King of England. The busy men do not; find it necessary to disrobe to derive the full benefit of the sun shower baths and seated before the showers the health-giving rays bathe them from head to waist. Masks are worn over the eyes as a protection from the powerful rays.

Insulated Babies Grow Faster (Apr, 1933)

Insulated Babies Grow Faster

TO MAKE your baby grow faster, insulate his crib against the electricity of floor, walls, ground. To slow down his growth, ground his crib with flexible bands of metal. This is the extraordinary conclusion reached by M. Vies, of Strasbourg, France, who conducted such experiments on two groups of three babies. The insulated set grew more rapidly than the grounded trio, presumably pointing to the fact that the electrification of soil and air has a real influence on human growth.

anti-aircraft fire control… AND FORD INSTRUMENT COMPANY (Jun, 1955)

The whole series of ads is like this. Just bizarre.

anti-aircraft fire control… AND FORD INSTRUMENT COMPANY

In World War I, anti-aircraft fire against slow, low flying planes, could be managed by optical sighting and correcting from observed air bursts. Today’s supersonic planes, flying at great altitudes must be tracked by radar and the guns directed by complex computers.

Precaution for Would-be Suicides (Sep, 1931)

This inspired the very short-lived spin off magazine Suicide Illustrated.

Precaution for Would-be Suicides

IF YOU are figuring on committing suicide, be sure to take this precaution: Use new bullets. Old bullets are sure to be laden with germs, so that they might infect the wound, and cause you to die. If you use new bullets, you might recover from the attempted suicide.

Crazy Endurance Contests Are The HEIGHT of Something or Other! (Dec, 1930)

Crazy Endurance Contests Are The HEIGHT of Something or Other!

These three boys teamed up in an attempt to keep the bicycle moving all summer. The credit here should go to the bike instead of the boys.

Shipwreck Kelly, world’s champion flagpole sitter, has sat on about every pole except the North and South, and he may tackle these sometime.

Sun Bath Helmet Prevents Sunburn (Sep, 1931)

Sun Bath Helmet Prevents Sunburn

THE latest contribution to the science of improving feminine beauty is a helmet having a glass shield which is treated to remove infra-red rays from sunlight, allowing wearer to retain white skin on the face.

Dilemma for Vegetarians (Jun, 1931)

Dilemma for Vegetarians

THERE is no real difference between animals and plants, according to Professor Gottlieb Haberlandt, of Berlin. The conventional tests that only animals breathe and that only plants live on mineral food may apply to the majority of plants and animals, but there are many exceptions.

There are numerous plants which do not draw their nourishment from the soil, but must live like animals on vegetable or animal matter. On the other hand, there are certain lowly animals which apparently can draw nutriment from inorganic salts and solutions as is done by some plant roots.



CAN YOU wedge yourself into a packing case only a foot and a half square? The feat sounds impossible, but it is only an incident in the day’s work for a Berlin contortionist. The photograph shows him tied into a knot inside his narrow quarters, with his assistant looking on.

Mammoth Flying Swing to Give Bird’s Eye Pyramid View (Jun, 1931)

I’m sure this is just as the pharaohs intended.

Mammoth Flying Swing to Give Bird’s Eye Pyramid View
Mammoth flying swings erected atop the pyramids, when Egyptian government’s consent is obtained, is amazing project planned by engineers to give tourists a thrilling bird’s eye view of the huge desert structures.


Wow. Just… wow. It’s putting this article under the heading of “SCIENCE” that really does it for me.

Also, if you combine the ad on the left with the article on the right, I think you have the origins of a truly disgusting fetish.


One of the liveliest and most promising young industries in America is the quick-frozen-foods business which, in five years, has increased its sales from 10,000,000 lb. of meat, vegetables, fruit and fish to more than 150,000,000 lb.