Tiny Six Shot Camera (Feb, 1949)

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Tests Made with Living Heart in Air-Tight Chamber (May, 1938)

Tests Made with Living Heart in Air-Tight Chamber
BY KEEPING the heart and lungs of a dog alive in an air-tight chamber, Dr. Maurice Visscher of the University of Minnesota recently demonstrated a startling new way to perform physiological experiments. Oxygen tubes kept the organs functioning normally while he injected drugs directly into the blood stream of the heart to study their effect. Meanwhile, delicate thermostats maintained a constant temperature within the outer water-filled tank, preventing variations that would affect the experiment or cause the “death” of the transplanted organs.

Must Tomorrow’s Man Look Like This? (Nov, 1963)

I love the last line of this article. After going over the pros and cons of creating a cyborg man they hit us with:
“It we don’t, the Russians will. “
Can’t really argue with that, can we?

Must Tomorrow’s Man Look Like This?

No electronic plug-ins needed, say these two doctors. Man’s own capacity for adaptation, with help from science, can fit him for new ways of life

By Toby Freedman. M.D., and Gerald S. Lindner, M.D.

THE design of vehicles is one of the oldest and noblest arts of mankind. Look at a model of a prehistoric Polynesian canoe. It’s as hydro-dynamically elegant and functionally beautiful as the X-15. The wheel, the ski, the kayak, the sports car—pure geometry in motion. No doubt the engineers of these perfect and symmetrical structures beat their heads against the wall when told they had to squeeze in a passenger. One of the earliest recorded utterances in Samoan is the comment of a legendary canoe builder: ‘Til be damned if I make the thwart four inches wider just to fit somebody’s big fat—-” (the inscription becomes illegible at this point).

Multiple Electric Vibrator Massages the Scalp (Oct, 1940)

Multiple Electric Vibrator Massages the Scalp
FOUR hundred and eighty artificial fingers give the scalp a gentle and beneficial massage, in a multiple electric vibrator just introduced. Light in weight, the appliance may easily be self-manipulated as at left, with the aid of two convenient hand grips, while four vibrating disks do their work in unison. The machine is said to stimulate the circulation of blood to scalp and brain cells and to remove all dan-druff and loose hair.

Movies Entertain Dentist Patients (Jan, 1932)

Movies Entertain Dentist Patients
AS a means of taking the patient’s mind off the drill that is gouging down in his tooth, dentists are now providing distracting entertainment in the form of movies. In this scheme, employed by Dr. A. G. Highgate of Wauconda, Illinois, a small portable movie projector is attached to the arm of the chair, and interesting movies are projected on the screen before the patient while his tooth is being extracted. The scheme is winning wide favor, especially among children.

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health (Mar, 1922)

Yum, sugar-coated electricity.

If you would like to learn more about these miraculous devices, this site has some good info. They also have some available for sale. Or just pick one up on ebay.

With health insurance rates going through the roof, can you really afford NOT to have your own Violet Ray machine?

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health

Absolutely shockless and painless, overcomes nervousness, banishes aches and pains, renews the vigor of youth and builds healthy, well-developed bodies

Thousands of volts of stimulating, up-building, high frequency electricity—as painless and pleasant as a ray of sunshine—can be sprayed into any weak, diseased or under-developed part of your body. Instantly you will feel its healing, strengthening, tonic effect. You will feel the warm, fresh blood surge to the treated part, bringing with it the tissue-building and disease-fighting forces that Nature provides. Poisons and diseased tissues will be washed away, pains and inflammations relieved and the part treated will be nourished and strengthened. It literally helps Nature build new bodies.

The Truth About RECTAL DISORDERS (Sep, 1950)

This ad would be perfect for a caption contest, but unfortunately it would be almost impossible to come up with anything funnier than the actual text.

Our 164-page illustrated book describes symptoms, causes and treatment of piles, fistula and other rectal and colonic disorders. It should be read by everyone suffering from these treacherous afflictions. Write for a FREE COPY today.

McCleary Clinic and Hospital, 971 Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo.

WHY SCRATCH? (Nov, 1939)

“Keep a Jar or Tube of Lucky Tiger Ointment Handy”
Made to allay Itching and Burning Feet—Crusty Scalps— Ringworm—Itchy Rectal Irritations — Insect Bites— Stings—Itchy Scalp—Externally caused Pimples—Soothe fire and sunburns.

Balloon Ends Discomfort in High-Altitude Flying (Dec, 1940)

Do you think you could get one of these past security now? I mean a balloon with a a nozzle could make a handy flame thrower.

Balloon Ends Discomfort in High-Altitude Flying
To make things more comfortable for passengers and pilots flying at high altitudes, Dr. Ralph Greene, Miami, Fla., physician and medical consultant to Eastern Airlines, developed the balloon device pictured at the left. Costing only a few cents, the small balloon has a nipple fitted to its neck. When high-altitude pressure becomes annoying, the passenger inserts the nipple in one nostril, closes the other with his finger, and inflates the balloon. He then squeezes the balloon slightly and swallows. In this manner, the pressure of the air within the inner ear is equalized with the outside pressure.

Guinea Pigs Test New Beauty Aids (Jun, 1939)

Guinea Pigs Test New Beauty Aids

GUINEA PIGS are partly responsible for the beauty of many of the glamorous faces that flash across the screen of your neighborhood movie theater. Tests with these patient little rodents have even saved the film careers of actors and actresses whose skin reacted unfavorably to ordinary studio make-up. Now applied to the manufacture of cosmetics for the general public, similar tests are guarding the beauty and health of millions.