Eleven-year-old Boy is Lion Tamer (Sep, 1934)

Eleven-year-old Boy is Lion Tamer

AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD Texas boy is making good at a job so dangerous that only the hardiest men attempt it. He is a lion tamer, probably the youngest in the world. Armed with a cracking whip, a light chair, and blank cartridge pistol, he strides fearlessly into a cage crowded with ten young lions and, at a sharp command, makes them roll barrels across the floor, frolic on a see-saw and roar lustily in mock rage.

Blows Glass Globe Around Cats (Jan, 1932)

Blows Glass Globe Around Cats
TO WIN a bet, Dick Manley, California glass blower, performed an unprecedented glass blowing stunt. He placed three kittens in a glass tube and within three minutes fashioned it into a perfect 26-inch globe with the kittens inside and unharmed. A small hole admitted air.

Carbon Dioxide Causes Global Warming (1932) (Jul, 1932)

Yup, global warming is a just a crazy, new theory.

Carbon Dioxide Heats the Earth
DR. E. O. HULBURT, physicist of the naval research laboratory, Washington, has found conclusive mathematical evidence that the earth’s temperature is being warmed by the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the air. Smoke stacks emit huge volumes of this gas, which is also found in the breath and waste products of humans and animals.

Little Uncle Sams (Apr, 1918)

This scares me.

If You Have Not Already Enlisted in the Great Army of U. S. Savers, TODAY is the Best Time to Begin

What Your W. S. Stamps Do for Uncle Sam
A single Thrift Stamp (25 cents) will pay for a soldier’s identification tag, which may save him from an unknown grave. Two (50 cents) will buy a trench-digging tool which may save his life. One War Savings Stamp ($4.16) enables U. S. to buy a pair of shoes or a flannel shirt or a steel helmet which may save a soldier’s life. One War Savings Stamp ($4.16) will feed a soldier or sailor for a week or buy the gasoline for an hour’s flight of an airplane. Three stamps pay for an overcoat or a gas mask. One War Certificate filled with 20 stamps ($83.20) will feed the entire crew of one of our torpedo-boat destroyers on the day they catch a submarine.

Brain Crane (Jun, 1952)

Brain Crane

A TINY overhead crane (above) with calibrations at side and top (1) can be used to determine the exact position for knife insertion (2) in brain lobotomies, says Dr. Averill Stowell, Tulsa, Okla., surgeon. A lobotomy consists of severing connections between the brain’s controlling centers and prefrontal lobe to regulate mental disturbances.

Build Your Own One-Man Submarine! (Sep, 1933)

This is apparently the second article in the Modern Mechanix series: “How to kill yourself underwater”. The first being Build Your Own Diving Helmet.

They are seriously talking about getting in this thing and being towed 15-30mph at a depth of at least 30 feet. But don’t worry because “The air inside the boat will be sufficient for approximately half an hour’s stay under water”.

Take Thrilling Underwater Cruise in ONE-MAN SUB

YOU get all the keen thrills of deep-sea diving and underwater cruising in this one-man submarine. Towed by a motor-boat, the novel craft will take you down to a depth of at least 30 feet, where you can explore the river or lake bed. Through a special conning tower you can watch the fish as you dart among them, the while maneuvering about like a real submarine.


Gee, what a great toy, no way it could be dangerous, right?



Real Gas Masks that originally cost $2.50. This great toy value makes you look like a man from Mars, Fine for spraying paint, in-sectictdes, etc. Has big plastic, shatterproof goggles, intake and exhaust valves, filtering cannister, etc. Be the first among your play mates to own one. Big canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap and snap button fastener included FREE if you order now. Send dollar bill with name and address. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. Send today.
HIMAD PROD. CO. Dept. PM 1 404 N. Wells St: Chicago 10, III.

Build Your Own Diving Helmet (Jun, 1933)

This is another one of those things that would never get by the liability lawyers today.


Improvement follows improvement in the design of home made diving helmets as amateur divers become more and more acquainted with their use. This one of Hoag’s is the last word in helmets so far published by good old M-M.

ALL the thrills of exploring the lake bottom are yours with this simply constructed diving helmet; and, if you do not dive too deep, you are in no particular danger, either. Besides its use in recovering lost outboard motors at a substantial profit, the helmet will give you one of the most interesting experiences of your life; for until you have breathed and walked at leisure under water, you have missed something. It will take a good deal of nerve to go down the first time, but after that it will just be fun.

Second Dog Is Restored to Life (Jan, 1935)

Second Dog Is Restored to Life

ROBERT E. CORNISH, California biologist, who amazed the scientific world last spring by reviving a dog clinically put to death (Modern Mechanix and Inventions, July, 1934) recently repeated the success of his original experiment with even more encouraging results.

Lazarus IV, subject of the first successful experiment, has learned to crawl, bark, sit up on its haunches and consume nearly a pound of meat a day. The dog is blind and cannot stand alone, but results encouraged Dr. Cornish to launch a new series of experiments.

Recently Lazarus V was put to death with an overdose of ether. Half an hour after its breathing had stopped and five minutes after its heart was stilled, the animal was revived by means of chemicals and artificial respiration. Dr. Cornish, enthusiastic, has been reported as saying that Lazarus V returned nearer normalcy in four days than the other Lazarus in thirteen days.

Gold Teeth May Bring Prosperity (Aug, 1932)

Well that’s pretty terrifying. I guess we know where the Nazis got the idea now.

Gold Teeth May Bring Prosperity
A GERMAN proposal to help end the world depression by saving gold teeth now buried and lost to the world when their owners die has been referred to editorially by the official Journal of the American Medical Association.

It has been computed, the editors state, that something like three million dollars worth of gold was buried in Germany in 1929 with the 800,000-odd persons who died in that year.

It would be a simple matter to keep public records of persons whose teeth dentists liave filled with gold. When these people died it then might be the duty of some public official to extract the gold to increase the country’s gold stock.