X-Ray Solves Secret of Life (Jun, 1939)

It’s funny how sometimes people have all the information they need but they don’t put it together. This article talks about X-Raying people’s heads to immunize them against getting a cold, then about how X-Rays increase the rate of mutation by 150 times in experiments. In hindsight it seems obvious to ask if irradiating your head with a mutating beam of energy is a good idea. Though I guess that’s better than using X-Rays to shave.

X-Ray Solves Secret of Life

Thanks to the discovery of X-ray, secrets of man and metal lay revealed to the world today. Continued study with this tool of science is destined to uncover further mysteries of life and plunge man into fabulous adventures that may change civilization.

IF YOU break an arm today, chances are the broken member will be thoroughly X-rayed before and after the fracture is set. But don’t walk out of the hospital X-ray room believing the only use of the X-ray is for examination of broken bones.

The X-ray is more than the tool of the surgeon. It is a force in the change of civilization. So great a force is it in changing of sex, the reduction of infection, radio and telephone, and a score of other fields that scientists are beginning to wonder if it is not the single greatest force shaping our development toward the Utopia towards which all scientific achievement points.

Hospital Has “Blood Bank” (Jun, 1938)

Hospital Has “Blood Bank”
A hospital in Los Angeles, California, is equipped with a specially designed refrigerator which serves as a “blood bank,” storing quantities of human blood for later use in cases requiring blood transfusions. The “blood bank” is expected to save more than $10,000 annually and eliminate delays in operations. The refrigerator is kept at a temperature of four degrees above freezing, an alarm being automatically sounded when the temperature varies. The blood is kept on hand not longer than two weeks, a fresh supply being secured at regular intervals.

May Grant Legal Permits to Die (Feb, 1932)

Dr. Kevorkian just got out of prison this week, but physician assisted suicide was an issue long before he ever made the news.

May Grant Legal Permits to Die
LEGAL permission to seek death when confronted by certainty of intense suffering from incurable disease, was recently advocated by an eminent physician. At present many unfortunates each year are compelled to die in agony from cancer or other painful diseases when painless, immediate death would be kinder. Harrowing scenes occur when such patients beg their friends or physicians for release by death; something which no physician now dares grant however much he, the relatives and the victim may wish it.

Kinsey’s Study of Female Sex Behavior (Sep, 1953)

I love the phrase “petted to climax”. “Yeah, Sally and I went behind old Mr. Millers barn and we… well.. we petted to climax. It was hot!”

This is a pretty fair and thorough review of the Kinsey Study published just before the actual book became available.

A Social Scientist’s Evaluation of Kinsey’s Study of Female Sex Behavior

Amram Scheinfeld takes issue with the startling conclusions in the most widely heralded sex study of modern times

Well. the Kinsey report on female sex life—the most feverishly awaited, most wildly speculated on, most sensationally publicized book in history—is open for inspection at long last. And we can all breathe easier.

True, it makes many interesting disclosures—and some disturbing and surprising ones—about the girls and women interviewed by the Kinsey team. Also, it boldly attacks many of our existing sex standards with blistering arguments plainly slanted against chastity and in favor of what used to be called free love. But for the most part, it is a technical treatise offering little that is startlingly new and much that is doubtful. It definitely does not measure up to the expectations of a shattering blast that was to upset all our sex thinking and change the whole pattern of our lives.

From Pills to Penicillin (Jun, 1952)

From Pills to Penicillin
By Herb Baily

DON’T EVER MAKE the mistake of longing for the good old days—at least not in medicine. If you were born 50 years ago, the chances are you’re alive today because you were born naturally strong and lucky. It isn’t likely that the medicine of that period did much to save you for medicine was just learning to be scientific, which is another way of saying effective.

If medical progress hadn’t advanced your life expectancy, last year you’d have been slated to die at the age of 49! In 1902 there were few diseases that could be cured; today there are few diseases that cannot be cured if treated in time.

Sensational Study of HEREDITY May Produce New Race of Men (Nov, 1934)

This article is all over the place, but the last sentence is pretty prescient considering that the discovery of DNA was still 20 years away:
“Will other unknown rays, in combination with a life-chart like Morgan’s, enable man to analyze and rearrange the genes of mankind and build a new race of supermen?

Given what I’ve learned by watching the documentary series Heroes, I think it’s clear they succeeded.

Sensational Study of HEREDITY May Produce New Race of Men
By Sterling Gleason

BLACK light, heat, and X-rays are being used by experimenters in sensational efforts to solve the mysteries of heredity. Workers in a score of laboratories in many different countries are delving for secrets locked in the living animal cell.

From their discoveries may emerge a new human race, stronger, more intelligent, and better able to resist disease. As the first step, they have produced an amazing chart by which the character of generations of flies yet unborn can be accurately foretold.


I love that they store the oxygen in a bag.

Athletes were transformed into super-swimmers in a recent test at Springfield College, Mass. Each of the swimmers was given two deep breaths of pure oxygen before he leaped into the water. Holding their breath until they had entered the tank, eleven of the seventeen youths taking part beat their own previous records in a 100-yard dash through the water.

ERICKSON LEGS are Wonderful (Mar, 1924)

Those who wear them say:

ERICKSON LEGS are Wonderful
because they do not chafe, overheat or draw end of stump.

“If I hadn’t been all through it myself, I wouldn’t have the assurance to tell you to “cheer up.”

If you have bad a recent amputation send for new booklet on TEST LEGS for beginners.
38-A Washington Av. N. MINNEAPOLIS • MINN.

Device Bares Vocal Chords (Feb, 1938)

Device Bares Vocal Chords
CONSISTING of an intricate maze of hidden mirrors in a long, slender metal tube, one end of which is inserted into the mouth far back toward the throat, an “auto-phonoscope” device enables voice teachers to peer at pupils’ vocal chords while they are in action. Tiny, but powerful, electric bulbs at the tip of the tube provide light within the pupils throat during the examination.

Human Body Gets Machine Tests (Sep, 1933)

Human Body Gets Machine Tests

JUST as they might keep performance charts of a steam engine or gasoline motor, engineers are now studying the human body, an engine far more efficient at turning fuel into work than any other known. At the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, in Germany, subjects work in a miniature mine, operate sewing machines and compressed-air hammers, drive make-believe cars and walk treadmills, while electric contacts record their movements, and their diet and respiration are chemically analyzed. The data obtained will lead to improved factory design and management.