Personal Appearance
CONSTIPATION— The Plague of the World (May, 1939)

So says Charles Atlas.

If You Had Only 10 Days to Live
Suppose doctors said you had only ten days more to live! What would you give to have another ten YEARS of life? “Anything in the world !” you would say. Unfortunately, it would be too late. NOW, while you have many years more to live, is the time to fortify yourself against later troubles.

Surgical Mask Made From Transparent Material (Jun, 1938)

Surgical Mask Made From Transparent Material
INVENTED by a well known doctor, a new type of surgical mask is constructed from transparent material and, due to its flexible metal frame, can be instantly adjusted to fit the contour of the face. By permitting lip reading, the transparent mask enables doctors and nurses to converse more conveniently during an operation. An opening in the bottom of the mask permits air to circulate.

Metal Lungs Give Life (Jul, 1938)

Words I never thought I’d say: “Wow, that girl in the Iron Lung looks sexy!”

Metal Lungs Give Life

DEATH stands at the hospital bedside, waiting. Beneath the covers, a gasping youngster rights for breath. He is a’victim of infantile paralysis. Slowly, cruelly, the dreadful fingers of paralysis clutch at the chest muscles which pump the breath of life through his body. Soon those muscles will cease to function and the youngster will cease to breathe.

But death has not reckoned with the mechanical ingenuity of man.

Inflatable Shorts (Aug, 1971)

Here’s the easy, effective way to trim down waist, abdomen, hips, thighs!

New Inflatable Air Shorts provide pneumatic support plus massage to help you slenderize where you need it most!

This may well be the easiest, most comfortable trim-down method you’ve ever tried. All you do is slip into these astounding new slenderizing shorts and inflate them with the little hand pump we provide. Then merely do a few simple exercises, housework or any usual daily activity. What happens after that is likely to amaze you. The puffy, snug-fitting pockets of air which surround you actually work to provide gentle pneumatic support plus effective massage while they generate additional body heat.

Guaranteed Results!

You’ll notice the improvement almost immediately in four vital areas. Yes, we guarantee it! Your Inflatable Air Shorts must help you trim down your waist, abdomen, hips and thighs . . . must help you look slimmer and younger, faster than you’d believe possible — or your purchase price refunded without question!
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Soldiers Wear Camouflage (Jul, 1939)

That is some pretty amazing camouflage there. Why, I almost mistook them for trees. Trees with binoculars and handguns….

Soldiers Wear Camouflage
The men in the above picture are not inhavitants of Mars. They are only British soldiers, wearing camouflage in their helmets during a mimic battle.

Suck the hair right out of your head (Apr, 1939)

This reminds me of the playdough barber shop I had when I was a kid. The one where you stuffed a plastic head with playdough then rammed it through holes in the scalp like a pasta machine.

Is it getting thin?
Is it falling out?


IF poor blood circulation of the scalp causes your trouble, try the XERVAC way to arrest it-

Scalp specialists know that good, rich blood circulating in the deep-seated blood vessels of the scalp nourishes the hair roots, aids in arresting abnormal loss of hair, helps to produce hair growth. It is known that VACUUM and PRESSURE around scalp, applied intermittently and properly controlled, is highly effective for forcing fresh, stimulating blood deep into these blood vessels. One way to do it has been found in the regular use of Crosley XERVAC-that popular hair and scalp device used so successfully in barber shops and clinics.

Write for New Rental Plan Learn how you can RENT the new compact home model XERVAC and use it in your home for a small rental fee. Try it, watch results. Get the benefits of this amazing device on easiest possible terms. No obligation —just write


Styles for Cold and Heat (Nov, 1934)

I never go anywhere without my asbestos parasol.

Styles for Cold and Heat

RIGHT, Wiley Post, world-girdling flyer, in a suit built for stratosphere trips. It is airtight and connectable to a super-charger on his engine; and will stand 100° below zero. Below, a London fireman in the newest asbestos suit to keep out flame. It seems like a case of extremes meeting.

Hand Light Aids Night Driving (Oct, 1934)

The stylish alternative to blinkers.

Hand Light Aids Night Driving

The confusion over driving signals when motoring at night is largely eliminated with a new device which straps to the back of the hand.

A rubber half glove is fitted with a red reflector of Bohemian glass which makes hand signals easily visible at all ordinary distances.

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested (May, 1936)

Shatter-Proof Eyeglasses Tested

Safety glass for spectacles recently passed a successful test in London, England. Pounded with a hammer, the glass was marked with myriad lines but remained intact. The shatter-proof eyeglasses are said to be especially recommended for atheletes engaged in such strenuous sports as tennis, football and baseball.

No skinny man has an ounce of SEX APPEAL (Mar, 1939)

“No skinny man has an ounce of SEX APPEAL”

“But science have proved that thousands don’t have to be SKINNY”

-with Ironized Yeast Tablets

Thousands of skinny, rundown people who never could gain before have quickly put on pounds of solid, naturally attractive flesh, with these remarkable scientifically tested little Ironized Yeast tablets. What’s more, instead of that terrible tired feeling and jittery nerves, they now have wonderful new strength and energy, eat well, sleep soundly and with improved looks and new pep have won new friends and popularity.


You see, scientists have discovered that many people are underweight and rundown, often tired and nervous, simply because they don’t get enough Vitamin B and iron from their daily food. Without these vital elements you may lack appetite and not get the real body-building good out of what you eat.

Now you get these exact missing elements in these amazing little Ironized Yeast tablets. The improvement they bring in a short time to those who need Vitamin B and iron is often astonishing. Thousands report gains of 10 to 25 lbs., wonderful new pep – a new natural attractiveness that wins friends everywhere.


Get Ironized Yeast tablets from your druggist today. If with the first package you don’t eat better and FEEL better, with much more strength and pep- if you’re not convinced that Ironized Yeast will give you the normally attractive flesh, new energy and life you have not longed for, the price of the first package promptly refunded.

Only be sure you get the genuine Ironized Yeast, and not one of the cheap, inferior substitutes often offered which do not give the same results. Look for the letters “IY” stamped on each tablet. You don’t want inferior substitutes.