CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims (Nov, 1954)

CAVE CURE For Asthma Victims

NEAR the town of Ennepetal in Westphalia, Germany, is the Klutert cave which has become a mecca for asthma sufferers who find a short stay in the cave rids them of coughing spasms.

Doctors investigating the phenomenon say that the humid air in the cave is almost entirely free of allergy-producing agents. This, plus a slight radioactivity in the cave walls, accounts for the magical properties of the Klutert cave— giving new hope to victims of one of man’s oldest ills. •

New Miracle of Science: 60 SECOND PLASTIC SURGERY (Jan, 1954)

New Miracle of Science: 60 SECOND PLASTIC SURGERY

A beautifying plastic operation now is possible within 60 seconds. This is no joke but the pleasant truth for all those who suffer from the. ill-effects of a disfiguring accident or hereditary ugliness. It may be a broken nose that mars the appearance of its owner, or perhaps a hollow spot in the forehead due to a war injury. In many other cases it is just a question of vanity or the need for particularly attractive features in one’s business. Whatever the reason for a change in a person’s appearance, a new revolutionary method devised by a plastic surgeon in Hamburg. Germany, allows him or her to have it done during one afternoon.

A “Slot Machine Doctor”! (Dec, 1941)

A “Slot Machine Doctor”!

THE slot machine manufacturers will never stop until they have American life completely on a “coin-in-slot” basis, apparently. Now they’ve devised this machine. Strap your wrist to it, drop in a dime, and r6ad your blood pressure level and pulse rate.

DYSKINESIA – Constipation – What To Do About It (Feb, 1931)

I know this was way before WWII, but what exactly does constipation have to do with a swastika?

Constipation – What To Do About It

IF MISERY loves company, the person who has Dyskinesia [dis’ kin’ees’ia] may be interested in learning from his family doctor that at least one in every three of his adult patients suffers from the same ail’ ment. But he can take a good deal more comfort in knowing that Dyskinesia not only can be prevented but it can be cured—without resort to drugs.


I just read a somewhat similar article in Wired last month. i09 also had an interesting piece on the history of PTSD this week.


by R. A. Montherlant

NARCOSYNTHESIS—medicine’s newest and most effective method of reclaiming from their mental hells the pitiful “combat fatigue” cases.

MEDICINE’S newest and most streamlined method of fighting the battle jitters was perfected during the Tunisian campaign under the nerve-wracking conditions of a combat zone.

In a base hospital at Algiers, where air raids were as much an accepted part of the day’s routine as chow, Army doctors, working under the direction of Lieut. Col. Roy R. Grinker and Captain John P. Speigel, U. S. Army psychiatrists, established the scientific use of hypnosis-producing drugs in the treatment of “combat fatigue” cases.


EAR diseases are now being successfully treated by a new lamp developed by a German technician, known as the non-burning Landecker lamp. It has proved especially successful in treating serious ailments such as inflammation of the inner ear, employing the curative properties of light and heat. The patient, as shown in the photo below, sits with the lamp rays concentrated upon the infected part of the ear.


Well, that looks accurate.


Women apply their energy more efficiently than men, according to tests made at Fordham University in New York City. Breathing through tubes connected to a device called a “metabolor,” subjects pedaled bicyclelike machines while experimenters measured their oxygen consumption. Results indicated that men waste ten percent more energy than women.

Men Easier to Hurt Than Women (Feb, 1930)

I misread the head line as “Men Easier to Hunt Than Women” and was a bit confused.

I did a little googling and this seems to still be a pretty open question.

Men Easier to Hurt Than Women

HUMAN cheeks and foreheads are the most sensitive parts of the body to pain according to investigations of Professor Uginelli, of Florence, Italy. Least sensitive are the outer sides of the arms. Contrary to the conventional idea that women are the more sensitive sex, his tests show that women feel pain about one-tenth less severely, on the average, than do men.

Chin Plate Stops Mouth Breathing (Dec, 1936)

Chin Plate Stops Mouth Breathing

AN ADJUSTABLE chin plate has been developed by Oliver Lowry, Meridian, Miss., which, if worn at night while sleeping, eliminates mouth breathing, the principal cause of “whistling” and snoring. The device consists of a padded metal plate that fits the contour of the lower jaw. Adjustable elastic bands insure a satisfactory fit. Two small ribbons that run around the neck are needed when the device is worn by persons having short, stubby chins.


YOUR heart may soon be diagnosed for ailments by telephone. A new five-lb. transistorized unit which transmits heart sounds and electrocardiograph signals via telephone has been developed by the University of Kansas Medical Center. The device is designed to solve many of the problems of phone consultations between heart specialists. The patient, with transmitter attached, sits or reclines next to a phone mouthpiece. At the receiving end, a second unit transmits the signal to another electrocardiograph machine for consultant’s reading.