Personal Appearance
STAG – A Man’s Cream For a Man’s Face (Mar, 1922)

MANHOOD- Make Your Face Show it
Every real man wants the clear, rugged, ruddy face of a real he-man; the healthy, clean skin and alert expression that comes from a vigorous life in the open air. All men want it— all women admire it. You can have it.

STAG – A Man’s Cream For a Man’s Face

—is a true facial invigorator and tonic prepared for men. Two minutes’ use brings the red blood tingling to the surface, removes that oily, sallow appearance and leaves the skin clean, clear, firm and with healthy color. It invigorates and hardens the facial muscles and promotes an alert, forceful expression. A sixty-day treatment—with money-back guarantee—will be sent to you for a dollar bill.

Hair Mail Special (Feb, 1949)

Hair Mail Special

Baldness beating you down? Don’t lose your head—mail-order a scalp from Max Factor, movie makeup man—and brush your troubles away!

  1. Bashful about that shining pate for years. Milton Jones gets mail kit to order hair.
  2. Following Max Factor’s instruction booklet, Milton x-marks a spot for his new hairline.
  3. Then he stretches a wire across his head to get the natural dimensions for a hairy top.
  4. Not much business for the barber, but Jones still finds hair he can clip for a sample.
  5. Milton’s mail order is put on a properly shaped hair block at Factor’s wig workshop.
  6. The wig dresser combs out the toupee to see that every hair looks like the real thing.
  7. The postman brings the toupee and Milton rushes to a mirror to try on his new hair.
  8. That handsome head of hair puts Milton in “top” shape for big business at his office.
Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather (Apr, 1940)

Freckleproof Cape Protects Bather
Fair Floridians who fear freckles have adopted the odd hooded cape pictured in the photograph below, taken at an Atlantic beach resort. Made of a polka-dot print fabric, the freckleproof cape has an attached hood equipped with built-in sun glasses to further protect the wearer from the effects of strong sunlight.


for the man who has “everything”. Gold plate on Sterling 13.50. 14K gold 60.00. In Sterling
$12.50 a pair.
All taxes and postage included. Another exclusive by mail from Pee Wee House
Culver City 13, Cal.

27,000 RPM Tie Clip (May, 1962)

POWER TIE CLIP by L. M. Cox Co., Santa Ana Calif., is an operating internal combustion engine. The motor has a displacement of only .01 cubic inch, with a piston hardly larger than the head of a pin. It can fly a very small model airplane, however. As a tie clip it is decorative but non-operable unless you carry with you the 1-1/2-volt battery to attach to its glow head and a drop or two of fuel. Rotary valve engine does 27,000 rpm. Gift-packed, with manual, $8.


It’s Sweating to the Oldies, back before they were oldies.


Reducing Reduced to a Science

ARE you bulky of body, and heavy of heart? Would you really like to reduce? Will you accept without cost the proof that you can? Then read what this man has done! Not long: ago, in Chicago, it was stated that the scientific secret of weight regulation had been discovered. Wallace, a leading physical director, had worked seventeen years to make the announcement. But it did not take long to prove it was true.

Night-Driving Glasses Use Wire-Mesh Lenses (Nov, 1940)

Night-Driving Glasses Use Wire-Mesh Lenses
“Blinders” of wire mesh in new spectacles designed for night driving are said to shield the eyes from the glaring headlights of oncoming cars. Mounted in an eyeglass frame, the screening absorbs enough light to prevent retinal fatigue, without interfering with safe vision.

Rubber Gown Is Blow-Out Attire (Mar, 1940)

Rubber Gown Is Blow-Out Attire
A CURIOUS evening gown, made entirely of rubber, was one of the outstanding costumes worn at a costume ball held not long ago in Akron, Ohio, a center of the rubber-manufacturing industry. Above, the wearer of the gown is pictured having the hem of her unusual dress vulcanized.



PRIMSET—a simple and marvelous new method, sets them in natural position and improves appearance IMMEDIATELY. INVISIBLE, COMFORTABLE. HARMLESS—can be employed any time without detection. Use corrects deformity quickly with children, eventually with adults. Endorsed by physicians as best known method for straightening ears. Complete outfit, guaranteed—$3.00. U. S. residents can pay postman.
U.S. residents can pay postman.
Prim Specialties Corp.
Dept. T-5, 55 West 42nd St., New York

Futuristic Honeymoon Hat (Sep, 1956)

HONEYMOON HAT for Moon use in 2056 has dual antennas so newlyweds can call Earth and tell in-laws to stay home.