The Southerner who made good by making New Yorkers look up expects the whole postwar world to go sign-happy in the Times Square manner

The sky’s no limit to Douglas Leigh, today’s Lamplighter of Broadway and King of the Spectaculars, those illuminated, animated supersigns that are catching on across the country.

RCA Solid State Laser (May, 1980)

An RCA Solid State Laser that fits through the eye of a needle can transmit 500 million bits of information per second through a thread of glass.

The entire contents of a 24-volume encyclopedia in 3 minutes. 2500 phone conversations or 20 TV programs at the same time.

Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn (Aug, 1931)

Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn
THE frequency of motor accidents may be lessened considerably when a new automatic tail light exhibited recently at the International Patent exhibition comes into widespread use. The turning of the steering wheel of the device, shown at the right, flashes on a light in the rear that indicates to following motorists which way the driver will turn, thus preventing confusion and delay.

Ants as Household Pets (Sep, 1931)

Ants as Household Pets

ANT houses for children to build and watch at school and at home, as many schools and homes now keep bowls of goldfish or other kinds of aquaria, have been introduced at Hanover, New Hampshire, by Prof. Frank E. Austin of Dartmouth College. An ant house consists of two sheets of glass held in a wooden frame, like the two panes of a double window.

HERE’S “VELCRO” (Jan, 1959)


VELCRO may put the zipper out of business. This new fastening material is made of two nylon strips. One contains oodles of microscopic hooks; the other oodles of microscopic loops. Pressed together they form an amazingly strong union, yet peel open easily.



The sheerer the stocking, the longer a masculine eye will linger on even the least well-turned calf and ankle. Because of this fact, the mortality rate of women’s silk hose is 500,000,000 pairs annually. If women were willing to wear medium-sheer stockings of eight or more threads twisted in one yarn, their stocking problem would he minimized.

Making Your Money Last Longer (Jan, 1929)

Making Your Money Last Longer

By Will Bradford

USING newly perfected methods of paper manufacture, Uncle Sam has increased the life-span of the average dollar bill fully three times! This article takes you behind the scenes of the world’s greatest money factory.

INCREASING the life of the dollar bill is the latest achievement of the U. S. Treasury, a feat which has involved several years of research and which has resulted in the perfection of grease-proof, oil-resistant, wear-worthy currency which will last longer than any ever previously produced.

Astronomers Discover New Planet Out Beyond Neptune (Jun, 1930)

Astronomers Discover New Planet Out Beyond Neptune

The recently discovered planet, already named Pluto, is judged to be the same size as the earth.

The late Percival Lowell, shown above, predicted the planet’s discovery 25 years ago. The picture of the planet was obtained with a 24-inch reflector and is from a 30-times enlargement of the plate. It was taken by Prof. George Van Biesbroeck of Yerkes Observatory at Williams Bay, Wisc. The bright glow on the plate is the near-by star, Delta Geminorum.

Garage ‘Without WALLS for Car Parking (Jun, 1931)

Garage ‘Without WALLS for Car Parking

A TYPE of garage built on entirely new lines has been designed and patented by Samuel Eliot, a real estate operator and building manager of Boston, Mass. Known as a “cage garage,” it is an open-air parking space stepped up three or four stories, with no side-walls or windows, no heat, no elevators or electric lighting.

Money Changing Machine Gives Silver for Bills! (Jan, 1929)

Money Changing Machine Gives Silver for Bills!

MANY times has the cash girl wished that she didn’t have to change paper money and run out of change. Realizing this, an English inventor conceived and produced a changing machine. The bank note is placed within a flap on the top of the machine and the lever pressed downward.