Personal Appearance
And Now It’s Zippers on Hats (May, 1932)

And Now It’s Zippers on Hats
THE newest wrinkle in ladies’ headwear is a zipper attachment which is utilized for both ornamentation and head comfort. Patches of hair may now be seen through milady’s hat when the wearer zips it open for comfort during warmer weather. Its creator, A. Kaner, predicts wide use of the new mode.

Skiing Like Flying With Bat-Like Cape (Feb, 1940)

Skiing Like Flying With Bat-Like Cape
LOOKING more like a bat than a man, this skier is demonstrating the sail-cape. It serves alternately as a sail and as a brake, and in the former capacity is said to give the user the same sensation as a flight through space. To protect the skier from windburn, a hood envelops his entire head, leaving free only the mouth and nose.

Fish-Net Shirt (Nov, 1949)

Fish-Net Shirt is a satisfactory substitute for the Eskimo caribou garments in the Arctic. It allows body perspiration to evaporate and form a vapor barrier, thus conserving all possible natural heat needed in frigid climates. First used in the Canadian Arctic by Operation Musk-Ox, this hole-some shirt is now worn under army winter underwear.

Cut Hair with Your Electric Shaver (Feb, 1957)

Cut Hair with Your Electric Shaver

With the Electric Shaver Haircutting Guide anyone owning a Remington, Schick or Norelco shaver can give a good haircut. Made of metal, the wire guide has an overall length of eight inches and a width of three inches.

In use, the shaver is inserted in the adaptor which holds it in position and the entire unit is placed against the head. One hand holds the guide while the other hand moves the shaver up and down as illustrated. Included in the $2.98 guide price are complete instructions. If you do not have a shaver, a $30.50 price includes your choice of Remington Deluxe or Schick, while a $25.95 price brings a Norelco with the guide.

Robot Suits for Animated Youngsters (Feb, 1957)

Robot Suits for Animated Youngsters

ANY costume party, parade or trip in a space ship will be a real pleasure for the young live wire in your family when he is clad in this bizarre suit (Fig. 1). The dimensions in the drawing will make a suit that fits the average seven to ten year old, but vary the size to fit the child who will wear it.

Completed suit has a one-piece head and body, two arms and two legs. Prepare the body box first (Fig. 2), cutting out the bottom completely. ‘ In the top cut a hole slightly smaller than the head box (by about 1/4 in. each way). Cut arm holes in each side.

Initials Engraved on Fingernail (May, 1932)

Initials Engraved on Fingernail

MONOGRAMED fingernails is the latest fashion in fingernail adornment. The initial is put on by an engraving sten-cil filled with warm wax. Different shades of wax are used to match the stone in the finger ring or the dress.

The Old English initial is the popular choice.

What turns you on? (Feb, 1970)

What turns you on?

By Paul Wahl

Your taste in women may reveal some interesting things about your personality Men accept, and women are perhaps resigned to, the notion that breasts, buttocks, and legs are the body parts of women that are most attractive to men. Facial characteristics, it seems, rank no higher than 4th among the determinants of feminine sex appeal as evaluated by the average male.



TWO University of Southern California lads named Bob Tierney and Tom Morey started out to create a super surfboard of glass fiber and honeycomb paper—a heavier version of the kind used to make those Christmas bells. The surfboard broke in two, but they still had a lot of the honeycomb to play with. One day a friend took a disc of it, pulled it down over his head. Pouf! An amusing hat.

New Dry Shaver Uses No Electricity (Jul, 1940) (Jul, 1940)

New Dry Shaver Uses No Electricity
Small enough to be carried in a vest pocket, a dry shaver just introduced operates without electricity. The shaving element consists of a perforated cylinder free to turn on a grooved core, within which a narrow, replaceable blade is held in contact with the inside of the cylinder. In use, the shaver is moved over the skin as shown. The rolling perforated cylinder, moving past the inner blade, shears off the whiskers. Extra blades of high-grade steel can be purchased at low cost.



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