Polio-Mobile (Mar, 1947)


This hospital-on-wheels brings new hope to isolated polio victims.

THE dread disease often strikes far away from modern hospitalization. This fact gave rise to the mobile polio clinic pictured here. Built into a nine-ton semi-trailer and drawn by a tractor-truck, the unit was developed by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, under the supervision of Alan A. Rich. Packed into the comparatively limited space of the trailer are an iron lung, a hot pack machine for Sister Ken-ney treatments, a resuscitator, aspirators . and a ray lamp. The mobile clinic can be rushed to sections where outbreaks of polio overtax stationary equipment. The unit has already been in action in the Peoria, Ill., area. It proved invaluable.

Giant Suction Cups Stimulate Heart Action and Breathing (Jul, 1940)

Giant Suction Cups Stimulate Heart Action and Breathing

TO stimulate both heart and lung action in victims of suffocation by gas, smoke, or drowning, Dr. Dewell Gann, Jr., of Little Rock, Ark., has devised novel “rubber lungs.” Two large vacuum cups are placed just below the shoulder blades of the victim and pressure is applied rhythmically to move the diaphragm. In addition to promoting artificial respiration, the rubber lungs are said to maintain blood circulation.

Permanents Dangerous to Brain (Dec, 1932)

Permanents Dangerous to Brain
A FATAL accident which suggests serious dangers in giving permanent waves has been reported to the French Academy of Medicine. Application of heat was left upon the victim’s head too long, resulting in an inflammation of the brain called Meningitis. People with high blood pressure, hardened arteries or abnormal brain conditions should avoid permanent waving altogether, the academy stated.

Nine People Can Look You In One Eye (Nov, 1931)

Nine People Can Look You In One Eye
RIGHT off the bat, the reader will probably want to know, why all this complex set of spy glasses for a sociable gathering? The apparatus illustrated is a German device for the instruction of medical classes studying the eye. While the patient looks into the large tube, nine students, at nine eyepieces, see what ails him.

New Airplane Stretcher Holds Patient Securely (Oct, 1937)

New Airplane Stretcher Holds Patient Securely
Designed primarily for use in airplanes, a new hospital stretcher is equipped with straps so placed that a wounded occupant cannot accidentally fall out while a plane is banking, diving, or going through other maneuvers. The photograph above shows a French soldier, fastened into the stretcher, with his head toward the ground. The straps over his shoulders and across the insteps of his feet keep him from falling.

What You Should Know About DIATHERMY (Jul, 1957)

What You Should Know About DIATHERMY

New rigid controls enforced by FCC prevent communication snag EARLY IN 1954, a Chicago housewife innocently became responsible for the murder of a bank guard and the subsequent escape of the criminal with over $10,000 in unmarked Federal bills. Her rented diathermy machine had jammed radio police calls emanating from a local police transmitter, preventing the prowl cars from receiving the robbery tip-off in time.

In the same year, the FCC published warnings that illegal diathermy machines had been known to interfere with instrument landing signals, causing the crash of at least one large airliner, and had blocked a nearby radar screen used by airports to prevent midair collisions. Another terrifying story was told of a doctor’s ultra-short-wave machine which had thrown a guided missile—the new Army NIKE—off its course and started it homing toward the doctor’s office itself. Only at the last moment was the tragedy averted by emergency control from the ground.


Looks easier than a balloon and a box of whippets.

Dental patients can now administer their own anesthesia. The gas, the same as that now used by dentists, is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. A tube leading to the tanks containing the gases is equipped with a pistol-like control. While wearing a mask, a patient with this control can release as much gas as she needs to overcome the pain. The patient does not lose consciousness but suffers no pain.

Operations on Human Brain mark a big advance in Modern Surgery (May, 1933)

Operations on Human Brain mark a big advance in Modern Surgery

By Frederic Damrau,M.D.

IF YOU were in an operating room watching surgeons working on the brain, you would see things that would make you gasp. For example, at the Cleveland, O., Clinic, August 31, 1931, Dr. W. James Gardner removed the entire right half of the brain. And the patient recovered!

A woman, thirty-one, mother of two small children, had suffered from epileptic fits for ten years. She was becoming blind and had terrific headaches. The pressure of a growing tumor inside her skull was killing her.

From the right side of her shaved head, Dr. Gardner removed a section of skull four and a half inches in diameter. Then he cut through the dura, the tough protecting membrane covering the gray matter.

Surgeons Stretch Crippled Legs (Sep, 1934)

Surgeons Stretch Crippled Legs

Amazing new operation severs bones and then lengthens them gradually until a short limb attains normal proportions so limp vanishes

MEN AND WOMEN, who once limped painfully through life because infantile paralysis or other disease had left them with a shrunken leg, now walk and work and play with all the ease and grace of normal, healthy human beings. A miracle of modern surgery has achieved for them the amazing feat of actually restoring the length of the deformed leg.

Be a Doctor of CHIROPRACTIC (Mar, 1922)

Nothing says “Professional” like a degree from the Eclectic School of Chiropractic!


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