Personal Appearance
Nix on Parties – with my crop of Pimples (Mar, 1936)

Nix on Parties – with my crop of Pimples
Don’t let Adolescent Pimples kill YOUR dates!
AFTER the beginning of adolescence—from about 13 to 25, or even longer—important glands develop and final growth takes place. This causes disturbances throughout the body. The skin becomes oversensitive. Waste poisons in the blood irritate this sensitive skin, causing pimples.
Fleischmann’s Yeast clears the skin irritants out of your blood. Then pimples disappear! Eat 3 cakes a day, before eals—plain, or in a little water—until your skin clears.
Clears the skin by clearing skin irritants out of the blood

New Plastic Masks Replace Sculpturing (May, 1935)

New Plastic Masks Replace Sculpturing
AS FAST as photography and almost as simple is a new process for making more accurate reproductions of head and bust than a sculptor can. Casts of heads can be made at low cost in 35 minutes.

A new type of plastic material, invented by Miss Harriet Meyer, is the secret of the process. This plastic substance, with which she covers the entire head of the subject, accurately reproduces every strand of hair and minute line. Yet the material does not stick to the subject. No oil is put on the face. The subject can assume any expression he may wish to have reproduced. The plastic material is applied with a brush and a brass cage pressed in place. The mask is then dried with an electric blower. After drying, the mask, still flexible, is removed. It is then used to produce the finished head in plaster of Paris or bronze.

It is claimed the plastic material does not cause discomfort to the subject and no tubes are necessary to permit the subject to breathe easily.

Gillette Mach 1 (Jun, 1930)

The New Gillette Shave
Square blade-ends
Easier and safer to handle

MOST MEN like fishing—but not fishing down the drainpipe for a slippery razor blade. That’s one of many reasons why a vast army of men are praising the New Gillette Blade. Its square ends can’t slip out of soapy fingers; and how easily the new blade reaches into the tight little corners around the mouth, nose and ears!

There are so many other big improvements that you won’t appreciate them all until you try this New Gillette Shave yourself. Here are just a few: no more wiping or drying of parts. New blade resists rust.

“Razor pull” is banished forever by new reinforced corners of razor cap and cut-out corners of blade-Sounds almost impossible to give you all this remarkable new shaving comfort for only one dollar, doesn’t it? Yet your dealer has your New-Gillette Razor set waiting for you— your choice, in fact, of five styles of handsome cases. Additional new blades are priced at one dollar for ten and fifty cents for five.

Enjoy this new shaving thrill tomorrow morning by seeing your dealer on your way home tonight.


Coiffeurs Foil Breezes With a Cellophane Hair Lacquer (Feb, 1935)

Coiffeurs Foil Breezes With a Cellophane Hair Lacquer
A NEW coiffure, “Cellophane Hair,” recently developed in Hollywood, is wind proof, according to Lawrence G. Springer, inventor of the process.
A Cellophane lacquer is sprayer onto the hair. While the hair is still wet, it is pressed into shape by the skilled hands of the coiffeur and painted with a small brush. The paint comes in any color milady desires, tints often being chosen to match corsages or gowns.
The hair is dried quickly under electric driers, developing, during the drying process, sleek glossy highlights that show to an advantage under artificial lighting.
The coiffure is not easily mussed, and it will stay in place for days.
It is expected that this coiffure will be quite popular for evening wear. The lacquer is easily removed with soap and water.

TALL enough…but what does she think? (Sep, 1955)

you may think you’re
TALL enough…but what does she think?
No doubt in YOUR mind, or HERS when you wear “ELEVATORS”.
These amazing height-Increasing shoes make you almost 2 inches taller instantly, smartly, confidentially.
She’ll look UP to you. Be sure, be smart, be taller; change to “ELEVATORS”.

SKALP-O-LATOR (May, 1935)


If bald or losing hair let us send Skalp-O-Lator kit on five months trial. Deposit money with any bank pending results. Satisfaction or cost you nothing. You are to be sole judge. Skalp-O-Lator releases pressure of tight scalp to permit blood to nourish roots. Information and proof on request.
GOODWILL SALES COMPANY Desk M Box 155 New Haven, Conn.

“Beauty Micrometer” Analyzes Facial Flaws for Makeup (Jan, 1935)

Now we know where they got the idea for Hellraiser from.

“Beauty Micrometer” Analyzes Facial Flaws for Makeup
RECENTLY perfected by Max Factor, one of Hollywood’s most famous beauty experts, a new instrument, designed to aid makeup men, accurately registers actors’ facial measurements and discloses which features should be reduced or enhanced in the makeup process.

Flaws almost invisible to the ordinary eye become glaring distortions when thrown upon the screen in highly magnified images; but Factor’s “beauty micrometer” reveals the defects.


My favorite quote is this caption from the second page: “HAIR is from live European peasant women…”


By Robert Brindley

THERE is only one positive cure for baldness and that is the toupee.

Long the butt of jokes and scornful remarks, there was once a “plain brown envelope” sort of mystery surrounding the making, selling, buying and wearing of cranium cozies but all that has been changed. A man named Louis Feder has made them absolutely undetectable and non-skid. Most important of all, perhaps, he has won for them a wide social acceptance.

Mr. Feder presides over the House of Feder in New York City. His hairpieces are known as “Tashays” (not only a word he coined but a device for which he was granted a U. S. Patent).

Swinging Tanning Lamp (May, 1949)

Ahh the Waco Aircraft Company, long known for it’s fine tanning products.

Roving arm with ultraviolet bulb paints sun lovers full-length, a side at a time

AT least one of the rigors of artificial sun-tanning is eliminated by a new sun lamp with a moving bulb: You don’t have to keep moving either the lamp or yourself to insure an even tan. Orbitan takes care of that by swinging a standard 275-watt ultraviolet bulb in a straight, level path as long as six feet. Moving back and forth it gives you an even tan from head to toe.

An optional accessory is an electric timer which will turn off the lamp at the end of a desired period of sunning. The timer gives a warning sound 20 seconds before switching off the current. This permits resetting and additional tanning in another position without waiting for the bulb to cool before it is relighted.
The lamp alone costs about $30; with bulb, about $38; the timer costs about $10. Appliance Division, Waco Aircraft Company, Troy, Ohio.

Safety Razor (Nov, 1934) (Nov, 1934)

Safety Razor
HERE is a razor which is said to do its job in any shaving position. The blades, coated with a mineral oil, come in a handy cartridge, and it becomes merely necessary to insert a small tab in the side of the razor, move a small sliding grip, and a new blade is automatically inserted into the holder, while the old blade is ejected. The change is instantaneous. Five blades before the cartridge is emptied, a non-shaving blank appears to remind you to purchase new blades.