Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye (Dec, 1936)

I really hope Dr. Titus didn’t create this for his wife…

Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye

A DISFIGURING, and sometimes embarrassing black eye can be removed in less than one hour by the use of a new static machine that “bombards” the eye with electricity. The electric treatment is painless.

Languages Now Taught by X-Ray (Apr, 1930)

Languages Now Taught by X-Ray

Remarkable Action Photos of Vocal Organs Disclose Secrets of Speech That Long Have Baffled Anatomists


A GOLD chain many times thinner than a watch chain, a set of X-ray photographs, and a few ingenious devices have just solved secrets of human speech that have baffled anatomists for centuries. The photographs on this page are of human subjects talking a foreign language.

Who Are the Quacks? (Mar, 1922)

Woo is eternal.

Who Are the Quacks?

By Annie Riley Hale

YOU see the Allopaths arrived first, with Hippocrates, and quickly seized all the natural strongholds,—popular ignorance and superstition, the laissez-faire instinct of the mob to be led or driven, and the panicky animal fear of pain and death. These they further fortified with traditions of medical learning and omniscience; with the alleged inability of the lay mind to grasp any ordinary physiological fact; and the pleasing fiction that every physician is a man of science, holding the only key to health.

Your Sex Questions Answered (Jan, 1959)

I have a feeling that in the 1950s Sexology was one of the few places people could get reasonable, non-judgmental, fact-based help about sexual issues.

Your Sex Questions Answered

The purpose of the QUESTION AND ANSWER DEPARTMENT is strictly educational. All answers are made by a medical authority and are based on recorded experiences of similar cases.



by James Nevin Miller

IN THE city of White Plains, N. Y., not so long ago, more than 700 people suddenly were stricken with a mysterious ailment. City authorities thought the case was food poisoning. But just what kind, puzzled them. True enough, it was learned that all the victims had eaten chocolate eclairs, cream puffs or Boston cream pies. However, none of the custard-filled pastries appeared to be “spoiled” although it was suspected that contaminated custard filling might have been the source of the poisoning.

Milk Cured My Nerve Shock (Mar, 1922)

So milk cures P.T.S.D? Someone should tell the Defense Department!

Milk Cured My Nerve Shock

The Story of the Physical Regeneration of W. J. McLemore

An Interview and Introduction by Edwin F, Bowers, M. D

ONE of the most deplorable, disheartening and distressing results of the War is our crop of cripples. The cruelly maimed, the pathetic blind, the derelicts who have lost legs or arms in the bestial, bitter game, are figures of sorrow. They affect every decent-minded man or woman with an overshadowing sense of resentment and protest at the futility of it all.

Hot Water Cure for Insomnia (Feb, 1933)

Then frat-boys realized they could use this very technique to get their drunk friends to piss themselves and college never smelled the same again.

Hot Water Cure for Insomnia

A NEW way of curing insomnia by hot baths to the arms only instead of to the whole body has been devised by a German physician. To use the arm-bath method, the victim of insomnia is laid on a narrow bed or bath table so that both arms can lie in hot water at a temperature of about 95 degrees, Fahrenheit. The temperature of the water is then raised slowly until the bath reaches 110 or 115 degrees. After a few minutes the patient is put to bed.

Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist? (Jan, 1972)

Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist?

Widespread confusion about oversexed women still remains


To the average layman, the nymphomaniac is a creature out of erotic dreams—sexy, passionate, wanting nothing but his love, and willing to do anything to please him.

Many sexologists hold a different view. They do not consider the nymphomaniac a sexy woman at all. To them, she is a confused, deeply neurotic person who will make life unbearable for any man involved with her. She is incapable of achieving sexual satisfaction herself and equally incapable of satisfying a man.



New plant converts human blood into variety of lifesaving products

Given two pints of human blood, science now produces enough products to (1) cure two children of measles, (2) rescue five infants from the anguish of whooping cough, (3) save the life of a hemophiliac “bleeder,” (4) help a victim of anemia, (5) aid a surgeon in performing a delicate brain operation, and also (6) enable him to make a skin graft without resort to scarring stitches.

See-Saw Rocks Dead Back to Life (Jul, 1934)

See-Saw Rocks Dead Back to Life

PERSONS apparently drowned can be “rocked” back to life by a new artificial resuscitation apparatus being installed in hospitals all over England.

The machine produces 10 to 15 see-saw motions a minute to induce an exact imitation of natural breathing. It work automatically once the patient is balanced on the light metal frame.