Personal Appearance
Glare-proof Glasses Aid Drivers (Jul, 1932)

Glare-proof Glasses Aid Drivers

HEADLIGHT glare from approaching cars is practically eliminated by the cup-shaped aluminum shields shown on the left, which fasten onto regular spectacle frames.

Holes are cut a little to the right of the apex of the cones, which are one inch deep. When meeting a car, driver turns his head slightly to the right. This automatically cuts off the glare from the lights and enables him to watch the side of the road.

Holes in the sides of the cups aid wearer in watching cars at intersections.

Human Sunshine Tester Compares Two Brands (Jun, 1940)

Quick! Someone call Batman!

Human Sunshine Tester Compares Two Brands
Which has the better quality of sunshine, Florida or California? To settle this longstanding dispute, the gentleman at the left is exposing half of his epidermis to Florida’s sun, reserving the clothed half for a comparison test in California.

Stencil Is Used to Tan Name or Initials on Bathers’ Skin (Sep, 1929)

Stencil Is Used to Tan Name or Initials on Bathers’ Skin

FAIR bathers may initial their skin this summer with a “paint” that only time will erase, if they so desire. Stencils, in which the name or initials of the owner are cut, are held or taped on the skin. The stencil is easily made from a piece of cardboard or similar material. The photos at right and below show Raquel Torres, M-G-M motion picture star, tanning her name on her skin.

Electric Mask Removes Lines and Sags From Milady’s Face (Jun, 1933)

Electric Mask Removes Lines and Sags From Milady’s Face

BEAUTY may be spiritual, but it seems to thrive best on mechanical aids. Proof of this may be found in an electric face moulding mask recently introduced by Dr. Joseph Brueck, Viennese and New York beauty specialist. In the mask is embedded a battery of heating coils which generate a warmth that quickly banishes lines, wrinkles and sags from milady’s face whether they be due to age, illness or hard work.

While milady is being made beautiful, she breathes through a tube set between the lips of the mask, and views the world through eyes cut where eyes should be.

Modern Methods Improve Ancient Tattooing Art (Jun, 1932)

Modern Methods Improve Ancient Tattooing Art

TATTOOING is one of the most ancient arts in the world. Even before man had learned to write—and centuries before he could print—he practiced the art of pricking various designs and symbols and pictures into the human skin.

Down through the ages men and women have tattooed themselves for a wide variety of reasons. Early tribes tattooed their faces to make themselves appear more ferocious and powerful in battle. Other tribes tattooed their whole bodies as a protection from the rays of the sun and from the eyes of their enemies. Then the custom sprang up of tattooing the various parts of the body for religious purposes, or to show membership in a certain family or clan, or to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex, or as evidence that a youth had reached the marriageable age.

Hand-Cranked Toothbrush (Oct, 1944)

THAT UP-AND-DOWN MOTION that dentists tell us we should use in brushing our teeth is easily accomplished by the use of a new manually operated rotary toothbrush invented by Denis Borgeat, Montreal, Canada. The shape of the handle allows the user to take a firm grip and vary the pressure of the brush against the teeth. Since the bristles are arranged in a spiral sequence, there is a transverse as well as vertical brushing motion. The construction has been kept simple and open to enable the user to keep the brush clean and free from accumulations of toothpaste.

I wish I could gain flesh (Dec, 1934)

A SKINNY man hasn’t a chance. I wish I could gain flesh.

DOCTORS for years have prescribed yeast to build up health. But now with this new discovery you can get far greater tonic results than with ordinary yeast—regain health, and also put on pounds of firm flesh— and in a far shorter time.
Not only are thousands quickly gaining solid, good-looking pounds, but also clear skin, freedom from indigestion and constipation, new abounding pep.

Beautifully Sucked (Sep, 1932)

Suction Treatment for Beauty

A BEAUTIFYING method that cleans the skin by suction, utilizing vacuum cleaner principles, has made its appearance. The system makes use of a small electric motor driving a vacuum pump to which are attached four flexible hose.
On the end of each hose is a nozzle made of glass which is run over the face in the same manner as a vacuum cleaner, the suction drawing all the dirt out of the pores of the skin. While the suction is very gentle, it is sufficient to remove all blackheads and smooth out wrinkles.

Rub Listerine on Your Face After Shaving (Oct, 1927)


Have you ever tried Listerine after shaving? You will like it.

We are so certain of this that we are willing to risk the cost of this page to tell you about it.

Inflated Plastic Suit Shields Worker in Atomic Laboratory (Sep, 1954)

Inflated Plastic Suit Shields Worker in Atomic Laboratory

Radioactive dust doesn’t bother a worker at the General Electric plutonium plant in Richland, Wash., who walks around in a plastic balloon. The suit provides a protective barrier against radiation in “hot” areas, permitting checking for contamination, cleanup and maintenance work. A flexible plastic tunnel at the rear of the suit connects to a port in the wall, provides air and serves as an entrance and exit passage. An air mask is worn ready for use in case the suit develops a leak. The suit and tunnel remain inflated because air inside the contaminated room is at a lower pressure than air on the outside. Any flow of air is into the contaminated area rather than out.