Personal Appearance
LEG FALSIES (Aug, 1953)


LEG falsies for gals with unshapely gams are now being made by Mrs. Dorothy Funk of Burbank, Calif. (Blushing, girls?) Moulded from customer’s legs they are concealed by special rubber and nylon stockings. Can you spot falsies at top? (Model at left.) Oh, pity the poor males!

Cocktail Shaker Enables Milady to Make Any Hue Powder (Nov, 1931)

Cocktail Shaker Enables Milady to Make Any Hue Powder

THE latest innovation from Paris for milady comes in the form of a cocktail shaker in which powders suitable for various types of complexions can be mixed on the spot. With each shaker there is provided a number of recipes for face powders, so that actresses may mix their own for any occasion. Photos above show successive steps in the mixing of the powders.

Gimmicks for Beauty (Jan, 1949)

Gimmicks for Beauty

FEW girls are born beautiful. But many plain Janes are getting pretty enough to make a guy go ga-ga, thanks to the odd gimmicks beauty gadgeteers are turning out. To the male eye the strange beautifying machines look like modern versions of a medieval torture chamber. To milady the devices are the wonderful instruments that help nature transform the ugliest duckling into a lovely swan.

Fish Furnish Leather for Making Shoes (Nov, 1939)

Fish Furnish Leather for Making Shoes
Fish skins, specially dried and tanned, are now being used in Italy for the manufacture of shoes. Six or seven skins pressed tightly together into one thickness are shaped into shoe uppers that are said to be strong and serviceable. Although the fish-skin material is made especially for shoes, it is also used for making machine belts and brake linings.

Hat Is Latest in Cigarette Cases (Apr, 1932)

Hat Is Latest in Cigarette Cases

AN “ammunition” hat designed with tuck in which are inserted twenty cigarettes, is proclaimed by stylists as the latest fad for co-eds. Wearing this hat, shown in the photo at right, the co-ed needs no longer go through the awkward motions of searching through a hand bag for her fags. All she has to do is to reach up and pluck one from her hat.

The cigarettes are arranged to appear like ornaments on the hat. The slots which hold the fags are made extremely rigid so as to prevent breaking.



Raquel Torres, the famous film star, is responsible for a new device for lip rouging. A wooden stamp, shaped to the form of the lips and covered with rouge, is pressed against the lips, thus stamping the rouge on. The stamp comes in various sizes, to fit the lips of small as well as large featured persons.

Beard Clinic Maps Strategy for Shaving (Sep, 1939) (Sep, 1939)

Beard Clinic Maps Strategy for Shaving
HOW men should manipulate their razors to give themselves a smooth, clean shave is explained by dermatologists at the New York World’s Fair after a facial examination with an ingenious apparatus. On human faces, the experts say, the beard grows in different directions, which should be followed by the shaver as he uses his razor.

Device Fits Gloves Scientifically (May, 1936)

I’m sure there’s an OJ joke in here somewhere.

Device Fits Gloves Scientifically

TO FIT gloves scientifically a new device housed in a plastic case gives finger length and palm breadth in terms of glove sizes. A moveable button shows the length of the middle finger while a strap measures the palm.

The readings are shown on dials.


One of the newest of exercising devices is a mechanism that somewhat resembles a hobbyhorse without rockers. Seated in its saddle and operating this odd contrivance, the user can exercise and develop all the principle muscles of his body. A pair of pedals work a crankshaft device which imparts an up and down motion to the saddle similar to that experienced in riding a horse at a trot. Assuming different positions on the machine while working it develops legs, back, stomach, or neck muscles. The machine is designed for the use of invalids as well as for those who wish to reduce with the aid of scientific exercise.

Weird Beauty Devices

These old magazines are full of devices for improving women’s appearance. 90% of them are completely useless, and some are even dangerous. Here are a few of my favorites:

According to the article this machine, designed by Max Factor, will measure the beauty of a woman’s face. I’m not really sure how that’s supposed to work, but the picture looks like a scene right out of a Frankenstein meets Hellraiser movie. Here’s another article that provides different view of this instrument of torture beauty.


Woman Invents Dimple Machine
I guess this would work. If you consider annoying red welts to be dimples.