Can you compete with your daughter’s “Little Girl Look”? (Mar, 1969)

a) This is just creepy.
b) Doesn’t her little daughter look a bit like a boy?

Can you compete with your daughter’s “Little Girl Look”?

Mrs Willis Peterson can. She keeps her complexion young-looking with pure, mild Ivory.

That purity and mildness, so good for daughter Mimi, is important to help grown-up skin look young… more important than perfumes, creams, deodorants, those extra ingredients in other soaps. More doctors recommend Ivory. 99-44/100% pure.® It floats.

The big girls soap for complexions with that little girl look.

Crooks Cured by Surgeons Knife (Jul, 1930)

This is pretty terrifying, though I suppose it is just a much cruder form of how we use psychiatric drugs today.

A few things I noticed:
1. obviously being gay is a disorder.
2. they didn’t say if the prisoners were actually given any choice about their operations.
3. what did they do to the kids?
4. This quote
“It points also to the more illuminating truth that if the grandparents, or even the parents, of these men had been given proper medical and surgical treatment for their own glandular abnormalities, their children and their grandchildren would not have offended society…”
sounds like Lamarckism. Though according to Wikipedia that theory seems to be making a comeback.
5. Apparently you can tell a criminal by their face. From the pictures in the article that seems to mean “Foreign Looking”.

Crooks Cured by Surgeons Knife

Here for the first time is the amazing story of how criminals in San Quentin prison, California, are made honest by giving them healthy glands.


THE surgeon’s knife and the laboratory test tube have entered the campaign against crime. Experimental researches, carried on over a number of years and beginning to show results in control and reform institutions this summer, indicate that criminal tendencies may be eradicated, development of the criminal averted, and the established criminal restored to normal by medical and surgical treatment.

Languages Now Taught by X-Ray (Apr, 1930)

Languages Now Taught by X-Ray

Remarkable Action Photos of Vocal Organs Disclose Secrets of Speech That Long Have Baffled Anatomists


A GOLD chain many times thinner than a watch chain, a set of X-ray photographs, and a few ingenious devices have just solved secrets of human speech that have baffled anatomists for centuries. The photographs on this page are of human subjects talking a foreign language.

Native Tells of Great Quake (Jan, 1924)

This is an account of the last truly devastating earthquake to hit Japan, the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake. That one was so bad that they considered moving the capitol.

Native Tells of Great Quake

From Popular Mechanics Magazine’s Japanese Correspondent,

[Popular Mechanics Magazine believes it need offer no apology for presenting an account of the Japanese earthquake at this late date, when it is the experience of a native eye-witness, N. Sakata, this magazine’s special correspondent in Tokyo. The tale is a moving one and written from the native point of view. In the stress of his emotions, Mr. Sakata seems to have suddenly developed a fluency ill English, which former contributions lacked to some extent. His “copy” has been edited in order that his pitiful adventures may be more readily grasped by the reader.—Editor’s Note.] THE morning of September first was stormy. A strong wind was blowing, and I could scarcely hold an umbrella. It was raining heavily, but when I reached my office it began to clear up, and the dark sky changed to a cheerful blue.

At 11:58 o’clock I heard a strange sound from the earth through the building wall, but since it was so slight, and, because I afterwards learned that other men did not notice it, I paid little attention. Soon afterwards, the building began to shake very softly. Inasmuch as we Japanese are familiar with small earthquakes, I paid little attention to it and felt that it would soon pass, but, alas! it grew into an uncomfortable shock.

I heard the crying of women and the sounds of the cracking of the adjacent building walls. We had in our room a large case for filing papers which measured about 10 feet high and 20 feet wide.

Camel Time is pleasure time! (Aug, 1964)

Camel Time is pleasure time!

Time for easygoing taste… honest enjoyment … choice quality tobaccos. Moments seem to brighten up every time you light one up.

Make it Camel Time right now!


Keep that Healthy TAN That Men and Women Admire! (Oct, 1936)

Wow, that is one scary looking kid.



Keep that Healthy TAN That Men and Women Admire!

THERE is no need to lose that Tarzan Tan just because cool days are coming and you no longer can get out into the sunshine in a bathing suit! You can keep that tan and get even more if you wish it, right in the privacy of your own room! Just a few minutes a day under a Health Ray Sun Lamp and your friends will think you spend your week-ends in Palm Beach!

Open up, America. (Mar, 1975)

Open up, America.

And we’ll give you something that’s very wise. Kraft American Singles process cheese food slices. They build up a sandwich with real American flavor. Between the lettuce and the burger… between the burger and the bun. They’re individually-wrapped for convenience. And you can count on the quality, because satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back from Kraft.

Make room for America’s Favorite American.

I’M THIRSTY (Jun, 1971)



Want a little peace and Quiet?
Make a pitcher of Kool-Aid every morning.
Then it’s always ready when they are.
Kool-Aid brand soft drink mix is inexpensive.
Kids love it.
Never be without it
It works.

Light Beam Stands Guard on Prison to Quell Jailbreak (Jul, 1930)

They really didn’t think these things out too well, did they?

Light Beam Stands Guard on Prison to Quell Jailbreak

A LIGHT beam as a prison deadline—a beam that when interrupted by a felon bent upon making his get-away operates a machine gun pointed directly at the victim —is the latest addition to prison jailbreak safeguards. The apparatus, consisting of a beam transmitter which shoots a small invisible ray along the prison wall, and a beam receiver which picks up and records any breaks in the light, and at the same time fires a machine gun, is being installed in many prisons housing intractable criminals.

Tracks That Violence Leaves ()

Tracks That Violence Leaves

Are Americans becoming addicted to violence? And if so, does the violence that can be seen daily on television, for instance, contribute to the addiction? Dr. Victor Bailey Cline, a University of Utah clinical psychologist, has started a series of experiments which seem to him to point to a definite affirmative conclusion. In a one-seat theater in his Salt Lake City laboratory, Dr. Cline, left, and an associate, Dr. John Atzet, show motion pictures of kinds and degrees of violence to subjects hung with sensors that produce a physiograph (left) of their responses to what is appearing on the screen.