And you thought Crocs were ugly.


As a correct substitute for high-heel pumps, which he considers are destructive to the general health of women and the beauty of their feet, open-work leather sandals have been offered by a famous English surgeon. These shoes, he asserts, are more comfortable, promote bodily vigor, and do not cause spinal and nervous disorders which may result from wearing those that have elevated arches and heels.

Doctors Use Telescopes and Mirror to View Operation (Mar, 1948)

Things were pretty weird before closed circuit TV.

Telescopes and Mirror
give many eyes a close-up view of a delicate cataract operation which heretofore could be observed by only one or two. It happened in Doctors’ Hospital, L. A.

Self-Starter for Dead Man’s Heart (Oct, 1933)

This looks like an early version of a defibrillator.

PHYSICIAN INVENTS Self-Starter for Dead Man’s Heart

WHAT can be done when the heart ceases to beat? Under all sorts of different conditions, a doctor often is confronted with this urgent question.

The ambulance physician faces it with the victim of heart stroke, drowning, or accident. The surgeon faces it when the pulse of an etherized patient suddenly stops. The family physician faces it when a baby is still born or when a mother’s heart stops during childbirth.

“Thinking” Brain Removed (Aug, 1935)

And you thought the Stepford Wives was a work of fiction. In Dr. Spurling’s wonderful fantasy world all women will have the “thinking portion” of their brain removed, and he might actually get a date.

“Thinking” Brain Removed

LIKE a fairy tale of medicine is the description of an operation which removed nearly the entire “thinking” portion of a woman’s brain, changing her entire personality. For the first year after the operation the woman was almost childishly gay and happy. Later came more mature changes, which improved her power of concentration, memory, and endurance. The right prefrontal lobe and most of the left lobe of the brain were removed by Dr. Glen Spurling of Louisville University’s School of Medicine.

The “Female Penis” (Jan, 1964)

I have heard of women having their clitoris removed, but it is usually referred to as “genital mutilation” and is imposed upon women against their will. Do women still have their clitoris voluntarily removed because they think it is “unsightly”? Would a doctor actually perform that surgery?

“Female Penis”
A distinguished researcher explains the role and function of the clitoris.

By John Money, Ph.D.

Dr. Money is Associate Professor of Medical Psychology and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. He is supported in research by Grants #M-01557 and #K3-MH-18635 from the National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Seervice.

Do you have your own name for the clitoris? Most people have.

The clitoris has sometimes been referred to as the “female penis.” It is one part of the sexual anatomy for which there is no well-known American popular or slang word. Not enough people have heard the expression, “the man in the boat,” for that expression to be useful when a doctor wants to explain what he means by the medical word, clitoris.

AMAZING Electrical Tests SHOW What Happens When You Think (May, 1936)

AMAZING Electrical Tests SHOW What Happens When You Think

By Edwin Teale

PIONEERS in an amazing new field of research recently traveled to the Loomis Laboratories, Tuxedo Park, N. Y., for the first meeting of its kind in America. The sixty scientists who compared notes are “brain-wave” experts, students of minute, telltale pulsations of electric current that come from the billions of cells in the human brain.

With supersensitive electricity-recording instruments, able to register less than a millionth of a volt of current, they are discovering curious facts about our brains and how they work. Already, these scientists have achieved such exciting feats as “photographing a dream,” watching the electrical pattern made by brain cells in solving a mathematical problem, and witnessing an “electrical storm,” piling up in the brain of an epileptic. By discovering rhythms in the varying strengths of these tiny currents, they are working toward a radically new technique in detecting and diagnosing various ailments of the brain.

Electric Camera Photographs Walls of Human Stomach (Jun, 1932)

That seems like a really smart design. Of course swallowable cameras have gotten much better lately.

Electric Camera Photographs Walls of Human Stomach
A NEW wonder in photography that will take pictures of the innermost recesses of the human stomach has recently been developed by three doctors of the University of Vienna. This amazing device, shown on the right, takes eight pictures simultaneously.

The new camera is contained in a tube 1/2 inch in diameter and three inches long. The powerful light is operated by a battery with cables running down the throat to the filament, as shown in the drawing.



An ear gymnasium, devised by a Michigan inventor, is said to aid those of defective hearing by exercising the nerve centers of the ear. Special earphones are slipped over the patient’s head and at the tone frequencies at which hearing is defective, a series of tone exercises is given at a volume great enough to be heard by the patient. Over a period of time, this is said to improve the hearing.

Electric Bath Fights Disease (Jun, 1932)

This looks like a brilliant idea.

Electric Bath Fights Disease
SOME London hospitals are now equipped with the latest in scientific methods of combatting disease, the electro-therapeutic bath.

The diseased patient sits comfortably, as the photo below shows, with his hands and feet in small tubs. The artificial fever is produced in the body by the passage of an electric current which combats the disease germs and hastens recovery.

The electric current is run into the solution in the tubs through electrodes. The intensity of the current can be altered by rheostats on the control board shown in lower left corner of the photo.

New Forms of Bottled Sunshine (Nov, 1934)

When I’m reading an article that is telling me to take Vitamin D and I see that all of the products advertised on those pages contain Vitamin D it does give me some doubts as to the editorial impartiality of the author. It’s sort of like reading an article about ADHD and noticing that all of the ads are for Ritalin or Adderall.

New Forms of Bottled Sunshine

During the “Dark Months,” Vitally Speaking, It Is Still Possible As Well as Important to Enjoy Sunshine Values Now Provided by the Progress of Science

By Milo Hastings

VITAMIN D, “the sunshine vitamin,” has received more attention than any other vitamin, or, for that matter, than anything else in modern nutritional science. All this discussion, and the claims and counterclaims regarding various ways by which we should get our supply of vitamin D, has led to considerable confusion. The purpose of this article is to try to clear up that confusion.

One source for a very excusable misunderstanding regarding this unique vitamin comes from a belief that a diet composed of a variety of natural foods should supply us with all the elements needed for complete nutrition and ideal health. That belief is soundly based on general nutritional law, and there is no better rule of health. But vitamin D furnishes the exception that proves the rule. No list of foods that would likely be selected by any people, savage or civilized, would furnish enough vitamin D to maintain ideal growth or maximum health!