Personal Appearance
New Bathing Cap Simulates Hair (May, 1931)

New Bathing Cap Simulates Hair
A NEW bathing cap recently placed on the market has the appearance of human hair and fits snugly over the head, with doughnuts over the ears, as illustrated at the right. The hair is embossed in rubber on the caps, which can be obtained in any color to match the hair of the bather.

Manicure Fad for Bridge Players (May, 1931)

Manicure Fad for Bridge Players
AND now comes the bridge manicure — the latest bright idea which adds to the fun of the game for bridge addicts! In this fad, to have your nails properly manicured for a bridge game you must have a heart, a diamond, a spade and a club enameled on each finger nail, and a question mark on the thumbnail for no-trumps. The photo at the right shows Miss Martha Zamm of Los Angeles, originator of the fad, with fingers properly decorated for a game. Symbols are painted in black on the nails.



Let’s go adventuring and choose new clothes for fall


“LONGER? Of course they’re not wearing their skirts any longer. I Didn’t you notice my cousin Eleanor? She spends a lot of L time and money on her clothes—and her skirts weren’t longer,” says Mrs. Brown, laying down the law to Mrs. Jones. Neither lady had asked whether Cousin Eleanor was wearing her new clothes or economizing on a motor trip by using up her old wardrobe. Mrs. Jones, being suggestible, is given her first wrong steer.

Health, Beauty Perfect Figure for Every Woman (Mar, 1922)

Health, Beauty Perfect Figure for Every Woman

MISS VERA ROEHM world famous Physical Culturist and Fascinating Stage Beauty who has completed the most effective woman’s course ever conceived.

You Can Become THE WOMAN You Have Always Wanted to Be With radiant health, rare poise and grace, and a perfect figure you will be more attractive than you ever dared hope. Men will admire you. Women will envy you. You. yourself, will feel like a different woman —a happier, prettier, more carefree one with that pleasing personality which always becomes part of such a woman.

A NEW SKIN (Apr, 1948)

Um… ick.




He Got It Quickly At Home This New Simple Way

Thousands like him, including girls and older men and women, who suffered humiliation and lack of success in business and affairs of the heart, because of a bad looking skin, can now rejoice over this good news. A new way has been found anyone can do at home, for removing that blemished or old looking external layer on the skin called the epidermis, easily, and often in a few days time.

Dry Shaver (Sep, 1956)

Dry Shaver

This month’s BRIGHT IDEA

THIS handy new pocket-size dry shaver can be used in an emergency or for a quick shave for a date. Dubbed the Rally, you simply roll the cutting head over your beard to shave. It won’t cut or burn your skin and is easily carried in your pocket when not in use. A Swedish import, the Rally is available at Post-Way Shaver, 30 East 20th Street, New York, N.Y.

New Sun Hat Doesn’t Touch Head and Is Collapsible (Feb, 1930)

New Sun Hat Doesn’t Touch Head and Is Collapsible

A LIGHT sun hat that collapses and doesn’t touch the head has been invented by Dr. Henry T. Pistole, of Dallas, Texas. The hat is made of wire covered with fabric. The hat support is attached to wearer’s body by a belt around the waist, no part touching the head. Thus a free circulation of air is assured. The hat weighs only eight to twelve ounces according to the fabric used for covering. The device doesn’t bind or irritate the skin and doesn’t interfere with free use of the muscles in any sport or work. The cover is collapsed by simply pushing it back. Mosquito netting can be easily thrown over the hat and tucked into the belt.

Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany (Feb, 1930)

Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany
A SUIT which is equally suitable for street wear and sports has been innovated by the tailors of Berlin, Germany. The change can be performed in a few seconds. Some Germans are partial to the one-piece sports suit and enterprising tailors schemed a one-piece suit with belt and lapels. From that step it was comparatively simple to arrange a strip-off garment to form the lower part of the coat. This coat-tail garment with pockets is buttoned on just beneath the belt to make the sports suit adequate for street wear. Various stages of the transformation are pictured at the left. A similar garb for women has been devised with knickers and skirt.

Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye (Dec, 1936)

I really hope Dr. Titus didn’t create this for his wife…

Electric “Bombardment” Treatment Cures Black Eye

A DISFIGURING, and sometimes embarrassing black eye can be removed in less than one hour by the use of a new static machine that “bombards” the eye with electricity. The electric treatment is painless.

Auto Barber Chair Calms Child (Feb, 1930)

Auto Barber Chair Calms Child

THE novel automobile barber chair pictured below is the latest device for keeping children quiet while having their hair trimmed or dressed. This new chair was introduced at the Hairdressing Fair of Fashion at White City in London recently. The model car is rather complete in equipment for the amusement of the child customer. The brake at the right side is used by the barber to lower or raise the chair.