Personal Appearance
Slot Machine Vends 25c Sunburns (Mar, 1935)

Slot Machine Vends 25c Sunburns

SELLING sunburns at twenty-five cents an installment, new slot machines being installed in Broadway barber and beauty shops are attracting New Yorkers seeking that Palm Beach and California complexion.

Upon depositing a coin in the slot, a violet ray lamp gives off radiations for seven minutes. Patrons are warned to wait three days before the next treatment, said too frequent usage gives painful burns.

An Electric Tooth Brush Makes Teeth Sparkle (Feb, 1940)

An Electric Tooth Brush Makes Teeth Sparkle
EVERYBODY in the family may brush his teeth “the way the dentist does” with a new electric brush which does away with traditional dental cleaning methods. Every member of the family can have his own set of brushes that can be quickly attached to the brush head. A full range of brush hardness is available. The brushes can be separately washed and sterilized. Rubber gum massage suction cups are accessories. Any dentifrice can be used with this electric brush. The motor, which is shock-proofed, does the work, cleansing, brightening, and polishing as the dentist does it. The brush is precision-made, and is sturdily constructed of highgrade materials.

Fat Men! (Oct, 1927)

Fat Men!

This new self-massaging belt not only makes you look thinner INSTANTLY —but quickly takes off rolls of excess fat.

DIET is weakening—drugs are dangerous—strenuous reducing exercises are liable to strain your heart. The only safe method of reducing is massage. This method sets up a vigorous circulation that seems to melt away the surplus fat. The Weil Reducing Belt made of special reducing rubber, produces exactly the same results as a skilled masseur, only quicker and cheaper. Every move you make causes the Weil Belt to gently massage your abdomen. Results are rapid because this belt works for you every second.

Our Physical Culture Girls (Nov, 1934)

Our Physical Culture Girls

Adventures in Health and Happiness

How Peggy Won Her Seven-Point Star

To the Editor and Fellow Readers: When Peggy and Paul were babies their daily schedules moved with clocklike precision. They were bathed at such a time; they were fed at designated intervals. They napped and played according to a certain previously mapped out plan. And I, the conscientious mother, gave up all outside interests, my world revolving around my two babies.

Paddles Provide Cool Massage (Sep, 1940)

Paddles Provide Cool Massage
Whirled by a flexible drive shaft connected to an electric motor, paper paddles in a new beauty device massage the skin. According to the inventor, the paddles create a circulation of air around the area being massaged, thus overcoming the objection of heat created by the massaging action. The device is intended for use by operators in beauty parlors and barber shops.

Built-Up Shoes Make Short Men Taller (Jul, 1940)

Built-Up Shoes Make Short Men Taller

Short men no longer need be at a disadvantage in watching parades, or in reaching for something on the top shelf. To their rescue comes a New York shoe designer, whose footwear is said to produce an “invisible lift” of one to two inches without sacrifice in stylishness. Forestalling the natural impulse to tear the shoe apart and discover his secret, he exhibits a cut-away model that solves the mystery. A comfortable, skillfully shaped insert raises the foot from the ground without appreciably altering the external contour. Customers include “shorties” who want to see eye to eye with other men or with girl friends, and who gain self-confidence and social ease with increased height provided by the novel footwear.

Machine Provides Permanent Wave In One Minute (Aug, 1937)

Machine Provides Permanent Wave In One Minute
A ONE-MINUTE permanent waving machine of new design has been developed by Ralph Shakour, Frank Feeney, and E. Riley of Springfield, Mass. The device features vertical heater elements that preheat thirty-six aluminum curler clips in groups of eighteen because the speed of the machine is so rapid it proved to be impractical to heat all the clips at the same time. The heater is divided into two units with safety switches and red safety lights. The clips are merely taken off the heater and placed upon the hair. By the time the eighteenth clip has been attached, it is time to remove the first one. The process of waving is then repeated.

Beauty Machine Pats the Face (Aug, 1930)

Beauty Machine Pats the Face
A NEW beauty machine that gently pats cosmetics into the skin as advised by beauty and skin specialists has been brought out by a Connecticut manufacturer. The device is equipped with a cord for connection to light socket

Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING (Apr, 1934)

If you’re interested in tattoos, be sure to check out this article. Or, perhaps a new career?

Revive Interest in ART of TATTOOING

INTEREST in tattooing has been revived by a book that covers the subject thoroughly and frankly. “Tattoo” by Albert Parry, makes many startling revelations.

For instance, it is surprising to learn how many women, even in society circles, adorn their physical charms with multi-colored figures of butterflies, hearts, cupids and initials of loved ones.

Handy Nail-Polish Guards (Apr, 1940)

Handy Nail-Polish Guards
Polish newly applied to finger nails may be protected from accidental smearing as it dries with novel ventilated finger-nail guards just introduced for beauty-shop and home use. Made of springy metal, the guards are slipped on over the ends of the fingers, as shown in the photograph above, and are held in place by elastic bands.