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The “Moroccan Princess” Who Had the Laugh on London (Nov, 1959)

She doesn’t seem to have made a huge impression, at least that I can find online. There is a reference in a publication called Theater Arts and one called Hispano Americano, but Google isn’t allowed to actually show the full content.

The “Moroccan Princess” Who Had the Laugh on London

A masquerading model, a pot of murky makeup and London got a royal ribbing.


“–UNDER ANY LIGHT. She looked divine under any light—that dark, coppery skin she has . . .” The gentleman sighed reminiscently and toyed with the handle of his umbrella.

“Yes . . .” His companion nodded. “She was beautifully built, y’know. Legs—”

“Did you—” The first gentleman expressed shock.

“Hardly. Couldn’t imagine trying. It’s—well, it’s seldom you meet someone so—how shall I say—regal in the true sense of the word.”

“At any rate, she’s no longer with us, the princess. Pity,” Umbrella said. Both speculated silently for a moment where the princess could have gone.

A Woggle Mat Will Wiggle Off Weight! (Dec, 1941)

A Woggle Mat Will Wiggle Off Weight!

THESE innocent looking little mats roll around, with an unsettling, jiggling motion. They are designed to take off excess pounds.

The Big Build-Up (Dec, 1941)

The Big Build-Up

Joe Burger Makes Invisible Step-Ladders For Your Ego!

JOE BURGER is in the business of building dignity into small men.

Out of a psychological twist and an adeptness at the cobbler’s art, Mr. Burger has made a successful business.

He makes faces (Sep, 1947)

Wow, $2,000 is a lot for a mask in today’s dollars. With inflation the price would be $20,566

Wladyslaw Theodor Benda passed away about a year after this article came out. Before he started making masks he was an accomplished painter.

He makes faces
IF YOU want to buy a mask from W. T. Benda, internationally famous mask maker, you’ll have your choice of several kinds—realistic, grotesque, comic and fantastic—and it’ll set you back only about $2,000.

Put it on. Feel anything? Mr. Benda says a man automatically assumes something of the character of any false face he puts on. The mask gives the illusion you’ve “escaped” from yourself.

You Can Have a Lovely Bust Line (Mar, 1955)

You Can Have a Lovely Bust Line

NOW ONLY $1.00 -That’s All!

CHANGE YOUR FLAT BUSTLINE INTO A FULL AND ALLURING SHAPE Don’t suffer shame and embarrassment over a flat, undeveloped or sagging bust! Thousands of women just like yourself have discovered this safe, easy and positive way of bringing out their loveliest curves! Guaranteed harmless!

THE BIG LIE ABOUT Beautiful Women (Nov, 1959)

THE BIG LIE ABOUT Beautiful Women


THE GREATEST FRAUD perpetrated on malekind started the day the first cave woman put a pat of red clay onto her cheeks and undulated past a loitering cave man. He quickly hoisted his club and pursued her. Since then, man’s loftiest desire has been to be loved, to possess, marry and own a beautiful woman. Through the march of centuries this desire has endured—this bright fraud called “beauty” still blinds men.



If will power doesn’t work for you, your subconscious mind may— but beware of amateurs!


“CLOSE YOUR EYES and hold both arms straight out in front of you,” the doctor ordered. A plump blond girl sitting on the edge of a couch—a girl who would be very attractive if she could take off twenty pounds—did as she was told.

“Now relax,” the doctor went on, his voice soothing, without inflection or emphasis. “You are drifting calmly. You are getting close to sleep. You are floating, relaxed, waiting for sleep to come. It is peaceful, dark, cool. You will sleep soon.”



New-Comfort Pi Peer “SLIM-R”

Lifts Sagging Stomach Rests Weary Back

Improve your health while you improve your looks! Get rid of that nagging backache caused by sagging, dragging stomach: ease strain on your whole system; relieve unnatural cramping of internal organs. New SLIM-R belt, with modern scientific “lift-and ease” design, carries the extra load of your “bay window,” slims your waist by inches, improves your posture — actually makes you look taller.

Automobile Vanity Case is the Latest Novelty (May, 1929)

Automobile Vanity Case is the Latest Novelty

AUTOMOBILES have become so important a part of daily life that they are now made in the form of vanity cases for women, as pictured in the photo at the left. The automobile vanity case is hinged on the bottom and opens like an ordinary handbag, containing compartments inside for powder puff and various accessories favored by the up-to-date woman. Leather is used in making the handbag. The door of the auto contains a compartment in which small change is kept.

Tear out your hair (Mar, 1969)

Tear out your hair

Just one. Place it on the proper panel below. First, look at the root. Has the hair broken off near the root? (,A sign of brittle hair!) Now, look at the shaft. Is it limp? Wispy? Faded? Color-consistent end to end? Look at the end. Is it a good solid end? Or a great big split? Now stretch the hair to the breaking point. When broken, normal hair will crinkle at the ends. Brittle or damaged hair won’t. Analyze it. Any problems? Find a sample hair-care program below.