Mask Heats Face (Apr, 1948)

Mask Heats Face

With this electric mask you can relax while heat therapy is applied to your face. A product of Progressive Enterprises, of Los Angeles, the mask is intended to relieve sinus pain, and for use where heat is prescribed for head colds, facial neuralgia, and migraine headaches. Made to fit the contours of the face, it weighs only two ounces. Heat is controlled and may be localized to any desired area of the face.

Kachoo! Now Its a Mechanical Sneezer (Apr, 1940)

Kachoo! Now Its a Mechanical Sneezer
Infectious germs are spouted from the mouth of a mechanical sneezer developed for medical research by William F. Wells of the University of Pennsylvania medical school in Philadelphia. By means of compressed air, the apparatus blows air-borne germs through a tube into a glass bell housing an experimental rabbit, to simulate the common method of transmission of germs by human sneezers and coughers.

ILLEGAL ABORTION … disease of society (Jan, 1959)

I’m always surprised at the quality and impartiality of Sexology’s articles. This article discusses a lot of the consequences of abortion being illegal that are just as applicable today. It’s interesting to note that nowhere in this article does does it mention the “right to life” or abortion being murder, the focal points of today’s anti-abortion movement. One issue I did have is that the author seems to assume that all illegal abortions are done by doctors as opposed to hacks and back alley shysters. Obviously this makes a big difference in the quality of care and chance of complications.

ILLEGAL ABORTION … disease of society

An international conference tackles an explosive problem involving more than 1 million women each year.

by Isadore Rubin, B.A., M.S. in Ed.

ILLEGAL abortion in the United States is a “disease of society” affecting possibly as many as 1,200,000 women a year. It presents a problem “as real and urgent as did venereal disease three decades ago.”

These major conclusions were offered by thirty-eight of the nation’s foremost experts after an international conference on abortion, sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The conference report has been published recently in book form.



Music has been found of value in surgical operations to ease patients during and after the administration of ether. Melodies are supplied by a phonograph, or instrumental selections are rendered by an artist. Several demonstrations have been made at a Brooklyn, N. Y., hospital.

Your Shoulder Blades Tell How Old You’ll Be (May, 1938)

Your Shoulder Blades Tell How Old You’ll Be

DR. WILLIAM WASHINGTON GRAVES, medical scientist of the University of St. Louis, has made the unique discovery that the scapulae or shoulder-blades tell whether man is potentially healthy, longer lived and more disease resistant than his fellow-man. Dr. Graves has come to the conclusion that persons having the convex-type of shoulder blades have a better chance in life than those who have straight or concave scapulae.


What drug do you think it was? Meth?

It was definitely Dinitrophenol.  Click here for the Wikipedia entry on its use as a diet aid. Their paper is introduced here


Discovery of a drug that enables overweight persons to reduce safely without exercise is reported to the American Medical Association by two California research workers. Experiments conducted by the discoverers, Dr. W. C. Cutting and M. L. Thayer of the Stanford Medical Laboratories, show that daily doses of the drug will remove two pounds of weight a week.

HOW TO SLEEP (Jun, 1953)


By West F. Peterson

WHEN the talk at a recent New York cocktail party veered around to the subject of how to fall asleep, there were offered as many theories as there were guests.

“My system is sure-fire,” said an advertising man. “Just before going to bed I eat a tremendous slice of Bermuda onion. It lulls my brain and I drop off immediately. My wife benefits too. The fumes seem to knock her out and she’s asleep as soon as I am.”

A frilly young matron sniffed disdainfully. “Any doctor will tell you not to eat before you get in bed,” she said. “What I do is imagine I’m floating on a lovely pink cloud high above green pastures in which brown-and-white cows are grazing. It never fails.”

A Dry-Ice Oxygen Tent for Infants (Oct, 1938)

I’m not exactly a medical expert, but this seems like a bad idea. CO2 stimulates respiration because you can’t breathe it. Though this tent would probably work great for a baby tree.

A Dry-Ice Oxygen Tent for Infants

IN the constant battle to cut down the infant mortality rate due to diseases easily contracted when vitality is relatively low, physicians have developed a new type of oxygen tent, which uses dry-ice in combination with the oxygen. Of course, it is a well-known fact that carbon dioxide stimulates respiration; dry-ice is pure carbon dioxide.

Patient In New Dental Chair Controls Drill and Gas (Oct, 1935)

I’m thinking the ability to turn the drill on and off might be a little dangerous, not to mention really annoying to the dentist.

Patient In New Dental Chair Controls Drill and Gas

THE patient is king in a new painless dentistry chair now in use in a Chicago dentist’s office. When drilling becomes excessively painful the patient, by means of a button held in the left hand can turn off the drill. If the patient prefers to have the work continue, but wishes to eliminate the pain, he or she can press a bulb held in the right and administer a dose of pain killing gas.

Pills That Increase Your Intelligence (Mar, 1948)

Do you have to wear lipstick for them to work?

Pills That Increase Your Intelligence


CAN you feed your brain some special food to make it smarter? Scientists have always laughed at the idea. Now they aren’t quite so cocksure. Maybe your brain does have faster speed and quicker getaway when it runs on certain fuels. New scientific discoveries indicate that brain power can be stepped up by swallowing tablets. These pills are not stimulating drugs but concentrates of a food element