With infra-red digital video cameras, computer processing and projectors this tech works amazingly well. Check out this video of the Vein Viewer (Warning: the link goes to a video that shows a person getting an injection and there is a small amount of blood. I know this freaks some people out.)


Varicose veins and other conditions that interfere with the circulation can be detected with comparative ease by a method of photographic diagnosis recently demonstrated at Rochester, New York. Human skin, it was discovered, is nearly transparent to infra-red rays. By using film that was sensitive to this invisible light, photographs were taken in which veins lying just below the surface of the skin stood out clearly. Any derangement was readily apparent in the photographs.

What It Means to Be Left-Handed (Mar, 1931)

What It Means to Be Left-Handed


ARE you right-handed? Perhaps you only think so. There is one chance in ten that you are ambidextrous, or “two-handed,” without knowing it. If you are, you can learn to use your left hand as well as your right, and immeasurably increase your efficiency in work and sports.

EVERY DAY A BETTER WORLD – Through Parks, Shorts and Eugenics (Feb, 1937)

“And one result is that the human race today is producing millions of physical and mental scrubs when it might—if it had the foresight and the hindsight— be producing millions of human thoroughbreds instead.”

“I am all for the Bishop and the girls, provided the latter have the right figures for shorts.”

I suppose the Eugenics film could have helped them guarantee that the churchgoing women would have had the right kind of figure. Also, in 1937 what would the right kind of figure for shorts be?


By Daniel Mann

Reviewing Progress in Science, Therapeutics and the Art of Living

MORE Playgrounds and More Play-

Nowadays the sentiment toward the physical culture life is rolling up like a snowball; and the change begins to show in our statistics. For instance, the National Recreation Association has recently announced that recreation in this country, and facilities for it, has more than doubled in the last decade.

An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer (Nov, 1954)

A six page article about cancer and this is the only reference to smoking:

Q. Can you tell us something helpful about factors outside our own bodies, things we come in contact with, that might induce cancer? There have been scare stories about smoking—an impressive large-scale statistical study by the American Cancer Society had a lot to do with that, as you know, Doctor—and we hear about dangers of air pollution, auto-exhaust fumes, occupational exposures to chemicals, etc.

A. The widely publicized report—and it was only a preliminary report, at that—of the society’s smoking study seems to indicate an association between smoking and heart disease and cancer. But surely much work needs to be done to determine the nature of this association as well as the role of exhausts, air pollution, asphalt highways, and so forth, before anyone can make an accurate statement on the cause of cancer.

An Expert Answers 37 Most-asked Questions About Cancer

IN A TAPE-RECORDED SESSION, Dr. Brewster S. Miller (right), for more than six years director of professional education of the American Cancer Society, gives the vital answers to author Donald G. Cooley’s comprehensive queries. A world-famous cancer authority, Dr. Miller was a delegate to the 1954 International Cancer Congress, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Q. Dr. Miller, it is kind of you to consent to this interview, and I want to thank you on behalf of readers of Cosmopolitan Magazine, who will feel they are sitting across a desk from you, as I am, getting authoritative answers to questions that are of grave concern to all of us. Cancer is a word that frightens everybody. What does it mean? What is cancer?

Patient Travels in Trailer with an ‘Iron Lung’ (Oct, 1938)

Patient Travels in Trailer with an ‘Iron Lung’

Kept alive by an “iron lung” for many months since he was stricken with infantile paralysis while traveling in China, Frederick B. Snite, Jr., of River Forest, Ill., now has a trailer fitted with an iron lung for touring in this country. The portable “lung” is pushed up a runway into the trailer and supplied with power by a generating plant behind the cab. The mechanical device does his breathing for him while he watches the scenery in a rear-view mirror or in a periscope mirror on the roof. The trailer is air conditioned and has its own kitchen.

Germproof Operating Room (May, 1938)

Germproof Operating Room


BY ADAPTING the assembly-line methods of a factory, an ultramodern “operating block” designed by a leading French professor of medicine will provide hospital patients with surgical treatment in surroundings as nearly germ-free as human ingenuity can devise.

ADAM and EVE in PLASTIC (Nov, 1950)


SCIENCE is resurrecting Adam and Eve but the 1950 editions are a bit different from the originals. Talking, transparent reproductions of a woman and man which reveal in natural color every detail of the human anatomy are being built in Germany for exhibition at London’s British Food Fair.

Recorded lectures will seem to be the voices of the statues as they deliver talks on health, diet and hygiene while various parts of the anatomy light up to demonstrate specific points. Statues are the brainchildren of scientist Franz Tschackert.

How Pregnancy Tests Work (Mar, 1964)

This is a whole hell of a lot less convenient than “pee on a stick, see if it changes color”. Living in Portland, my first thought was: “But what will the vegan girls do?”. Also, while he is a gynecologist, I’m not really sure I’d trust medical advice from someone who is President of the Metropolitan New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

How Pregnancy Tests Work

How doctors decide if a woman is — or is not — pregnant.

by Dr. Leo Wollman, M.D.

The first thing a woman thinks of when her menstrual period is late is: Am I pregnant? Usually there is no way for her to know for certain at this time until her doctor has her take a pregnancy test.

What is a pregnancy test?

Most of them are based on the presence during pregnancy of an increased amount of a substance which stimulates the sex glands— called gonadotropin—in the woman’s blood or urine. The sample is injected in a small animal (usually a rabbit, a mouse, or a frog), and if the animal shows certain changes in its reproductive organs, it means that the woman is pregnant.

For cuts, bruises, wounds, stings—all infections-LISTERINE—instantly! (Oct, 1930)

200,000,000 per second? Wow, that must really work. Now, is that world wide? Or just in the lab? Yay for context free numbers.

For cuts, bruises, wounds, stings—all infections-LISTERINE—instantly!

Whenever the skin is broken, there is acute danger of infection. Germs of infection may reach the wound from other parts of the skin surface or the air may transmit them.



Cellophane masks for doctors and nurses are a recent innovation at a Los Angeles, Calif., hospital. Worn before the face, the transparent shields are designed to lessen the chance of contagion in treating patients with communicable diseases, without obstructing the wearer’s view or otherwise inconveniencing him. The masks may be donned or removed in an instant, and are either worn with a headband or clipped to the users’ spectacles, as shown in the illustration.