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10,000,000 UFO witnesses can’t be wrong! (Jun, 1967)

Err, yes they can.

10,000,000 UFO witnesses can’t be wrong!

By Otto O. Binder

A GALLUP POLL discloses the astonishing fact that 5 million Americans claim to have seen a UFO at one time or another since 1947. Even if 80 per cent of these so-called sightings can be proved to be of such ordinary objects as balloons, high-flying aircraft, birds, stars, etc., that leaves 1 million unsatisfied witnesses. In America alone!

But UFOs also have been reported from more than 70 other countries and the estimated grand total of living witnesses for this little orb called Earth exceeds 10 million. Ten million men, women and children who have seen something out of the ordinary in the sky!



“Nonsensical” describes this inventor’s nutty devices but they’ll guarantee a chuckle.

RUSSELL Oakes’ knack for dreaming up wacky inventions can be charged to his desire to simplify the complexities of modern life. Though his nonsensical creations may be more involved than the problems they’re designed to solve, you’re guaranteed a chuckle using them. Oakes has contrived such devices as a cocktail glass with a movable bottom that enables you to get at the cherry without straining your tongue; a device for knocking flies off a sandwich while balancing a cup of coffee, and a fan that operates via jaw-motion for speakers in hot climates. Nutty devices—but fun.


ONE of every 14 Britons claims to have seen or heard a ghost, according to Philip Paul, vice-chairman of the Ghost Club of London. Investigating specters, sleeping in haunted houses and reporting to the 150 members of the century-old Ghost Club are Paul’s hobbies. (Ghost Club members also dabble in hypnotism and fire walking.) Pictures show Paul checking up on a haunted dwelling and dressmaker’s shop in London where a poltergeist (noisy ghost) had been rumpling beds, heaving flatirons and glasses and scaring the help. Sorry, no photos of the spook.

Oil-Soaked Bricks Lure Lobsters (Aug, 1931)

Oil-Soaked Bricks Lure Lobsters

A NOVEL bait for lobsters has been developed by New England fishermen who, knowing that lobsters hanker for anything having an odor of oil, conceived the idea of soaking some common house bricks in kerosene for 24 hours and then placing the oil-soaked bricks in the bait cabin of the trap. Since the bricks are porous, they absorb quite a lot of kerosene and the oily smell clings thereto for several days.

More lobsters are caught in traps so baited than in those in which mixed bait is used. Due to the fact that the bricks retain their oily odor for several days, the work of baiting the traps is lessened and the expense is not heavy, for a gallon of oil will serve to “oil” a large number of bricks.

Why Fat Women Are the Happiest (May, 1932)

Why Fat Women Are the Happiest

FAT women, especially those in middle age, are usually happier than thin women because they are better equipped to withstand the nervous strain brought on by the active pace now required of middle age women, according to Dr. McPhedran, of Toronto.

Women of 40 and 50 are expected to manage the household, take an active part in club and civic affairs, and still be fresh for parties in the evening.
All this is contrary to nature, and a reasonable degree of plumpness cushions the body against physical shocks and strain.

New Belt Buckle Has Secret Compartments for Money and Photographs (May, 1932)

New Belt Buckle Has Secret Compartments for Money and Photographs

APPEARING to all outer evidence like the regular thing, a new belt buckle on the market has two concealed compartments for carrying money and other valuable objects. In addition, a photo of the wearer, or even his best girl, can be carried in secret, along with an identification card, as shown in the accompanying photo.


This is awesome. Someone needs to put this in a video game along with a moped mortar.

SCOOTER CANNON combines scooting with shooting. French gun is a short-barreled, 75mm re-coilless job. It carries six ammo shells in place of saddle bags.

Why Men Are Superior to Fish (Nov, 1931)

Why Men Are Superior to Fish

THE reason why men have better brains than fish and why land animals have evolved so much more rapidly than sea animals is to be found, says the Russian biologist, Dr. M. A. Menzbier, in the ability of men and other land animals to turn their heads from one side to the other.

Most fish never turn their heads sidewise but must turn the whole body if they wish to see something not already visible to one of their eyes. The development by the first air-breathing lung-fish hundreds of millions of years ago of the method of breathing air through the mouth into lungs released these creatures from this rigid, stiff-necked condition and made it possible for their descendants, including mankind, to have flexible necks, mobile heads and both eyes pointing to the front. All of these changes aided greatly to exercise the brain and improve it.

Wrestlers Stage Underwater Battles (Jul, 1939)

Wrestlers Stage Underwater Battles

Submarine matmen are staging underwater wrestling matches in a swimming pool, as a novel attraction for vacationing visitors at an Atlantic seaside resort. Viewed through glass windows in the walls of the swimming tank, the wrestlers seem to be staging a slow-motion bout as they make and break holds beneath the surface of the water.

Air-Raid Suits Are Made of Fireproof Cloth (May, 1941)

The must-have suit for cross burning.

Air-Raid Suits Are Made of Fireproof Cloth

New York style experts are turning from spring fashions to air raid clothes. The latest creations, shown at the right in light brown and blue, have pointed hoods to protect the face and are made of fire-proofed cloth. For protection against shrapnel fragments, plates of one-quarter-inch thick plastic can be slipped into pockets in the lining to cover the chest, back, and midsection. The plastic plates weigh about fifteen pounds as compared to fifty pounds for an equivalent protection of metal. The suits are loose-fitting and designed for warmth.