Personal Appearance
Mirror in Cap for the Sheik (Feb, 1930)

Seems like it would be pretty dangerous for this guy to get hit in the head…

Mirror in Cap for the Sheik

MODERN youth has solved the problem of the embarrassing necessity for carrying his mirror, for on sale at various men’s stores in London is a novel cap inside which is a mirror. All a young man must do is doff his cap to see whether his hair is nicely slicked and whether he is entirely presentable.



The troth about breast size and fraudulent claims to increase it.

by Jon Willand, M.A.

A number of sensational magazines carry advertisements promising increased bust size through the use of exercise courses or equipment. Increases in the size of the breasts, rib cage and pectoral (breast) muscles are often promised. These promises must be viewed with caution.

Give your Hair that “Cared-For” look (Jun, 1942)

Give your Hair that “Cared-For” look

Ace Combs

Don’t let Drying Skin push you into “middle-age” (Oct, 1955)

Don’t let Drying Skin push you into “middle-age”

You may not feel “matronly”… but is dry skin making you look it?

To a woman whose husband is starting to call her “mother”

It’s just a little habit that husbands often slip into—loving, maybe—but dangerous. Because, if you are spending more and more time on the children and neglecting yourself —the attractive girl your husband married—remember this: These are the very years when you can either grow lovelier—or just older!

Fashion Goes Nuts (Jun, 1956)

Fashion Goes Nuts

If your girl friend develops a few new rattles this may be the reason.

COUPLE of smart girls were looking through a parts catalogue for some reason or other and arf! the idea of making costume jewelry out of standard hardware items jumped right out and bit them. That was the beginning of Geomet, a successful two-year-old business headed by Patricia Smith, an industrial designer, and Willa Percival, a photographer.


Honestly, I just scanned this because the headline reminded me of Rick Santorum. (NSFW if you click on some of those links)


Nothing expresses you like your hair. Used to be teased, held rigidly in place. Now let it go!

Hairstyles come and go. And it’s important to keep up with them to show you’re aware of the all important world around you. But no matter what happens, the part that is important is strong, clean hair. To keep it clean, you must shampoo at least once a week (oftener if you have an oily skin condition.) You can’t wash it too often if you are careful to rinse thoroughly.

EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS (Oct, 1930)

EXERCISING at EASE with Mechanical Beauty AIDS

TO OVERWEIGHT men and women who desire to cut down their tonnage the strenuous exercises and rigorous diet prescribed by hard-hearted physicians are usually soon forgotten. The love of rich food and fondness for reclining in an easy chair have more appeal than the thought of a sylph-like figure.

How Much Exercise Do We Need? (May, 1941)

How Much Exercise Do We Need?


Illustrations by Ellison Hoover

Should sedentary workers take a heavy workout once a week?
A daily walk of about one hour gives the office worker an adequate amount of exercise. An occasional vigorous workout is not as desirable as the regular daily exercise which does not bring on exhaustion. A strenuous week-end of hiking, golf, dancing, may do more harm than good. A little moderate exercise every day is the ideal, especially if the exercise is in the outdoors.


Miss Fullerbust is a fantastic product name.


2-1/2 INCHES TOMORROW If nature has slighted you, don’t worry. Look glamorous with Miss Fullerbust form-fitting breast pads. Worn under the bra, they defy detection both in appearance and touch. Add from 2 to 2V2 inches. Pure foam! rubber… soft as flesh, yet firm… light as a summer breeze… washed in a jiffy… no air inflation. White or flesh color … large, medium or small sizes. Only $2.95 a pair postpaid, in plain wrapper. Send today, no C.O.D.’s please. Full 10 day money back guarantee.


YOU Can Be A Sweater Girl! (Aug, 1954)

YOU Can Be A Sweater Girl!

Don’t envy other women. Don’t be embarrassed because of a fiat or sagging bust line …

Yes, YOU can be a Sweater Girl. Bring out those romantic curves that will make your bust line your beauty line. Arouse envy, admiration and approval.

Jan of Hollywood has helped many women develop beautiful breasts. He has been so successful, and the demand for his course has been so great, that he has developed it for you to use in the privacy of your home.