Personal Appearance

A new electric presser is said to be the only device that can give trousers a crease while they are being worn. A user holds the top of the trouser crease and runs the iron down the leg. V-shaped jaws open at the touch of a thumb lever to grip the fabric and apply necessary heat from electric current.

Motorized Eyebrow Tweezer Works Rapidly, Painlessly (Aug, 1933)

Motorized Eyebrow Tweezer Works Rapidly, Painlessly
THE painful yanking of eyebrows with tweezers in order to obtain the high-arched brow, the fashion now prevailing among the feminine sex, is a thing of the past, thanks to the development of the machine shown in the photo at the left. The instrument, inventors claim, not only pulls the hair out by the roots, but also does the job in a painless and permanent manner. Power is furnished by a small motor through a flexible cable, to the end of which is attached a hair-extracting device of special design.


Looks like the Gillette Fusion isn’t really that new after all. Plus, this razor never, ever needs to be sharpened! The wouldn’t lie to me, right?

Five blades, instead of one, are used in a new type of safety razor introduced by a French inventor. One stroke of the razor across the face is said to remove every trace of hair in its path. The speed of the resulting shave is enhanced by the fact that the razor need not be taken apart after shaving. It is merely rinsed under the faucet and screwed, head down, in its special case. The blades require no sharpening, according to the maker, and will give good service indefinitely.

A One-Man Show with a Magic Hat (Sep, 1933)

A One-Man Show with a Magic Hat

IMPERSONATING different characters by appearing in a succession of hats is a trick well-known to the stage comedian and one that you can easily perform in your home with the aid of the simple ring of felt shown here. By folding and twisting it, the wearer transforms himself successively into a general, a president, a clown, and as many other personages as ingenuity may suggest. Make the ring of heavy hat felt if procurable; otherwise, have two thicknesses of the lighter grade, that every dry-goods store sells, stitched together on a sewing machine. A mirror behind a screen will help you to adjust your hat carefully but speedily for each impersonation. To aid in learning the shapes, the indicated letters may be chalked on the ring. At the end of entertainment, pull the ring down around your neck and say, “Myself.”

New Metallic Collar Reflects Health Rays of Sun on Face (Jul, 1932)

New Metallic Collar Reflects Health Rays of Sun on Face

A NEW apparatus for directing the health-giving rays of the sun to the face, known as the “Rivierasonne,” has recently been introduced in Berlin. The device is made out of a thin metal and shaped like a large collar.

The metal collar collects the sun’s rays and throws them onto the face by means of a multiple reflector. Being extremely flexible, the apparatus, shown in the photo on the right, can be adjusted to any angle to catch the rays and reflect them as desired.

Stocking Cap with Goggles Shields Your Face (Dec, 1936)

Stocking Cap with Goggles Shields Your Face
If you must be outside in extremely cold weather, when the face needs protection, a stocking cap fitted with goggles will offer warmth for the entire head. Get a pair of leather-framed goggles and cut down the frame so that they can be sewed in openings made in the front of the cap. When they are not needed, the goggles can be rolled back over your head.
—Opie Read, Jr., Chicago.

Carbo-Magno – Bald Heads Rehaired (Mar, 1922)

Carbo-Magno – Bald Heads Rehaired

Do not accept Baldness or other Hair Troubles with resignation. Carbo-Magno stimulates the scalp, nourishes the tissues, and vitalizes the hair bulbs. The head is rehaired by an antiseptic vapor from our patent Hat Sheath, worn in the hat. Enthusiastic letters from men and women, confirm us in our claim that it is almost infallible. If troubled with scalp disorders—write at once for our FREE folder and testimonials.

Price of treatment within the reach of all.
Lock Drawer 538, Norfolk, Va.


“when my muscles hardened, I began to enjoy the rough good fellowship of the other men in the gym” … and now he poses for magazines wearing a g-string. Why would anyone think hairdressers were gay, erm I mean weaklings.


By Gasper Puglisi

I AM a ladies’ hairdresser employed by one of the leading Fifth Avenue shops in New York City, a position that brings me in contact with the best people from society, stage, and screen. My position requires me to stand a good part of the day and above all to maintain a cheerful attitude at all times.

About a year ago last fall, and at various times previously, fits of mental depression came over me. I became morbid, grouchy and felt ten years older than I was and I commenced to look it. I also began to develop an inferiority complex. I had no confidence when I spoke to my customers because I seemed to feel that life had cheated me out of a robust, healthy body. I used to dread the winter because I caught cold frequently due to my low resistance. These colds and complications robbed me of the necessary vitality needed to maintain a natural cheery attitude.

Vibrating Curling Iron Waves Any Kind of Hair (Apr, 1940)

Vibrating Curling Iron Waves Any Kind of Hair

Successful results are said to be assured in curling dry, oily, straight, kinky, or practically any other type of hair, with a new-waving machine just introduced. Powered by electricity, the device employs a vibrating curling iron that can be regulated to four different heats so that the proper temperature can be obtained for any type of hair. No lotions and no hair drier are needed in waving hair with the new machine.

Rock-A-By Razor (Apr, 1948)

Rock-A-By Razor

This nonelectric razor gives you a dry shave when you hold it against the skin and rock it gently back and forth. Its two blades, explains the British manufacturer, cut the whiskers by a scissors movement. At the same time the guard sharpens the blades, and is said to give them a life of several years. The blades, moving in a half circle, crop the beard bristles that project through the perforated guard shown above.