Personal Appearance
“I’ve Kept My Beauty, Despite Motherhood” —Says Ida Schnall (Mar, 1922)

“I’ve Kept My Beauty, Despite Motherhood” —Says Ida Schnall

An Interview by Graham W. Desbrow

ONE of the oldest fables among old wives’ fables is that, after a baby or two, a woman ceases to be a girl. She becomes a “matron”—usually identified by a flabby condition of the breasts, a pendulous abdomen, and a rather luxurious accumulation of embonpoint.

Attend the kind of parties Mother never told you about! (May, 1968)

Attend the kind of parties Mother never told you about!

It’s not that Mom would keep secrets from you, she knows better than that. It’s just that the Fashion Wagon idea is so new, she may never have attended one of our parties. You relax as your Advisor creates a style show that reveals today’s “beat” in fashion and savings

Make Yourself More Lovely (Aug, 1930)

Make Yourself More Lovely

Some Things Every Woman Should Do for Beauty and Charm
By Carol Cameron

Personal Charm for YOU Are you popular? Have you personality? Do you possess that mysterious quality of magnetism that leads to romance and to social and business success?

The Charm Department is intended to meet the needs of the modern girl or woman who wants to be more lovely, more magnetic, more socially agreeable, yet lacks the proper knowledge of how to acquire these most desirable qualities.

Each month we are discussing some particular attribute of a woman’s charm. If you have a personal problem in this field, write to Miss Cameron, 1926 Broadway, New York City, and let her help you. Letters are held in strict confidence, and answered personally, if desired, provided a stamped self-addressed envelope is enclosed. We do not publish any names. The Charm Department is Your Department, and is conducted by CAROL CAMERON.

Secrets of a Bride (Feb, 1937)

Secrets of a Bride

by Carol Cameron

A YEAR ago I observed with much interest the trousseau of a bride whose father is a millionaire and whose future husband is the junior member of a successful law firm. Among her costly and extravagantly beautiful things was a night-robe of satin and lace with a tiny nosegay of orange blossoms at the belt and another in the foamy ruffles at the hem.

Ice Men Receive New Style Tips (Mar, 1936)

Ice Men Receive New Style Tips

ICE tongs and overalls will be distinctly out of style for the ice men of 1936, it was explained at the Chicago convention of the National Association of Ice Industries. Ice will be carried in leak proof canvas bags instead of with tongs, while the well dressed ice man will wear light trousers with shirt and service cap to match. A bow tie goes with the outfit.



TO BUSINESS GIRLS By Helen Macfadden

There Is Style and Charm as Well as Efficiency in the Bodily Carriage of One Who Walks Correctly

THE new girl reached her desk without causing particular notice until the office boy and the boss began casting admiring glances at her. Then it wasn’t long before about every girl in the room had measured the amazing length of those golden eyelashes and wondered how much a haircut like that cost.



The sheerer the stocking, the longer a masculine eye will linger on even the least well-turned calf and ankle. Because of this fact, the mortality rate of women’s silk hose is 500,000,000 pairs annually. If women were willing to wear medium-sheer stockings of eight or more threads twisted in one yarn, their stocking problem would he minimized.

HOW an Artists’ Model Keeps Her Beauty (Aug, 1930)

HOW an Artists’ Model Keeps Her Beauty

The Self-Told Story of a Famous Representative of the Profession Whose Life Is in Many Ways a Model for Other Women

By Grace Bowen

THE life of an artists’ model! I am going to tell you the truth about it.

I suppose that most people get their ideas of artists’ models from highly imaginative moving-picture stories in which the artists are likely to be more or less fantastic people living a gay social life, and the models are man-hunting vamps who divide their time between night-life in the cabarets and intimate “teas” in luxurious studios.

“Frigidine” is New Beauty Treatment for Women (Jan, 1929)

Everyone wants a girl who’s been frigidized.

Frigidine” is New Beauty Treatment for Women

AS A MECHANICAL aid to beauty, the National Beauty and Barbers Supply Dealers Association introduced in a recent convention a new type of light treatment which emits a blue actinic light called “Frigidine.”

At present it is estimated that American women pay $3,472 every second to heighten their beauty through the use of cosmetics and beauty treatments. This figures out at $55.30 a year per woman.

This light was devised as a substitute for astringent massages. “Frigidine” dries the tissue in the skin, removing it. This causes fresh skin growth to be stimulated and a beautiful complexion is the result. The woman in the photo is Miss Elaine Neilon, who is giving a demonstration of the new device.

Freckles Frozen Off With Dry Ice (Feb, 1933)

I’m going to guess that freckle used to be synonymous with mole. Otherwise, this could take a while. Also, I love the assumption that readers are all white.

Freckles Frozen Off With Dry Ice
FREEZING off freckles by means of pencils of compressed carbon dioxide snow, often called “dry ice,” is a new method of getting rid of these skin blemishes devised by an Italian physician, Dr. M. Matarasso. The dry ice, which will freeze all human tissues solid after contact of more than a few moments, is compressed into a small stick or pencil, sharp-pointed like a lead pencil. The point of this pencil of concentrated cold then is pressed against each freckle in turn for three seconds. After the colored skin of the freckle drops off in about a week, the new skin thus disclosed is white and unmarked.