Personal Appearance
Breathing Balloon for Big Breasts (Sep, 1949)

Or I guess I should say “developing your form”. You know, if that’s what you want.

Breathing Balloon
will develop your form, if that’s what you want. It’ll also train you to breathe deeply by measuring your lung capacity by means of the shut-off valve. Moore’s, 14548 Forrer Ave., Detroit, Michigan.

Sun Visors (Nov, 1934)

And they’re stylish as well.

Sun Visors
LIKE hands cupped under and over the eyes, these visors, made entirely of a synthetic composition, permit vision in natural colors.


Wow, those people really like laxatives, look at how happy they are!

ALL-Vegetable Makes the Difference
Thousands of modern men and women in all parts of America have turned to Nature’s Remedy, NR Tablets for dependable, yet gentle relief, when a laxative is needed. They know that the all-vegetable idea is so right. They find an NR at night produces thorough morning regularity with no perturbing effects. It’s so kind to the svstem.
Try NR at our expense. 25 tablets only 25c. Buy a box at any drug store. Try them. If not completely satisfied, return box with unused tablets to us. We will refund your money plus postage.

Toaster As Presser (Apr, 1944)

Toaster As Presser
YOUR iron isn’t working? Then use that sandwich toaster to press small items such as handkerchiefs, etc.; it works surprisingly well. Cover bottom half with piece of plywood to provide flat surface.

Pinching Your way to Success (Apr, 1958)

Apparently when a man decides to do something about his future, he starts by pinching his nipples.

The proven rule of “learn more to earn more” took M.E.F. (name on request) from a position of truck driver to that of an accounting executive in sixteen months. Listen to what M.E.F. says:

New Device Permits Patient To Administer Gas (Jul, 1938)

Sticking with the theme of nitrous oxide, we have this adorable piece of head-gear.

New Device Permits Patient To Administer Gas
A NEW device makes it possible for a patient to administer gas rather than having it done by the dentist. The patient takes the gas by working a small bulb held in the hand. Thus it is possible to take only as much as necessary for producing a state of analgesia.

One-Date Dick (Sep, 1949)

Are You a “One-Date Dick” or a KING OF MUSCLE?

Girl: “Sorry, Dick. I’m busy every night.
Dick: “Aw – what’s wrong with me?”
Salesman: “I’ll tell you what’s wrong. You’re puny. You need to pack on some muscle.”
Dick: “But how?”
Salesman: “Get information on the Paramount bar bell system. It’s FREE!”
Dick: “Do you think it will work?”
– Later –
Girl: “Hello, handsome – how did you get so husky all of a sudden?”

Yes! – and in just 5 Minutes every other day, YOU, too, can have a new physique, added height, glowing health and vigor, with world-famous Paramount Bar Bells. At any age, you con gain new popularity, and probably boost your own paycheck through the sheer vitality of a powerful new build. Send now for FREE Paramount “Self-Check Chart.” Learn sensational new low prices of Paramount Bar Bells, sold at direct-from-factory savings Get started NOW to be a King of Muscle! Act TODAY!

Machine Builds Muscles (Jul, 1939)

Machine Builds Muscles

THE young lady below is getting all the beneficial effects of rowing and riding from the machine on which she is exercising. It strengthens and stimulates muscles and internal organs.

Sweat Band Helps (Handsome) Workers (Oct, 1938)

For some reason this picture reminds me of the “asian” upstairs neighbor in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Can’t you just see him yelling “Miss a Go Rightry I core a da poreece!”

Sweat Band Helps Workers
A SWEAT band designed for use by workers who wear goggles is said to thoroughly absorb forehead perspiration, preventing clouding of the goggles and keeping the workman’s eyes clear. The band consists of a cellulose pad covered with high-grade absorbent gauze.

Lamp Sunburns in 20 Minutes (Mar, 1933)

Err… Great. Thanks. How’s work going on that new air conditioner. You know, the one that can freeze a person solid in half an hour?

Lamp Sunburns in 20 Minutes
A NEW kind of glass used for the bulbs of ultra-violet lamps makes it possible to get a sunburn in 20 minutes. Termed a “soft” glass it transmits 50 per cent more of the ultra-violet energy generated in the lamp. This new lamp has found immediate use in the medical field for the treatment of skin diseases and for the cure and prevention of rickets.