Just Weird

I just thought this was so ridiculous I had to post it.


His queer pleasures drove him to treason—and started a world war!


THE APARTMENT was a decorator’s dream, luxuriously tricked out with all kinds of feminine frills and heavy with the sickening sweet odors of perfume and incense. Almost daintily, the figure in the lush room touched a manicured finger to a baroque wooden floral decoration on the pearl-inlaid wall panelling. Noiselessly, a door slid open, disclosing a capacious closet crammed with obviously expensive female apparel.

It’s the Law! (Dec, 1936)

Two things:
a) I’m not sure they could have come up with a more offensive picture to represent the cook in the last panel.
b) Dick Hyman. Really?

It’s the Law!

BY Dick hyman

In Collingswood, N. J., dogs are forbidden by ordinance to bark between the hours of 8 PM. and 6 A.M.

An ordinance in Mt. Pulaski, Ill., forbids boys to throw snowballs at trees within the city limits.

It is against the law in Maryland to knock a freight train off the track.

Florida has a law forbidding you to hire away your neighbor’s cook

IT’S THE LAW appears each month in The American Magazine

Cobb Acts for the “Movies” (Sep, 1914)

I honestly have no idea what the purpose of this piece is. Besides being incredibly racist, it doesn’t really seem to have a point. Is it supposed to be funny? And no, I didn’t leave any pages out. That’s the whole thing.

Cobb Acts for the “Movies”

Irvin S. Cobb, the” well-known humorist, recently had the. interesting experience of acting for the “movies” in connection with “Our Mutual Girl” series—to be more exact. Reel No. 24.

In this film production, the Mutual Girl meets Irvin S. Cobb, who takes delight in telling her a story. It is a narrative of great humor and credit is due to Our Mutual Girl Weekly for the account given below.

Behold the Cripple! (Sep, 1930)

Behold the Cripple!

By Bernarr Macfadden

IF YOU lose an arm or a leg you are classed as a cripple.

If you walk with a limp, or have an unmistakable indication of a physical defect of any sort, you are put in the same class of the disabled.

Now there are plenty of people who are defective mentally and physically, but as far as you can see they possess normal powers.

There is no limp in their walk, and superficially they seem to be normal mentally.



HOT DOG cools off with special sunshade which is secured by reflective aluminum sheet harness. Pooch hails from London.

EYEBALL POPPER is actress Sandra Giles’ fur-coated ‘T-Bird. What happens when it rains?

GENTLE SQUEEZE begets milk as fresh as any udder from unique squirt apparatus. It is located in coffee bar in merry England.

STOGIE PARKER in Holland art gallery allows pure Havana lovers to store rope, pick it up after seeing exhibit.

New Fountain Pen Umbrella is Latest From Paris (Feb, 1929)

Just what I’ve always needed!

New Fountain Pen Umbrella is Latest From Paris

PARIS, the creating source of the latest fashions, sent this new fountain-pen umbrella to America recently. This very new device is merely a standard umbrella with a hollow handle. A top is screwed onto the handle, making it a container into which a regular fountain pen is placed. Truly it is a modern idea, for the carrying of a fountain pen is a problem that has vexed many of us. Women especially appreciate this idea because the average pen is too large to carry in the purse, while a small one is not large enough to be of practical value. There are no two items of personal property that are as subject to loss as the umbrella and the fountain pen. Here are both of them in the same combination. If one is lost so is the other. Of course with two such “loseable” objects together, the owner should be able to keep them at hand. The device cannot be distinguished from an ordinary umbrella.

Our “Mother and Daughter” Contest (Sep, 1930)

Our “Mother and Daughter” Contest

Which Is the Mother?

HERE ARE THE PRIZE WINNERS LITTLE did we think, when we ran that box several months ago asking for letters and photographs of mothers and daughters who look like sisters, that we would receive entries from every state in the Union. The letters came pouring in, with photographs that told a remarkable story. Apparently, modern women are learning the value of good health as an aid in keeping youth and beauty. We even heard from some grandmothers, although you would never guess they had grandchildren by looking at their pictures!



THE drollest collection of painted eggs in the world probably belongs to Stan Bult, curator of a London museum. Bult’s hobby is living part-time in the world of circus clowns—a habit he got into as a boy when a troupe of friendly clowns lived next door. The faces he paints on his eggs are authentic copies of those belonging to members of the International Circus Clown Club. As secretary of the European division of the club Bult keeps a file of faces so that clowns can avoid copying each other. Each clown’s make-up is his professional, jealously guarded property.



WHEN the King and Queen visited the British Industries Fair in London, His Majesty was extremely interested in a tray of pipes.

There were pipes of all sizes and kinds. There was one pipe that took the eye of the King. It was the largest of them all. King George seemed to feel that the huge 2-foot pipe shown here would be just the thing for Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, so he bought it as a gift.

House Shaped Like Elephant (Jan, 1937)

House Shaped Like Elephant
A HOUSE built in the shape of an elephant is located at Margate City, N. J. Erected in 1882 by James V. Lafferty, the novel home is said to be the only one of its kind. The body is 38 feet long, the circumference, 80 feet. The head is 26 feet long and 48 feet around. Legs are 22 feet long with a diameter of 10 feet. Glass eyes have an 18-inch diameter.