The Electric Nostrilizer (Feb, 1937)

Electric Vaporizer Devised
DEVELOPED to relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion and irritation, a new electric pocket vaporizer resembles a flashlight in construction. It consists of a specially designed metal case shaped like a fountain pen and uses two small batteries.

A patented bulb featuring a special filament as well as two depressed openings—one on top and the other on the side—is screwed into one end of the case. Vapor liquid is dropped into the side opening and is converted into vapor by a slight pressure on an electric switch button. The device was developed by a St. Louis, Mo., laboratory, which produces liquid.

Atomic Medicine (Apr, 1946)

Atomic Medicine


The atomic bomb, most feared weapon the world has ever known, may prove to be the savior of millions of human lives!

THE whole world knows and fears the atomic bomb.

Conferences are held about it. Editorials and articles are written about it. It is implanted in the minds of most of us as a symbol for destruction and doom, a terrifying force which unloosed can mean the end of us and the world we know. Yet there is a brighter side to the picture, a side which may eventually prove the atomic bomb to be a savior of mankind rather than a destroyer.

Magnifying Glass Aids Dentists (Jun, 1936)

Magnifying Glass Aids Dentists
AIDED by an illuminated magnifying glass, dentists are now able to discover the minutest cavities in teeth without difficulty. Any slight discoloration of the tooth, indicating the presence of a flaw in the enamel, is immediately detectable under the glass. The glass has a bright lamp attached to its frame which illuminates the field of magnification. It can be adjusted to any position, simplifying the task of drilling out small cavities.

Treat Inflamed Eyes with Radio Waves (May, 1939)

This doesn’t seem like such a great idea to me…

Treat Inflamed Eyes with Radio Waves
Inflamed eyes are now being treated with ultrashort radio waves in the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, London, England. A large electrode is buried beneath the patient’s pillow, while smaller electrodes, swathed in soft padding, are applied directly to his eyes, as shown above. Only a sensation of slight warmth is said to be felt as the six-meter radio waves, only slightly longer than those used for television broadcasts, perform their healing work.

New Mechanical Chiropractor (Dec, 1932)

This looks like it might be a Pandiculator.

New Mechanical Chiropractor
WITH a machine like the one shown he-low in your home, there’s no longer any excuse for headaches. At least, that is what the inventor claims for his mechanical chiropractor, which also is supposed to correct curvature of the spine, speed up the circulation and aid digestion. It is self-operated, the patient himself supplying the propelling energy. The machine has a stretching and massaging action on the body structure which is said to promote health and tone up the system generally. It was demonstrated at a recent Chiropractor’s Association meeting in Los Angeles.

X-ray Photos Find Girl With Perfect Back at Health Show (Oct, 1933)

X-ray Photos Find Girl With Perfect Back at Health Show
THE X-ray was the final judge in selecting the girl with the most perfect back at California’s health show in Los Angeles.
After examining X-ray photographs of all the girls entered in the contest, Dr. Lester V. Donovan picked Miss Judith Allen, young movie actress, as the winner. An X-ray of Miss Allen’s back showed a spine in perfect alignment, unmarred by any curvature.

The young lady hails from Boston and is said to have a promising film career ahead. The photo at the right shows attractive Miss Allen and the remarkable X-ray picture held by Dr. Donovan.

Radium – Boon or Menace? (Jun, 1932) (Jun, 1932)

Radium – Boon or Menace?


Member, American Physical Society; Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

RECENTLY the press reported the case of a wealthy man who died from the direct use of radium, in a way that made it necessary for the authorities to step in and investigate the so-called “radium cures”. The victim, Eben M. Byers, an iron manufacturer, died in a New York hospital from the effects of radium absorbed by drinking “radithor”, a radioactive water manufactured by the Bailey Radium Laboratories, East Orange, New Jersey.

Following Black Lines on Indian Design Cures Insomnia (Dec, 1931)

This item reminded me very much of the amulets in Charlie Stross’s excellent book The Family Trade if you’ve read the book you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t, check it out.

Following Black Lines on Indian Design Cures Insomnia
THE Indians may not have known much about science, but they are able to tell scientists something about getting to sleep after a busy day on the warpath. Their favorite method, which they are now offering to nerve-wracked moderns, was to follow with their eyes the devious lines of a complicated pattern, one of which is shown in the photo at the right.
If you are troubled with insomnia, try this method on yourself. Simply take a sheet of cardboard about 12 in. by 18 in. and paint on it the lines illustrated in the photo. Five to ten trips around will bring slumber.

Too Much Dancing Brings T.B. (Dec, 1932)

Wow! Who knew that Dancing and daylight savings time were responsible for tuberculosis? You learn something new everyday.
The public health posters would be fantastic:
“It’s all fun and games untill someone gets the consumption!”
“Fall back and you may never spring forward again!”

Too Much Dancing Brings T. B.
RECENT scientific investigations have proved that dancing must bear a part of the responsibility for the increase of tuberculosis among young people. Addiction to the terpsichorean diversion usually results in loss of sleep, which cannot be made up adequately on other nights. Insufficient rest and sleep lowers bodily resistance and gives the tuberculosis germs an easy conquest.
Daylight saving also has a hand in inflicting tuberculosis on young people, since it shortens the time permitted for sleeping. Children especially need all the rest they can get.

Pandiculate For Health (Sep, 1933)

Pandiculate For Health
Fifteen glorious minutes on Pandiculator better than two hours in gymnasium. Refreshes, rejuvenates. Helps retain youth, energy. vigor, vim. Wonderful results. Doctors recommend it. No electricity, no discomfort; delightfully restful. Write for Free Booklet.
PANDICULATOR CO., 643 Hanna Blde.. Cleveland, Ohio