Personal Appearance
Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare (Feb, 1938)

Glasses Eliminate Headlight Glare

Complete comfort and safety are promised to the night automobile driver who will wear a new type of eyeshade. Colored material above the eyes blocks out the glare of approaching headlights at a distance and as the bright headlights approach, shields at the driver’s left block out the glare from that direction. It is claimed the eye glasses serve to tone down the brightness at the left side of the road and to leave perfectly clear and visible the right side where the driver is traveling.

New Electric Shaver Held Like Straight Razor (Mar, 1938)

New Electric Shaver Held Like Straight Razor

Held in the same position as a straightedge razor, a new electric shaver has a cutter which oscillates in a rotary manner, operating more like a mower
than a clipper.

Woman Invents Dimple Machine (Oct, 1936)

Woman Invents Dimple Machine

DIMPLES are now made to order! These aids to beauty can be produced as the result of a new invention
by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, N. Y. The device consists of a face-fitting spring carrying two tiny knobs which press into the cheeks.


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Dept. C Coral Gables, Miami 34, Florida

Halloween Habiliments (Nov, 1939)

Halloween Habiliments


UNIQUE Hallowe’en costumes of the type illustrated can be made at small outlay for material. The three-legged twins, for instance, require a special coat and shoes, but old pajamas will provide the trouser legs. The perambulating dog house is constructed from a large cardboard carton and painted green with a red roof. Brown “coveralls” and a dog mask should be worn by the person inside.

Lightweight, Transparent Rain Suit for Golfers (Oct, 1940)

It looks like she is defying God to strike her dead with a lightning bolt.

Lightweight, Transparent Rain Suit for Golfers

Protection from rain, without noticeable weight or interference with the wearer’s freedom of movement, is afforded golfers by a transparent rain suit. The suit consists of a long-sleeved jacket and trousers.

HAIR GROWS! (Mar, 1922)

HAIR GROWS! when our Vacuum Cap is used a few minutes daily. Sent on 60 days FREE trial at our expense. No drugs or electricity. Stops falling hair, cures dandruff. A postal brings illustrated booklet.
499 Barclay Denver, Colorado

Learn TATTOOING At Home (May, 1952)

Earn extra MONEY—Tattoo blood types and designs in your community. Splendid opportunity in every town. Prepare in spare time. Practical instructions. Send 25c for details and list of Tattoo Supplies. No obligations.
ZEIS SCHOOL OF TATTOOING • 738 Leslie, Rockford, Ill.

The Mahler Treatment (Mar, 1922)

“I Don’t Enjoy Society Because This Unsightly Hair On My Face Makes, Me Look So Ugly”

But there is a way to get rid of unsightly hair, safely, privately, permanently. There is one—and only one—treatment that kills the hair root. After other treatments the hair grows thicker and stronger than ever. The Mahler treatment permanently removes superfluous hair. It can be used in the privacy of your own home at compara tively small expense. Send three stamps today for full particulars sent in plain sealed envelope.
43-K, Mahler Park, PROVIDENCE, R. I

Pet Dog Makes Living Fur Piece (Jun, 1939)

Pet Dog Makes Living Fur Piece

SIGNS reading “No Dogs Allowed” mean nothing to Miss Jeanne Lorraine, of New York City, since she taught her twelve-year-old pet toy collie, Jiggs, to drape himself around her neck and masquerade as a fur piece. The trick first worked on a clerk at a residential hotel that barred pets, and Miss Lorraine has been using it ever since to take her dog through subways, past customs officers, on railroad coaches, and into other places where canine companions are not welcomed. To heighten the illusion, Jigg’s mistress selects costumes in shades of brown that blend with her dog’s coloring, and then attaches a “pinned” flower corsage to the dog’s fur by means of an elastic band around his belly. The animal then promptly relaxes every muscle so that he can be draped gracefully around his owner’s neck, like a fox, mink, or marten skin. For periods up to one hour at a stretch, Jiggs will hardly bat an eye, his only movement being an occasional tail wag, which his mistress covers up with a nonchalant stroke of her hand.